Treatment of varicose veins in the legs of men

Varicose veins in the legs of men often ignore. Hurt can men young and old. According to statistics, one of every 4th man over 40 years old suffer from the disease of the veins.

The difficulty lies in the fact that men of all the weight and pain in the legs by the disease is not considered and suffering until the last. Go to the doctors when it begins varicose veins in the legs after the first or second stage. In the life of a special man, the burden falls on the lower extremities. In them the blood of the veins saphenous enters deep veins and the venous system with many tributaries is directed to the heart.

The process is interrupted, the venous valves, which should ensure the correct flow of blood in the legs, become weak. Begins the reflux of the blood and increases the pressure on the walls of the vessels, the veins dilate and starts varicose veins. As a result of spider veins and ugly blue sites on the feet.

Suffer from the disease of men, women, according to the statistics of the men below. Often can be found to the disease of the large veins in the lower extremities, in the blood vessels in the legs, the genitals, particularly the testicles, and adductors — all of this varicose of the veins of the men. The causes of the development of varicose veins and of the great multitude. Factors:

varicose veins
  1. Of the infringement and the failure in the hormonal system.
  2. The load on the body.
  3. The excess of weight.

Often the beginning of the disease only fine veins. Can appear large varicose veins, the patients complain of pain and cramps in the calf muscles of the feet, tiredness, discomfort. The complaints appear at dusk, after the day's work. The disease progresses continuously. Complications when running varicose veins are very heavy.

The pressure in the veins can become the most high, the tissues that surround it will no longer have a sufficient number of oxygen and nutrients. Clinically it is manifested by the darkening and the seal of the skin, the appearance of eczema, itching. The complication of the disease – trophic of the plague, it continued not to heal the area of the skin.

The beginning of varicose veins, surgery is difficult not to see. First, the development of the disease, many are concerned about a cosmetic defect. More a disease that threatens the thrombosis of the vessels, as a result, we have a heart attack or a stroke. The longer you postpone the treatment and access to specialists, the most expensive is the treatment of the disease.

Varicose veins in men should begin to heal immediately. It is important not to give the disease to progress. If it is negligent to refer to the treatment and tarry, this will lead to a stagnation of the phenomena and the formation of clots, and then to major complications and the occurrence of thrombophlebitis. In the skin in the terrain of the distention of the veins can appear not heal ulcers. The men later seeking medical attention and therefore start the course of the disease.

Men cosmetic factor matters less, unlike the half beautiful and swell the veins do not give the due attention. But, as has already been noted, varicose veins can affect the groin region.

The testes – the sex glands in men, they fulfill two important functions, the production of testosterone, the main male sex hormone and perform the function of spermatogenesis. In other words they play a role in the education of the sperm. The testicles are of such authority to men, that is pushed outward. Varicose veins between the legs of the men — what to do, how to heal, how not to get before the surgery.


The Greek word has 2, and the root meaning extended of vienna and growth. The disease is often can suffer of a young man in adolescence. World uses the medical-surgical practice for treatment of the disease is extremely rare, except in cases of, when there is pain or symptom is made of nedorazvitiya of the egg. To diagnose the presence of disease such as varicose veins of the testicles is possible with the use of an ultrasound device. Through a survey of the sonication can not only detect the presence, but also to establish the cause. Often the renal tumor is the cause of the varicose veins of the testicles. The tumor compresses the vein in the kidney and prevents the supply of blood flow in the veins of the testes, which are related with the renal veins.

Causes and consequences of

As a result, the stagnant blood and begins to develop varicose veins in the testicles. The reason for the resource in the health facility for advice can be the increase in the scrotum size. Can happen through the increase of the veins and seeds of the umbilical cord. In varicose veins can happen with acute pain syndrome.

It relates to the development of thrombosis or due to the rupture of refined of the dilated veins, which is the reason for the intervention.

Due to the violation of reflux of the blood, increases the pressure in the veins, which in turn is the cause of a not so significant in the increase of the temperature in the scrotum. As a result of men breast re sun and produced spermatozoa lose their fertilizing capacity.
The signs of varicose veins in the testicles

The initial stage of varicose veins in the testicles happens to be hidden and to establish a diagnosis, without being an expert, it is very difficult. In the first stage of a hidden disease, nothing to do. The initial stage of the doctors call it latent. Detect the disease can only be by the method.

Only with time you may see a small, just a noticeable thickening of vienna, if the patient in a standing position. Supine thickening is almost unnoticeable. Therefore, to detect varicose veins in the testes in the early stages, without the use of ultrasound not doing samples of Valsalvas, almost is not possible.

The treatment of the

It is necessary to recognize and accept that the body by itself to deal with this disease is not in conditions, but today the medicine correctly applied in practice the following treatments:


The first method is sclerotherapy, which consists in the introduction into the vein a special drug-sclerosant. He is capable of destruction of the vessel lumen. The manipulation is performed under local anesthesia and virtually no pain. After its completion, the patient returns to his home.


The second method of pressure therapy, which consists in the realization of special hardware, selection of massages and worn the special compression clothing.

The pharmacological treatment

The third method of drug treatment, with which they can improve the microcirculation of the blood and improving the general condition of the venous walls.


The fourth method of embolization, which consists in the introduction into the vein with the help of a catheter embolization of the propeller. The spiral to turn, blocking the flow of blood. The feature of this method is to carry out all the manipulations on the body of the patients without a single cut, the lack of postoperative scars on the body, and a lower number of relapses.

The spiral of that is injected into a flexible metallic conductor, carry in the vein of the hip joint through a puncture in her right thigh. Then, in the bottom of the hollow of the left, and the renal vein. The embolization is performed under local anesthesia.

The fifth method of surgical intervention. Can't replace all of the above techniques and are applied mainly to the change of the consistency of the testes, reduced size, sterility and male with symptoms of pain in the scrotum during the increase of physical exercise. Currently exist and are applied successfully in practice, more than 100 surgical treatment methods.

elastica fascia

Having conducted the examination, the doctor according to the condition of the patient, agree to a method of applying in the particular case. Some methods have strict limitations on the application of patients found serious chronic diseases.


In what form the doctor has not stopped his choice, he can't avoid the manipulation, and the ligation of the testes of vienna, with the aim of the changes in the blood flow. By the time of the operation did not last long, completely excluded from large loss of blood, the rehabilitation period and the risk of infections.

Lately and widespread, are applied for the treatment of varicose veins method within the laser coagulation vascular. In the vein of a special optical fiber and from the interior of vienna of welding. 2 hours after the surgery, the patient's own legs, goes to his house.

Compression garment for men

The use of a compression underwear is one of the methods of conservative treatment. It can be applied both to the need of the surgical treatment. Compression garment compresses the vein in certain places, makes the blood move, not by the surface appearance of the veins, and a deep and, consequently, reduces the swelling, removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Compression garment manufactured in such a way that it will compress the limbs. It has a higher degree of elasticity, and by virtue of the design features, manufactured so that at the bottom, is more dense and will compress the leg more strong, and in the upper part of the thinner and the pressure decreases. As a result of the valves closing and the blood starts to leave quickly. The patient feels relief, reduces swelling and the lack of heaviness in the extremities.

Medicinal lingerie, in particular stockings, is formed around the circumference of the leg. For your purchase of a knitwear is not recommended, as well as the coming of the clothing has different degrees of compression. If you buy the clothes, has a weak degree of compression, the benefits are not.

And vice versa, when not properly picked up the compression ratio and the clothes will be very, recommend to the feet, there is a risk of seriously harm to the health.

Apply to varicose veins, as a general rule, bedding 1 to 3 degree of compression. By the manner of manufacture may vary. Stockings, pantyhose and socks. For dress clothes, it is necessary to make a great effort. When the selection is measured in multiple diameters and lengths, for the calendar of disappearing to the top of compression was the same.

Without prescription, you can acquire the clothing of class 1 for the prevention of the goal. To wear underwear is likely that healthy persons, but that in the course of the day, due to circumstances, have great charges. Close the knitting it is desirable to dress in the morning, still has no swelling in the legs and shoot at night, in a home environment.

Enjoy this preference point people to the profession is related to the static load. To refer them to the hairdressers, salespeople, teachers, surgeons. Often the point used by the athletes when the excess of physical effort.

All it refers to the prevention, and if varicose veins of the veins that is already present, it is cured with the help of a compression of the underwear you can't. The clothing only enhances the quality and reduces the percentage of possible complications before the conclusion of the operation. Reduces the feeling of heaviness in the legs and swelling.

The knitted fabric it is necessary to apply in the post-operative period. There is a gospitalnyy point. When acquiring compression, you should pay attention to the quality of the product purchased.

The prevention of the

Prevention of varicose veins is easy to use. You must lead a healthy lifestyle, walking, swimming, maintain a stable weight, wear comfortable shoes, preferably with orthopaedic insoles, non-smoking. Should reasonably switch the work load physical. If you lead a sedentary life style or subject it to excessive loads, is a damage to the health.

In both cases, there is the risk of contracting the disease of veins varicose veins esophageal. Is it harmful to sit in the posture favorite of all men, foot for foot. It is desirable to keep the muscles in good shape, take contrast showers, do not abuse the Turkish steam room and sauna, eat correctly, and the risk of developing esophageal varices the feet of the men will be equal to zero.