Varicose veins during pregnancy

Despite the fact that the gestation period is a wonderful time, can lead to this unpleasant disease, such as varicose veins. In approximately 30% of women pathology occurs after the first pregnancy, after subsequent this indicator, continues inexorably to grow. Varicose veins during pregnancy affects women that he found. Some of the representatives of the beautiful sex celebrate the first signs of varicose veins even before pregnancy, after that, the situation only worsens.

The varicose disease is visually a spider veins or the so-called "worms", the first are the web of the vessels. "Worms" have views of the advanced trunk of the veins. That is to say, this situation occurs the bulging veins that are the thickness of a finger, and blue-green. Varicose veins is not only a cosmetic defect, this condition is extremely dangerous and is a serious complication. The more dangerous, the result can be the formation of a blood clot, that at any time you can exit, which is a direct threat to the mother and the son.

The causes of the development of

The causes of the development of

This unpleasant disease, as varicose veins the foot may well become a result of hormonal changes in the body of the mother. The increasing progesterone favors the destruction of the walls of the veins. Active woman weight increases, the load on the foot increases, therefore, increases the pressure in the vein. Of this burden, and the veins and the capillaries begin to stretch and increase in size. In addition to the growing uterus compresses the vein of the pelvis and causes an additional stress of the vessels of the legs.

Another cause of varicose veins during pregnancy it is worth noting the sedentary lifestyle. Many of the women who find themselves in an interesting position, prefer to be in the supine position, so that the stagnant blood in the veins of the legs, and the vessels dilate.

It should be noted that the main causes that influence the development of the varicose disease during pregnancy:

  • Iliac vienna tablet the increase of the uterus. This organ highly prevents the reflux of the blood as well as the warranty of vienna, as well as distal to the division of the inferior vena cava in the last months of pregnancy. The blood of evil circulating in the area of the hips, and the vulva;
  • Hereditary predisposition is a major cause of development of varicose veins during pregnancy;
  • The work of hormones. Progesterone reduces actively tone the walls of veins, which gives rise to the traction. The increased estrogen causes an increase in blood flow in the arteries of the uterus and the pelvis;
  • Increase of the changer of blood flow. Pregnant women suffer from an increase of the bleeding vein in the pelvic area. Begin a violation of the blood flow from the legs through which occurs a stagnation, and the veins dilate;
  • The increased volume of blood. The breakdown in the functioning of the venous system largely occur due to the large increase in the venous blood. This occurs as a result of the increase in the volume of the plasma and the expansion of vascular bed;
  • The rest of the causes of venous disease of the legs during pregnancy include: morphological changes of the tissues of the veins, the anatomical changes of the valves of the veins, pathology of the connective tissues;
  • Constipation. This delicate issue is of concern to almost all pregnant women. For the constipation have to push a, as a result of which changes occur in the veins.

Other factors for development of varicose veins during pregnancy can be attributed to the age of the mother, number of pregnancies, and heredity.

But they exist and the reasons for the development of varicose veins during pregnancy, that cause their occurrence before they occur interesting the condition of the woman, namely:

  1. Frequent use of high-heeled shoes that has a height of more than 8 cm;
  2. Varieties hot waxing;
  3. Frequent heat treatments such as steam bath, sauna, hot springs and other;
  4. The sudden change in weight;
  5. Hiking in the solarium and frequent exposure to the sun.

The symptoms of the disease and its diagnosis

The symptoms of the disease and its diagnosis

The formation of varicosities of the veins has its mechanism, which is presented in the form of pumping the blood in the legs, after that she remains tight in them, as well as vienna partially trapped. After which occurs a stagnation of the blood, which protrudes from the inside of the vein. The development of this pathology during pregnancy has its stages:

  1. The initial stage is passed nearly without any symptoms. Visually you can detect very little change in venous of the mesh of the feet. At dusk the lower extremities can swell, but the morning is a situation that passes without leaving a trace;
  2. And older can participate in the seizures that occur at night. Seizure connects the pain and the itching that occurs at night;
  3. In the next stage produces a large change in the shape of the veins. Begin to bulge outward, are of large dimensions, and too curved. With that degree of not to feel the unpleasant sensations, but in the majority of cases, the woman suffers a strong pain.

The problems associated with the veins, you occupy a doctor. Consultation with a specialist of the woman receiving the answers to the questions of the treatment or of the receipt with the vascular surgeon, who specializes in the operations of the arteries and veins.

The necessary studies:

  • Ultrasound of the vessels of the legs. This method will help you to a specialist to check the extent of the injuries of the veins, direction of blood flow and the presence of the stagnation. On the basis of such a study, the doctor washes assign the treatment with drugs to thin the blood in the veins, or assign the operation;
  • Oak. This analysis of blood is distributed to the definition of the inflammatory process in the body;
  • Coagulogram, which is a set of studies to the testimony of the coagulation of the blood. If the doctor prescribes medication to thin the blood, such studies are performed again.
Types of varicose veins in pregnant patients

Types of varicose veins in pregnant patients

It is worth noting that the varicose veins is of multiple types. We'll talk about the ones that appear most often in women more interesting of the situation:

  1. Varicose veins in the groin. In this type of in the groin to the woman appear bulky of vienna, he feels the weight in this field;
  2. Varicose veins of the uterus. This disease occurs due to hereditary predisposition and the active work of the iliac veins. Still some of the causes can be abortion, inflammatory processes, the errors of the menstrual cycle, etc;
  3. Varicose veins of the vagina. This form is the most common among pregnant women. Often suffers from a pathology of the woman, mother or grandmother had varicose veins in the legs;
  4. Varicose veins of the feet. This type is the most common among all diseases of the veins.

Treatment of varicose veins in pregnancy

The therapy of varicose veins during pregnancy has its stages, that you want to study in more detail:

Treatment of varicose veins in pregnancy

1. Compression garment – your application is the first step in the treatment of diseases of the veins, and it is also a good prevention of the pathology and post-surgical. Close the clothing item is intended to reduce the stagnation in the bed of the veins, which leads to reduce the edema, unpleasant symptoms disappear, and the subsequent development of the disease stops. Compression garment is of different types, may be socks, stockings, or socks. These elements are made perfect technology, through the application of elastic materials.

Point compression has several classes of its class. The clothes can be therapeutic, preventive, or a hospital. Therapeutic and preventive model can be purchased in a regular pharmacy in the packaging, always specify the degree of compression. Recommendations for the choice of this clothing gives the doctor. Otherwise, you can buy too-weak or too-tight clothing. Because effect will be, if you are going to wear knitwear, from morning until night. Check out belle must be lying, to avoid the strong differential of the pressure of the blood;

2. Venotonics are medicines that affect the city of vienna. Tonic impact in vienna is caused by the fact that diosmin increases the period of action of noradrenaline on the vein. Noradrenaline, in turn, increase the tone and density of the walls of the veins, has a vasoconstrictor effect and it prevents the extension and causing congestion in the veins.

During pregnancy allowed medications with the substance, diosmin. Apply only in the second quarter, and only after consultation with the doctor. Such drugs is worth the stop to take several weeks before the alleged birth, to avoid the risk of heavy bleeding during childbirth;

3. As well as systemic medications can only receive the second trimester, and treatment should be initiated in the early stages of development of varicose veins, can be used as a treatment of local medicine in conjunction with the compression of the clothes. During pregnancy you can use an ointment.

Excellent the decision to remove the unpleasant symptoms of varicose veins during pregnancy is a foot massage, which is carried out the competent specialist. The movement in the massage should be gentle, the direction from bottom to top. If the use of gels and creams are allowed to doctor, in conjunction with the massage will give the maximum positive effect.

Delivery with varicose veins

Varicose veins in the legs is not a contraindication to pregnancy and the birth of a child. The woman, just a little highly responsible for treating your health in this period. Mandatory health presents methods of treatment and prevention of the pathology. Compulsory question will be of labor, the doctor may consider the possibility of method the baby is born, if it is natural birth or c-section. The doctor through the veins and the gynecologist together, discussions, you will come to a satisfactory conclusion.

If it is possible, with all the forces of the doctors insist on a vaginal birth. Before the birth process in which you put the compression stockings or wrap the feet of the elastic bandage. Thus, the doctors removed the likelihood of repayment of release of the blood to the attempts.

The course of the disease after giving birth

The course of the disease after giving birth

Many women are wondering if during pregnancy is raised as to the diagnosis of varicose veins, waiting for you after the birth? The disease will be reduced to nothing or it worsening? The exact answer to this question is no, and will give even your primary care physician.

Some women after birth they forgot about such an unpleasant problem of varicose veins in the legs, while others continue to suffer from unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

The prevention of the

Everyone knows that to prevent the disease is much more easy to deal with. It is for this reason, each representative of the beautiful sex should know the right way to ensure the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy.

In the event that you do not have a predisposition to this disease, do not spend all day in the legs and does not do heavy physical load, prevention of varicose veins will be more easy and simple. Well, and if all of the above have a relationship with you, the prevention must be carried out with the double effort, since it is very effective methods of struggle against the disease. But do not forget that each new pregnancy increases the risk of developing varicose veins.

As to pregnant women to prevent varicose veins

As to pregnant women to prevent varicose veins

Methods to prevent the development of varicose veins during pregnancy:

  • Try walking. Long walks in the open air will come to you and your baby alone in your benefit. So you will have to spend an excellent workout for the muscles of the calf, which will improve the blood circulation in the legs;
  • Another way to prevent the disease is the swimming, which is not only a physical burden, but a light massage all over the body. The beneficial effects of swimming would have, and in the spinal column of the pregnant woman, which proves the huge load and it is useful to be in a relaxed state;
  • An excellent solution is the contrast shower. Make sure that the temperature difference was not too large, otherwise it may become bad. You must steer clear of his state and of the sensations;
  • Avoid high heels, he can't be more that 3 see the Shoes should not have elastic or fasteners, which put pressure on the leg, which is worse the circulation of blood in it. The same goes with the socks;
  • Try sometimes going to bed with raised up by the feet. Place a soft pillow and relax as well about 15 minutes;
  • Try sleeping on your left side. So you get a lower pressure at macy's in the vein that is located on the right side. Place on the bottom side of a small soft cushion for comfort;
  • To carry out the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy and only for the total well-being, extend the time of day that you are going to lie down, sit or stand. But this doesn't mean you should be lying on the couch for 10 hours straight or be on your feet for several hours without moving;
  • Never yield a walk in the second, when sitting, especially in regards to the low of the seats;
  • Make your power mode, that will be useful not only for veins but also for digestion in general.

The prevention of varicose veins of the legs during pregnancy want to take the prevention of a sharp rise in the mass of the body. Make sure that you comis and in what quantity. Not worth too much support on the food in the evening hours.

There is and special gymnastics, which is designed for women who want to prevent varicose veins of the feet:

  1. Sit in the chair and lower the hands down. You have to get up on the inhalation, sit on the exhalation;
  2. Stand with your lines of the feet to the width of the shoulders. Alternately begin to raise the legs, bending the knees, the feet separated;
  3. Sit in the chair and perform the movement of the feet, rolling and spinning;
  4. Stand and begin the gentle climb up and down on tip toes and back. Do not forget to breathe properly;
  5. Walk a little, first the feet, then your heels. The same thing with the internal and the external part of the feet;
  6. Stand up, spread your feet apart to shoulder width apart, and starts to turn the leg, from the ankles to the thighs, change your feet.
  7. After a complex of exercises turn on the music and a little dancing. So you feel that his feet rested, and the tension has passed.