Benefits and harms of the operations of varicose veins

Varicose veins of the lower extremities is difficult and unpleasant disease, but this is not a judgment habitual style of life, if you go with the mind to the therapy. The same go for a run for varicose veins has the right to existence, but only if it meets a number of important conditions.

If varicose veins of the legs running?

go for a run for varicose veins

The defeat of the veins in the legs is a condition that develops over years and decades, imperceptible adjustments negative in the well-being and capacities of a patient. Its structure includes a series of unpleasant or painful symptoms that lead the patient to discomfort in the daily life, and, in the first place, it is a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

In addition, many patients complain of symptoms such as inner sense of extend the arms in legs, burning sensation and even at night, cramps in the calf muscles, caused by the fact that the vessels continue to grow and inflamed.

Most difficult of these symptoms, such as swelling of the soft tissues, are manifested precisely in the evening after a day of work, therefore, if you can talk about the race in the varicose veins in the legs, it is only in the morning, when the muscles, veins, and tissues are rested and fresh.

Now as to the fact of the application, just run: go running in the varicose veins is not prohibited, but not explicitly allowed – it all depends, ultimately, on the opinion of your doctor.

The specialist must take into account all of the options of state of his patient, including the weight (degree likely of obesity), respiratory function and cardiovascular, the degree of the injury venous network and other similar factors, and only he can allow to run varicose veins, of any autonomy on the part of the patient can be full of complications.

The measure can be useful for going out to run for varicose veins?

The own disease to go running in the varicose veins of the lower extremities does not work, of course: with this disease struggle to surgery and drugs both, making many efforts to achieve the result.

On the other hand, if it has received the approval of your doctor, the compatibility of the operation and the pathology is fairly obvious, since this type of physical activity is beneficial for the general health of the patient.

For example, a regular route for the morning to help to:

  • the strengthening of the cardiac muscles;
  • the normalization of the blood flow to the legs, and of them;
  • the excess weight reduction, creation of the load on the lower extremities;
  • strengthen the skeletal system;
  • the oxygen saturation in blood;
  • immune activation of the forces of the body.

Not in vain, experts of the intended believe that running strengthens the health and the improvement of the general tone and well-being, therefore, who has occupied similar, and the sport at amateur level, has the right to expect a speedy recovery of the disease.

Balance provided in the body of the effects of this activity is estimated to be in equality of conditions, for example, with more specific ski go running or swimming, that not all the world is right, so that varicose veins can run almost all of them.

The technique of the execution of the tape of exercises

As well as the complicated state of the venous network on the legs can not rule out the development of a plan on the ribbon of the activity, must be approached properly to the technique of running, to running and varicose veins complement each other in harmony.

In this it is better to rely on the expertise of the doctors and trainers, who will help you to identify the best of the load on each individual case, as well as the control of the patient's condition.

In the first place, there is to stop at the pace and distance: it is best to go jogging in the quiet (slow or average pace), the choice of short distances with the coating and embossing. The recommended time for a tour of no more than 20 minutes, as well as other classes would no longer be necessary to the health of the effect.

To take into account and some other key parameters:

  • the maximum heart rate during the charging time is 120 beats per minute, and control necessary over the distance;
  • jogging is better in the morning with an empty stomach, on hot days, choose what is the time in which the air is still not hot;
  • the frequency of the classes individually, but in the early stages is best limited to three or four times a week;
  • at the slightest sign of fatigue or over-voltage (in general or in the feet) should be left to charge and relax, leaving to one side the lesson for the next time.

Note! Many doctors today believe that regular running with the first signs of the disease – the cardinals and the sprocket on the skin – can prevent the further development of varicose veins of the veins, and the vessels, or, at least, mitigate, and therefore it is recommended to do it in a preventative way.



The shoes also must agree with your doctor, as a specialist in diseases of the feet in the course of models and varieties of best dress one way or another to the patients.

Any huge, heavy or hard (rigid) sports shoes and sneakers – definitely prohibited, because in them the patient to escape from the spot, and instead of filling energy is going to come back home broken and tired, which is characteristic of varicose veins.

Choose running shoes for running, you have to focus not on their fashionable appearance with class, and in the structure and the material of manufacturing: these should be soft sneakers, stitched natural leather, and provided a compulsory template orthopedic.

No less important to pay attention to the presence of a good drilling to facilitate the flow of fresh air and the reduction of the temperature, as well as warm feet contribute to the onset of swelling in the calf and in the ankles.

Contraindications run

Direct contraindications to the fans to run, not much: in the first place, obesity is when body mass index above 25, the tour will need to simply replace active nordic walking. The same applies to patients with diseases of the bones and joints, in which so sudden movements can have negative effects.

When the pathology of cardiovascular and respiratory system should consult with the doctor to determine maximum load, but in this case, the lesson can be considered to be conventionally prohibited or not desired. Finally, running in the street it is better to replace the machining of running in the gym, if the patient has vision problems, or coordination in the space.