The causes of varicose veins and their development.

When the normal movement of blood in human beings work, as the arteries that provide blood toward the bottom, and the veins that return the above is the two laps of the circulation of the blood, which still is spoken in the school during the study of the human anatomy. The process of the circulation of the venous blood starts in the heart, as everything in our body, and through the dependence of the work of the heart and of the muscles of the blood rises. The blood rises out of the pushing, with the confirmation of the in certain areas, where inside you will find the valves that keep the blood down.


When activated the motion of the person, for example, when walking, regularly, the muscles contract and relax, ensuring the promotion of blood from the lower part of the valve-to-valve, located above vienna, and so on, Is the description of the normal functioning of the blood in vienna, but if the valve is reduced completely, if the wall of the vein to be stretched, if the lumen of the vein is wider, it produces the reflux of the blood, that causes a disturbance in the functioning of the vessels. It is a disease of the veins, received the name of varicose. We will consider that it is a disease that is its cause, and if possible the prevention of varicose veins.


The valves are only found on the connection (communication) of the veins of the legs, where they meet the surface and deep waters of vienna. Work fully the valves "pass" blood in the deep veins, but do not give him the opportunity to return, push up the blood vessels. When the enlargement of vienna between the valves to form a small space, which gives the possibility of returning blood into deep or superficial vein.


The accumulation of the blood leads to a greater enlargement the walls of the vessels, and the gap between the valves increases. Refluxes – pathological countercurrents in the superficial veins causing the formation of stars and, then, form a venous site that is already coming out from under the skin, and the vicious circle of the disease is closed. Get out of this circle without the help of the doctors, only by using creams and pills, they can be.

Vienna never will go down to the correct diameter, since the elasticity of its walls is lost, the disease may or may slow down or stop by means of surgical intervention. The symptoms of varicose veins, its causes, its treatment should know more, for a correct style of life became his first, and only then, the disease of a little bit of new, and its development may be deterred.

Defective functioning of the venous valves is the presence of the adverse factors that affect people, and the wrong image of the life is only one of the factors. Vienna does not have its system of compression-relaxation to push the blood upward, this work behind her make the muscles.

If the muscles are not active by sitting on the work table, the immobility of the person, lack of training or normal walking for several hours in a seat behind the wheel, or the monitor of the computer, thus "winning" the disease, and without the existence of a genetic predisposition to it. You must know and remember that the varicose veins of the veins of the causes of the disease is not only the changes that occur in the vessels of the legs, is a set of changes that affects the whole body of the person.


Visible symptoms of varicose veins appear much later than the disease itself, therefore, if their relatives were the manifestations of the disease, to experience and to be examined by the doctor-flebologa it is necessary. The various causes of the occurrence of varicose veins generate some confusion in the medical world, as it has always been considered the best way to avoid the disease is prevention. In the case of varicose vein prevention can not be guaranteed to be 100%-s ' means, that the main cause of varicose veins is heredity.


It doesn't matter who the family has had problems with the veins, where were the problem areas, the disease is located in any place where they spend the vein in the groin, legs or in the anal region. If you have the gene responsible for this disease, the disease can manifest at any age. Of course it is more common in varicose veins of the lower extremities, but this does not negate the possibility of the manifestation of the disease in any part of the body.

Reasons for the development of varicose veins, the rapidity and severity of the disease depend on the conduct of the sick, of perseverance in the treatment and maintain the necessary lifestyle. The weakness of the venous wall can be healthy in the absence of unfavorable factors, vienna is not extended, if you do not have reason to do so. In addition to heredity distinguish other reasons for the development of the disease:

  1. Inactive or immobile (people with disabilities) the style of life.
  2. Sex for women the disease is more prevalent.
  3. Many hours of driving, the work team, including all those in the profession, being induced human sit in the time of work for a long time.
  4. Heavy physical activities, are of a permanent nature (athletes, porters, and other professions, where the man is obliged to stand – barbers, clerks, carpenters, carpenters and others).
  5. The high heels, the use of heavy bags and other.
  6. The lack of change of activity in the daily cycle, uniform static work.

This is just a small list of the causes that lead to the disease, for which it is necessary regularly to look like a survey of the flebologa, especially in cases in which it appears heaviness in the legs or swelling. And if your family members about any of the lines of this type of problems, the specialist should be your medical supervisor as soon as possible to avoid the development of the disease.

If you do not deal with the treatment of varicose veins, from the onset of first venous thrombotic events of the stars in the legs of the hospital bed need a bit of time, and between the man and the passion and death remains the only option of salvation – the scalpel of a surgeon.

Doctors distinguish 6 of the main stages of varicose veins:

  • Stage zero, when it will gradually manifest symptoms similar to the symptoms of varicose veins is the heavy legs, swelling, sometimes even a seizure during the night's sleep or rest. According to the doppler study, or to visually identify the presence of the disease cannot be.
  • 1 stage – the symptoms persist, they are added as the asterisk, clearly expressed venous of the mesh in the legs.
  • 2 stage or present stage of the disease, when the person can see beneath the skin to the appearance of nodules of blue color or the injury of the vein. This is sometimes felt in the muscles when you change the position of the body. Since there are nodules, it means that there is a stagnation of the blood in the veins, which contributes to the formation of blood clots.
  • 3 phase is the appearance of a strong edema of the afternoon. By morning, the swelling may not be, but during the day they again become, the legs hurt, there are frequent cramps.
  • 4 stage is characterized by the occurrence trophic knots, that can quickly go to the stage of the ulcers. The color of the skin on the feet is changed to dark brown, almost black. It is possible the development of atrophy of the skin, venous leg ulcers.
  • 5 phase – all of the above symptoms, the past, and again opens trophic of the plague.
  • 6 phase is the constant presence of trophic ulcer, prone to expanding and deepening.

The surgical intervention can be done in 1 stage, when the walls of the small vessels gluing the introduction of special injectable composition. With the help of the laser coagulation of the paste over the large vessels. In both cases, you will require rehabilitation after surgery: the special use of the knitted fabric, the resignation of high heels, in addition, it is absolutely impossible to lift weights. When more complex surgical operations on the veins of the surgeons do individual target in the period of rehabilitation.


In fact, the majority of patients with this diagnosis are women, and they gave birth to or the ladies who are obese, the degree of risk of "receive" varicose veins of the lower extremities are much higher than those who regularly participate in sports activities and long walks. The reception of hormonal drugs for the treatment of infertility or period menopausal of the same can lead to a rapid development of varicose veins.


Women 2-3 times more susceptible to the disease than men. Hormone therapy is considered a factor able to cause the disease, since the hormone of the corpus luteum, relaxes the muscles, relieving the muscle spasms, but this action extends to the venous wall. The inflammatory phenomena of the organs of the pelvis also cause the appearance of the disease.

Women who wear high-heeled shoes, entering into group of risk. But, honestly, to visually distinguish 7–cm heel, 11-cm hard, so that there is a reason to use shoes low-heeled shoes or impermanent. The majority of women have or sitting work, or monotonous work, related to a body position. When sedentary work must be organized hours of walk, when standing work – easy to vacation at least once per hour. Easy gymnastics and massage of feet is also not redundant.


As a general rule, the disease are suffering truck drivers are forced to spend many hours behind the wheel. Here fall the men involved in a sport of high physical, the builders, the chargers, and that you are forced to do the work, thus maintaining a position of the body. High intra-abdominal pressure at the time of the lifting of weights causes vascular disorders of the valves, as well as the pressure in the veins of the constant sitting position of the body. In addition, men do not tend to pay as much attention to the appearance of your legs, as women, that's why they went to a doctor already in advanced stages of the disease.

Not knowing that varicose veins can affect not only the feet, but also to other organs, men can have varicose veins of seed cord – varicocele, a disease that affects one out of every ten men in the country. Infertility – here's the result of this disease, although surgery can correct the situation.


Frequent constipation during pregnancy, the cough, a sneeze at prostudnyh the diseases they create the premises for the emergence of varicose veins in the veins, which run along the straight. In fact, this type of disease is hemorrhoids, which may occur to any person. It is necessary to timely treatment of hemorrhoids, eat, move much, to avoid the pathology of the veins in the area. It is important to remember that no matter where appeared the disease: prevention and treatment must be complemented with a special way of life that take into account the specificity of the disease.



Everything that " can cause varicose veins in adults, it also refers to adolescents. In the period of puberty in boys of 14-15 years varicocele is manifested due to the features of the structure of the body, increase hormonal, nervous overloads, people-related physical or emotional loads. Arterial-venous fistulas, or holes between the vessels may be the cause of the beginning of varicose veins in the legs.

In girls before menstruation and may also experience swelling in the legs, heaviness and pain in the lower part of the belly, in the legs, which quickly pass after the interruption of the flow. Frequent constipation due to poor diet, desire to lose weight, it can also cause the appearance of the symptoms of varicose veins.