Detail of the signs, symptoms, and treatment of varicose veins in the legs of women

According to statistics, varicose veins in the legs affect more than 72% of all women on the planet. Simply someone signs of varicose veins are mild, and someone has passed the disease on the running of the form. Today we will talk about the female characteristics of vein disease – for some reason it is produced, how it manifests itself, that is dangerous. We are also going to learn more about the customers of the people who experience symptoms of varicose veins, and we respect the opinion of the experts on the way to cure varicose veins in women's feet.

What happens with the veins

varicose veins women

The blood moves through our body in a circle, no stops. Leading this movement from the heart, by reason of its cuts of the blood passes through the arteries, the veins. From top to bottom the fluid leaves without work is the cause of the force of gravity. But, before you get to the feet, she has to go around and through the veins to go up. And this taking into account the gravity of the problem.

For the process of circulation of blood to the heart, it has been possible, of vienna should possess strong and elastic walls, and the venous valves, which perform the function of a kind of block, must run like clockwork. The outline of healthy blood movement is as follows: the heart pushes the fluid to the vessels, the walls of the veins constrict and raise the blood upward, valve slam and to maintain the flow of a plot, they do not give the blood slide down". The next time that the reduction of the vessel flow advances to a new site and there are fixed of the next valve.

And now let's imagine that for some reason:

  • The walls of the veins lost tone and are less elastic, unable to raise a large amount of blood.
  • Valves "break," and not slam it completely, omitting the part of the venous blood in the opposite direction.

In this case, there is the congestion: arterial blood down to the feet in the previous regime, and here it is fulfilling a return to the heart with a delay of the speed. In the place of the "break" begins to gather a lot of blood, extends to the walls of the veins even more, there are visible symptoms of varicose veins.

Why is it produces the disease

The doctors believe that the main cause of women development of varicose veins in the legs — hereditary predisposition. If you, mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather, peeped at least one of the symptoms of the varicose increase of the veins, this disease is likely to be delivery to the woman. And the person may not know that he is predisposed to veins varicosasy on the feet. The disease manifests itself only under the influence of certain factors. In the first place, the interruption of the vein to occur in women with "standing" professions. In the area of risk are:

  1. Surgeons.
  2. Dentists.
  3. Hairdressers.
  4. Vendors.
  5. Of the master.

The sedentary lifestyle also causes varicose veins. Especially run the risk of ladies who love to sit in the legs or one leg to the other, in a position of vienna pinch, and alters blood flow.

Another common cause, of the called varicose veins of the veins in the legs and hips, is the increased intra-abdominal pressure and the pressure of the veins. Occurs when you lift a heavy weight, hence the varicose veins often occurs in women who enjoy classes at the gym. In half of the cases the varicose veins occurs during pregnancy. And for this reason there is not only varicose veins in the feet, but also the extension of the pelvic veins (in the groin).

The first manifestations of the

There is a call step before the veins varicosasom, when officially the disease is yet, but there are signs of formation of dysfunction of the veins. During the medical examination does not detect the express of the deviations – the tone of the walls of the veins in the stage before the veins varicosasom optimal, the blood flow is also optimal. But at the micro-level of the varicose veins have already begun to form, and the woman may experience mild symptoms.

The symptoms of varicose veins in the zero grade of the following:

  • Tolerant of heaviness in the legs (symptoms appear after a long walk or prolonged stay in the same position).
  • Barely visible, the swelling of the legs at the end of the day.
  • Once in a while appears a tingling in the legs or cramps (suddenly arise, and pass quickly).

At this stage varicose veins of women more easy to take action, and it does not require a serious treatment. Gymnastics, massage and compression the procedure for the legs that are all the preventive measures that can help to bring vienna in the norm, but, unfortunately, few people begin to spend, preferring not to lead to the symptoms of the attention.

Clear signs of problems with the veins to the girl

The following stages of the varicose veins in the legs of the woman in the first place, are characterized by external features: when the formation of varicose veins in the legs occur quickly and increase swollen, vienna blue (in the severe forms become purple). In addition to changing color, the veins begin to palpable under the skin mantle (in the form of compacted cusps).

Varicose veins in the legs of the woman not only has the external symptoms. If you say that the clients of the patients, you will see that nearly all the women with veins varicosasom complain of the following signs of illness:

  1. The pain, the heaviness and burning sensation in the legs.
  2. The numbness of the toes of the feet.
  3. The reduction of the sensitivity of the skin in the area of the diseased part of the body.
  4. The feeling of snake skin chills.
  5. Frequent cramps in the legs.

The unfortunate consequences

If you are running the varicose veins on the feet, then the symptoms of the disease will be very painful. Venous expansion will be very large – a walk with bare feet will not be possible. Spider veins become enormous, bulging "vein clusters". Any type of injury are going to break, to bleed and fester. Pain, burning, cramping in the legs bother women and physical activity, and in a state of rest. Traveling becomes difficult.

Due to the length of the violation of the hemorrhage, may appear signs of dermatitis, eczema and other disorders of skin and subcutaneous lesions. In most of the cases is executed varicose veins in the legs appear ulcers trophic in the legs and thrombosis. These pathologies are very difficult to treat and have a very painful symptoms – it's best not to bring the situation up to the end and begin treatment in the early stages of varicose veins.

The therapy of initial manifestations of the

treatment of varicose veins

If the varicose veins in the feet have to dim the symptoms, you can try to treat it at home with the help of special clothing may be stockings or pantyhose. In the early stages of use of specific products, along with the elimination of the causes that has caused the disease, helps to release the woman of varicose vein surgery without the drugs.

Compression stockings and socks work according to the principle of the deck. Improve have lost the tone of vienna and created the flow of the blood. Judging by the comments of the specialists, this clothing also helps to keep the vessels in the desired position and do not give them to stretch even more. We just want to draw your attention: in the home to treat spider and varicose veins can only nylons and stockings with a minimum degree of compression. A product with a strong compression should be applied only with the permission of a doctor.

What other treatments can be used in the home? By treating initial varicose veins in the legs of women through the media. In the comments well-written on the following popular media:

  • Swedish feet of the tincture of horse chestnut, plantain, chamomile, layers of onion or nettle.
  • The warm compress of bandages, soaked in a strong tea of the weld or the infusion of the oak bark.
  • The friction at the feet of aloe juice or Kalanchoe.
  • Massaging the feet of cider vinegar (it must be diluted, do not cause burning sensation).

With other methods, like cure varicose veins forms, can be read on several blogs where different people give real reviews of the different methods of treatment. For example, many explains how to treat early varicose veins in the home, the anatomical pillow.

Attention: the media may not replace the treatment with medication running varicose veins. If the symptoms of the disease are too explicit, then, unfortunately, cure without pills and ointments is not going to work.

Tools for the medical assistance

By serious varicose veins in the legs it is necessary to start to cure vienna of medicines. Doctorate in the first place, it is prescribed to women of drugs with curative effects. The aim of this treatment is the narrowing of the intestinal lumen of the veins in the legs and restore the functioning of the venous valves.

In short: varicose veins the legs of women appear often for different reasons. For that the disease was not the best form of proactive prevention which can be done at home. If the signs of all modes unveiled, the independent, the treatment can be carried out only in the early stages. When clear signs of the disease can be treated only medicamentous means, that will pick up the doctor.