Where does the varicose veins and how to treat it

In the standard that the blood flows through the veins up to the heart and lungs, because they help the muscle contractions. But the force of gravity has not been canceled, it is logical that the liquid of one way or otherwise, I would tend to go down. For this not to happen and the blood is directed there where it is necessary, in the veins there are valves. Open up in the direction of the current of the blood, and are closed to not leave behind.

When the valves do not work well and do not close until the end, the blood, it all trickles down through the veins. The vessel can't contain all that blood, they stretch and begin to act on the skin of the hill.

How to detect varicose veins

The symptoms of varicose veins usually visible to the naked eye. This large, swollen, of vienna, which are seen under the skin and resemble knots.

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Not all vienna, in which he sees the sick. Despite the fact that the disease is common, sometimes visible in vienna is simply a characteristic of an organism.

The of varicose veins, in addition to external signs, there are other symptoms: pain and feeling of heaviness in the legs.

When the disease progresses and enters the more serious of the stage, added:

  1. The swelling of the feet or ankles.
  2. The change of color of the skin over the affected, near vienna.
  3. Infections of the skin.
  4. Ulcers. Appear where the vein is overwhelmed by more. Be cured with difficulty.

The doctor (and the veins takes care of phlebologist) examines the vessels and assigns them to the patients of ultrasound: ultrasound, you can determine the valves do not work, if there is in the veins of the formation of blood clots.

Dangerous varicose veins

But the pain and the ulcer is not the main problems. There is another danger that the human eye can't detect. Due to the stagnation of the blood in the vessels clots form of blood — thick blood clots. They can "stick" to the vessel wall and reduce its soil, and can be separated and go with the flow of blood in other blood vessels, increasing the risk of obstruction. This condition is known as thromboembolism. It is very dangerous and can even lead to death.

Why do I get varicose veins

There is not a single cause, which would lead to the veins varicosasy. But there are several factors that increase the risk of:

  1. The genetic predisposition. Without genetics to any party, and if the parents have suffered the veins varicosasom, there is the possibility to receive as an inheritance.
  2. Floor. Women suffer from varicose veins more frequently than men. In one of the studies varicose veins found 63% of women and 37% of men in russia.
  3. Injuries and surgical procedures. Can alter the operation of the valves of the vessels.
  4. The excess of weight. For him, increasing the pressure on the feet, and this leads to problems.
  5. Large physical loads. Are particularly hazardous static charge. For example, constantly sit down or much be harmful. Better to move, change the position of the body, to force to work the different muscles.
  6. Age. The more age you have, the more weak of the wall of the vessels.
  7. Pregnancy. For more load and changes in the body increase the risk of varicose veins.

That cure varicose veins

In general the treatment consists in reducing the load on vienna and restore the blood flow. If the unpleasant signs and symptoms and threats of clots of blood, and the treatment may not need.


Easy of physical education, especially walking, is a good way to make the feet work, as they should be. The muscles, which reduce steadily the walking helps pump the blood upward towards the heart and reduce stagnant phenomenon.

Moderate exercise is the best (and only proven) method of the prevention of varicose veins.

Of the manifestations of varicose veins helps a lot of self-massage (along with it, you can use the creams or ointments). Simple exercise requires no movement — just lying down and raise the legs to reduce the swelling.

Compression garment

Compression stockings, which are a little to tighten the legs, physically not allow the veins to swell, and is one of the main methods for the treatment of varicose veins. Are and mild of the disease, and with the duel.

The clothing varies according to the compression force, the form. Therefore, before you buy, it is best to consult with your doctor and take account of their recommendations.

Remember: compression garment extends gradually, so that it should be discarded after several months of socks and buy a new one.


The drug appoint a doctor. Sometimes the need for tools that prevent the formation of blood clots, sometimes antibiotics are needed for the treatment of infections or creams that help to soothe irritated skin.

The operation

In some cases, displays an operation is the most effective method. The operations that are performed with laser, radiofrequency method, or sclerotherapy, done under local anesthesia.

The meaning of these methods to close the affected vein. When she's not going to work, the blood, the solution will be: it is directed to the heart of healthy deep of the vessels, which rarely exposed veins varicosasy (which is more thick and more strong, it is not so easy to stretch).

Remove the glasses of today it is extremely rare and only in severe cases.

When to call the doctor

Always, if you notice, vascular mesh, bulging of vienna or strong swelling in the legs. This is necessary in order not to self-medicate. Only the survey will help to determine if it is worth going to the pharmacy to compression clothes of bed and drink blood-thinning medications.