How to cure varicose veins at home: the reasoning and advice

Varicose veins – chronic disease. And beat it easily a few odds of success. The disease requires attention and care, that's bad, not allows you to relax. Before entering with her in the struggle, evaluate its strength is real: to the extent that they are able to defeat varicose veins home alone?

Doctors warn that remedies varicose veins will retract only in the early stages.

the legs

It is important, what are the medications you use. The infusion of the grass – time, make poultices-curious – patience is not enough, you can find a way more simple? Buy a good face of the tool, and enjoy. Well, he won his many distributors.

The medical alert of mistake: never buy medicines for varicose veins outside of the network. False hopes of a quick healing lead directly to the operating table.

Then, what is left? Immediately escape to your doctor if the leg has left a pair of small glasses? Answer: it is desirable. Even if it is to ask what remedies you can treat the varicose veins of the house. And to learn, this is not the pair of glasses a result of varicose veins of the deep veins.

That use patients

Popular recipes for the treatment of varicose veins at home so much, that the choice difficult. Easier to do not convince, complex tools – annoying. As a result of the use of someone for the advice.. we Understand.

The popular tool

To prepare it it is necessary to them. To do this, the input of unnecessary out of the pan and the following ingredients are taken in the same number:

  1. The juice of aloe.
  2. Lard without salt.
  3. The juice of onion.
  4. Ichthyol ointment.
  5. The soap is economical in liquid form.
  6. The honey bee.

All this wealth is due to mix, heat and mix. The smell in the kitchen will be a little scary, but that for the health you don't! Ointment ready as soon as it has cooled. Enjoy the traditional healers recommend times 3 – 4 per day.


Popular now the tool. But not only in the case of varicose veins. There are secrets of the chicory, which is not only not improve, but it's great to get worse during the varicose disease. The drink invigorates, and as it does not contain caffeine.

In case of regular use of chicory reduces vascular tone and exciting and acts on the nervous system.

The vessels of the patient and thus the strength and the elasticity are not different, therefore, chicory has been denied them.

The horse chestnut

the chestnut tree

Popular recipes of the assertion that the horse chestnut varicose veins is the ideal tool. The complex-nothing in your application not, why the test station. Collect chestnuts, clean your skin, and you insist on 200 ml of vodka week two. As expected, insist in a dark place and the dark crystal. After the start of treatment. 30 drops orally after every meal. We refer to the three daily meals. Recommended to be cured month.

We allow ourselves to doubt this form of application. Makes it a little more of vodka, I think. But for the external use of tincture of used in the health. After contrast baths, reflexology for the night. Enjoy the legs before going to bed – the circulation of the blood to soar.

The apple cider vinegar

You can't deny the useful properties of apple cider vinegar. Much of it, acids, vitamins, any type of utilities. But analyzing the feedback from the patients, we have made the following conclusions: you can try to cure the cider vinegar only reticular varicose veins. Lotion and compresses in some cases, helped to the grid of the vessels to lighten. And, we think, is more to do with the properties of acetic acid, which with the medicinal action of vinegar. Draw your own conclusions.

The warning from the doctor: do not take vinegar in the inside, if you have problems with the stomach. An ulcer may develop.


The method of varicose veins is applied. And when thrombophlebitis also. And in the second case is preferred. As if it referred not to the leeches, but these sterile species, are able to facilitate state of the thrombophlebitis. Special of the substance of the leech, which gives you a change of food, the blood is liquefied. And don't form blood clots.

And here is the application of varicose veins is not very efficient due to the small result. They put on a leech, relieved the valves of the vein of work that is more easy. But shortly after the procedure, everything will go back to your – in your wall of the cup, the leech, which does not affect it in any way.

Warning your doctor: to dare to hirudotherapy, the analysis in the clotting of the blood. When the results of hirudotherapy does not apply – the danger of bleeding.

Honey and beeswax

With this media unanimously prepared a version of the approval. On the utility of honey are known, can be used without the tricks. Simply put in the leg after the baths reflexology. But it is not worth to enjoy the honey when the rosacea on the face – worse. And, behold, spider veins on the legs, provided that they are simple and small – are gone.

If sticky honey you do not want – prepare the ointment of varicose veins of bee's wax, propolis and olive oil (2:1:1). And massage of the legs by the night, yes tomorrow – a result that you like.

Shock and nuts


Buds want to use is not forest, tree noel yes, pine and other plants. Hop. In pharmacies it is sold in sachets of paper for the infusion of tea, and the dried form of the raw material. Hiervelo, drink to the health. And to the veins of the sick apply. In combination therapy, varicose veins, pimples hops is good.

Nuts varicose veins use. It is well tones up the body. Before using the cut of the nut in the flour and to brew a glass of boiling water. In medicine, add a tablespoon of honey and drink early in the morning, before you sit down to breakfast.

The soap wash and clay

The main effect of the use of these tools – antiseptic. And the laundry soap, and the blue clay will kill the germs of death. The properties of these can be used for the treatment of trophic violations of varicose veins. But with great care, after consultation with the doctor.

In addition to the antimicrobial effect and the clay, and the soap quite drying to the skin. The itching of varicose veins in some patients can increase. And from this scratching, cracking, and infection. Therefore, be careful in the selection.

Treatment of varicose veins herbal

Medicines herbal recipes for the treatment of varicose veins of the house do not count. Conjure up decoctions you sure that the time does not exist, therefore, we recommend you to make it easier to buy in the green pharmacy anti-varicose veins tea. If the product has the certificate of quality, in that the many components will be collected in a single place. Yourself you have little chance of success: there is to know when and where to pick up the herb, how to dry-cooking. You can learn if you want to, but it is a great conversation.

And here there are pharmaceutical preparations with a basis of herbs – a perfect output. Use.

We analyze the results of the discussion

Thus, the right of any citizen of any country – choose a method of treatment, most of the disease that you have already chosen. And believe me, if it is varicose veins – do not expect miracles. Without doctor it is unlikely you will get, even you begin to use all means together. The local treatment is always appropriate only in combination therapy, and no other way. And herbal medicine, as the medicine has its contraindications.

If you are expecting a baby, in addition to compression of the underwear of nothing to apply not worth. If your varicose veins reticular, it is necessary to make an effort to not spread. Believe me. A specialized doctor to deal with varicose is the problem exactly. Although the topics, although by another method. And you're going to spend months and months of treatment, which allows you to progress.

Do not run their pathologies. Advise to physicians in all parts. We recommend you to contact with Baltic clinic veins, as in the more modern hospital to receive treatment for problems of varicose veins. A query – the healer vector will be selected. And treatment techniques in the home also can recommend.