How and by what means to treat varicose veins

On the treatment of varicose veins you are thinking, when the disease is already available. Information on the prevention of you came, but did not think that was necessary, so that the note not taken. And now, when in the legs, one venous patterns, have been interested very close to. And that doesn't sound right it sounds all that it offers fixed advertising on the internet and other media. On the strength of the age and of a certain experience of life you do not rely on creams and garlands or ointments that promise to get rid of varicose veins quickly and without pain. And in the distrust and the place does not have, and the experience of a failed attempt of a course of miracle - the treatment of behind the back. As it is not the problem ALREADY exists, and ALREADY to address. And to do it correctly.

We ventured to assume the role of facilitators, to tell them in detail what types of varicose veins there are and what type of treatment they each require. Based we will be on the huge practical experience of phlebologists, that they get rid of the varicose disease many of the patients. And they do so using the most advanced to reach the world of medicine.

What you should know about the treatment of varicose veins?

what methods treat varicose veins

International classification of illnesses (CEAR) doctors help you to disassemble the pathology in detail. You have in mind and the anatomical and physiological signs, it examines the level of functioning of the patient, the type and degree of complications. The classification is quite extensive, understand it is necessary for a long time, but in this work deal with professional phlebologists. We consider varicose veins of the principle - from simple to complex. That is to say, from the initial stages of go to complicated cases, and find out what type of treatment and, when it is relevant.

Varicose veins initial

The first contact with the veins varicosasom is not necessarily representative. The onset of the disease is characterized by the clarity of the first symptoms that you can easily take it by exhaustion. As you can see, modest disease. Aching for the night, legs, a little swollen, sometimes sore after long journeys, - well, what of it? Rested the tray it does, cream for tired legs use. A view - feel better. And forget about discomfort, continues her daily life, use a favorite of the studs and tight fitting pants.

Over time, the symptoms become inflammation increase, the feet are ugly, pastose in the evening. Nails get the do not want, you start to get tired quickly of walking, even in comfortable shoes.

That is to say, these symptoms for the first time, you should visit a doctor! You start varicose veins, which can be curable without operations.

Who will oppose us, well, what with trifles to your doctor to go! You can therefore try the home remedies, done at home ointments, herbal drink. This opinion is the main error of the patients with initial stages of varicose veins.

Remember that even cure initial varicose veins at home is impossible. Anyway will come back and will continue to evolve.

And little by little affect the principle surface, and after deep vessel. But it is not always the initial stages of the varicose disease are asymptomatic. Often, patients notice skin telangiectasia and reticular varicose veins, but does not take into account. And is that phlebologists know perfectly well how to easily manage initial manifestations of varicose veins. Even without the operation.

The second level is executed: everything looks

the second phase of varicose veins

This is the situation, when in truth there is no way to avoid it. And legs ache, and swelling, and the superficial veins are already being affected. The valve venous device does not work - vienna protest. Expand, squirm, stand out. Go putting difficult. And appear in his memoirs sentences of the type, and I have here before - what! That is to say, about the time, when you easily in the heels can catch up with the bus, and they bought only stylish, narrow shoes. And now a sad look extends to the sliders, and hot socks.

In this stage, the varicose veins cure is not what is desirable, as it is very necessary. And only in the professionals, if you want to HEAL. If you are going to act on their own, from the third, the final phase, you're not going.

Third grade - ulcer: explain the afternoon

Amazed surface and deep of the city of vienna. Visible complications, ulcers trophic, puffiness, age spots. Venous insufficiency and thrombophlebitis also have to hurry to the meeting. Alters the mobility. On the aesthetics of the aspects that no longer thinks - it is not important. Life becomes a struggle with the pain and discomfort.

Here, the meeting with the doctor is inevitable. And, to be effective, you must choose a doctor. Your choice medicus - phlebologist. And no one else.

Sex - varicose veins women and men

Varicose veins - pathology predominantly female. And not only because of the narrow shoes develops. Hormonal of the shocks in the women are a once in a life time, and vienna is very sensitive to this answer.

Varicose veins men also found. Especially those people who have little or, on the contrary, a lot of work physically.

The treatment of the varicose disease is the of men in principle does not differ from the treatment of the disease in women. But the female version more often lead to a drug therapy. The treatment of the same male varicose veins requires more hard changes in the way.

The condition required for the treatment of varicose veins in men and in women accurate diagnosis.

You know phlebologists

They know a lot. Heal varicose veins conservative, ask for help with compression therapy and physical therapy, perform simple and highly complex operation. You can view a video about minimally-invasive manipulation in the veins of classics and new. This visualization will help you to understand, that with the help of a puncture needle, the doctor can get rid of the that have been touted blue of the nodes in the legs, and at the same time of all the painful symptoms!

A bit of folk methods of treatment

The advertising of treatment for varicose veins in house conditions too it is persuasive. And implausible. It can be as much as we want to consider a photo of before and after. You can try any of the home remedies type of wormwood, golden mustache, propolis and others. But it is necessary to understand clearly that if their disease is classified as a classic of varicose veins, treat their professionals. And preferably in the early stages. Then success is guaranteed.