Removal of varicose veins: when the alternatives are already there

Everything has been tried, and your surgeon informs you that it is necessary for the removal of varicose veins. Do not despair, because sometimes the surgical intervention and the truth is that the best way out. And worth not only agree on the removal of varicose veins, but in and ask, as to him to prepare and this happens.

Removal of varicose veins – dispel the myths

As in every surgical intervention, with the removal of varicose veins try to pull out for a while, do not walk, do not think, even for him. But, unfortunately, the problem will not go anywhere. The processes that change vienna, are irreversible, and the more time we are going to postpone the appointment with the surgeon, without great troubles we will face, because what is most important when the disease varicose - time. Its not to be missed. Worth the wait dysfunctional from the start? What prevents us from going to a surgeon?

Removal of varicose veins

There is a myth that the removal of varicose veins will have a negative impact in the future in the bloodstream. This is incorrect. The removal of the veins saphenous does not interfere with the normal flow and safe for the body, through the subcutaneous, vienna (that is to say, of the and the surprise of varicose veins) in the standard spend no more than 10% of the blood. 90% of the venous blood lead deep and the so-called connection wires to the veins of the legs.

Another myth says that an operation of this type of heavy-tolerated by the body, which loses a large amount of blood, and the large number of incisions a long time to heal, limiting us in the movement. But it is not so. The progress progressed forward, and the more advanced cases it does not threaten, nor a tenth proportion of these terrible torments. In addition, in recent years it has been widely used the loop method of removal of varicose veins – remove without cuts, through the perforations in the skin. Such intervention is especially productive in the early stages of the varicose disease.

So, if there are indications of the surgery, it is not worth to stay with his celebration, because as soon as you perform, the faster you will reach the normalization of blood flow and the healing of other violations and complications of varicose veins.

Removal of varicose veins – indications and contraindications

There are several indications of the operation of removal of varicose veins:

  • the large varicose veins:
  • if subcutaneous vienna pathologically are extended straight;
  • if varicose of the veins under the skin is accompanied by fatigue of the legs and swelling;
  • if the person is evidence of a breach of reflux of the blood — feeling of heaviness, swelling, increased fatigue of the legs;
  • varicose veins accompanied by trophic pests;
  • in acute thrombophlebitis esophageal varices dilated veins.

However, along with the indications of the surgery, there are contraindications. Thus, the operation is not performed:

  • in the advanced stage of varicose disease
  • when essential hypertension
  • when the coronary heart disease
  • when infectious severe processes
  • the elderly, the sick
  • when the inflammatory processes in the legs, eczema, gangrenous, erysipelas swelling, etc
  • operations are not performed during pregnancy.

Likewise, it is important to remember that, at the time of surgery can be used for different drugs, and if you have an intolerance or allergy to any medication, especially in novocana and iodinated substances, if you are taking any medication, make sure you tell your surgeon.

Removal of varicose veins - how it is made and what to do after?

Preparation for the surgery vein ablation absolutely simple

Varicose veins
  • Take a shower,
  • Completely shaving the leg, in which to perform the operation,
  • Before the operation the skin of the legs should be healthy and miss a pustular disease,
  • If the operation is planned to do under general anesthesia, on the eve of the operation is prescribed mandatory enemas cleaning
  • In the operation enters a broad shoes and clothing.

The operation of removal of varicose veins takes about 2 hours. As a result of the surgical intervention the patients of vienna are deleted. The traces on the skin after the surgery for removal of varicose veins almost not visible – from 3 to 5 mm At the time of the operation when the veins varicosasnome varicose veins apply the anesthesia. In case of a malfunction of the valves of the veins, the correction is performed in the situation of insolvency of the valves, with the aim of restoring the blood flow.

After the surgery of the veins it is necessary to follow some recommendations, the main of which — elasticated compression ratio. After the surgery, the patient is recommended twenty-four hours a day during 1.5—2 months of wear an elastic bandage or elastic stockings. Advanced options for the restoration of the function operated in the legs is prescribed venotonic drugs.

Also from the first hours after the operation, it is recommended to turn, to bend the legs, etc, And with a simple lifting of the end of the bed 8 to 10 cm significantly improves the flow of venous blood. The next day after the surgery of the varicose disease is performed the tubal ligation with the application of compressive or elastic bandage on the two feet of the tip of the toes to the knee. It allows you to walk only after the bandage. Also after the removal of the veins it is recommended that the therapeutic exercise and the gentle massage as the prevention of blood clots. About two weeks should not be of aerobics, gymnastics or exercise bikes, as well as a sauna and a steam bath. Tissue compression, it is required not less than 2 months after the release of the seams.