Prevention of varicose veins: how to do it correctly, the witness and the prognosis of

Varicose veins may be vulnerable not only veins in the legs – modifications and the like are possible in the veins:

Varicose veins
  • the esophagus and the stomach;
  • of the pelvis in women;
  • the left seed of the umbilical cord and the testicles in men.

But the causes of the development of all these varieties of varicose veins which are completely different. Therefore, the prevention of radically diverse.

In this article, we describe only those activities that prevent the most common of this type of varicose veins – the defeat of the lower extremities. In addition to which occupies 70% in the total structure of morbidity, only its prevention is actually effective.

An integrated approach of prevention, and the development of the varicose disease of the legs involves:

  • Decide if it is necessary to prevention – that the testimony of
  • Pay attention to the shoes
  • Choose the correct functioning of the
  • Be active, but remember about the rest
  • Normalize the imbalance of weight and eating a balanced diet
  • Say "no" to harmful habits
  • Do not be lazy to do gymnastics download
  • Then drain foot massage
  • Use compression knitwear
  • Sometimes medication is needed
  • The prognosis for the prevention of

The prevention of any disease, including varicose veins of the veins of the legs, nothing more easy in comparison with the treatment. But if you practice correctly and in its entirety, may or may not allow the emergence of the disease or avoid serious consequences.

Only hard work on yourself can give you the maximum effect. This is especially current rule for persons with a high risk of developing varicose veins in the legs. The prevention of this disease should be an integral part of the image of the everyday life of a nice custom. Since nothing really complicated otherwise.

Of all the issues related to the prevention of the varicose disease of the lower extremities, please contact with vascular surgeon or phlebologist.

Decide if it is necessary to prevention – that the testimony of

The legs

The main risk group for the development of varicose veins of the veins of the legs, the specific need of the prevention, it is the people:

  • Have a hereditary predisposition – family members with this condition.
  • Women with dishormonal disorders of ovarian.
  • Pregnant women and women who have given birth.
  • Of the person, related to the duel physical, the work, the continuous living in ja standing or sitting position (characteristics of the profession and the sedentary lifestyle).
  • Lovers of walking in high heels, take a hot bath, sauna, hot spices and alcoholic beverages.
  • The face with the presence of the characteristic ˮvenarumˮ of complaints: swelling of the legs from the ankles to the sunset, the cramps and pain in the calf muscles, the heaviness of the legs, suspension venous figure, vascular mesh.

The main risk factors of the varicose disease – a hereditary predisposition, pregnancy, and dishormonal of the rape of women. The rest of the premise itself are not able to produce the disease, but, the stratification of basic, accelerate its appearance and loaded during.

Pay attention to the shoes

The question of the selection of the proper footwear in to a greater extent women, but also for men is also relevant. The optimum this kind of shoes:

  • and comfortable (not pressing the foot and leg, but was not too free);
  • should not be high thin heels, the best of 4-5 cm;
  • use templates-templates for orthopedic;
  • it is not worth to continue to walk with shoes on flat sole.

Choose the correct functioning of the

The question of a change of work is not always easy to resolve, even if it is the health. But if the risk of occurrence of varicose veins the veins in the legs too large, or there are initial signs of the disease, it is best to stick to such prevention recommendations:

  • Eliminate or reduce to a minimum the hard work, linked with the exercise of the abdominal wall and lower extremities.
  • Not a lot of time without interruption (for more than 2-3 hours) to ja standing or a sitting position.
  • They are contraindicated in the classes, weight lifting and other forces of sports.

The basic rule – the conditions of employment must be such that the blood in the legs does not stagnate and does not have excess pressure on the walls of the veins. More venous stasis expressed, when the feet are vertical, feet down, and the muscles of the leg still (when the person stands or sits in one position).

Be active, but remember about the rest

The rest

Physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) – promotes the development of the varicose disease of the veins of the legs. Therefore, you must fight:

  • do the exercises of the morning;
  • do not be lazy to walk – take a walk outdoors;
  • address of the physical education or sport-related exercises for the thighs and the feet (walking, running, swimming, biking, aerobics).

But the extra effort is not worthwhile. Don't forget to relax – to sleep around 8 hours a day, alternating periods of activity with periods of rest. The muscles of the back of the leg playing the role of the pump, which promotes the blood in the veins in the opposite direction to the force of gravity (from bottom to top). The burden they experience, very large. Deal with it can only the muscles that they have restored the supply of energy after a busy day.

Normalize the imbalance of weight and eating a balanced diet

The lower extremities of people who are obese, have more workloads. Therefore, the weight reduction is the prevention of varicose veins, as it reduces the work tension of the veins in the legs. To do this, you can use different methods, but always follow these dietary recommendations:

  • Limit the amount of fat foods of animal origin (meat of pork, duck, fat, sour cream, eggs) and easily digestible carbohydrates (baked, white bread, buns, pies, cakes).
  • Forget the spices and spicy dishes.
  • Eat a moderate amount of liquid, and minimize the amount of salt.
  • Enrich the diet of food of plant origin: vegetables, fruits, oils from flaxseed, olive oil, sunflower oil).

Say "no" to harmful habits

The most common are the bad habits – the consumption of tobacco and the abuse of alcohol alone does not cause varicose veins, but in combination with other causing factors that contribute to its onset and progression. Therefore, persons of risk groups should be to give them up. Doing so is not easy. If necessary, consult a doctor-the expert in narcology.

Do not be lazy to do gymnastics download

Any activity of people with conditions prior to the varicose expansion of the veins in the legs, should be combined with periods of discharge. All you need to do 5-10 minutes to provide the application of simple leg exercises at least 1-2 times during the working day and always at night, after its completion. To do this you do not need a separate cabinet or special conditions.

Most of the exercises download the gymnastics can be carried out directly in the workplace:

  • In the sitting position, perform 10-20 flexor et extensor of the movements of each diabetic foot, therefore, the muscles of the posterior group of the leg maximum, descended, and relax.
  • If you're a long time sitting, standing and walking, it is best to climb the stairs. You can also go for flat terrain, imitating the walk up the stairs – but in the step with the heel-to-toe, to the muscles of the leg have decreased and relax.
  • In a standing position, standing on the toes, keep this posture for a few seconds and lower to the heel. Follow these steps first with both feet at once (or several times), and then, successively with each leg, so that, when the right goes up to the tip of the foot, to the left, he was standing in the heel, and vice versa.
  • If possible, sit or lie down and put your feet in some kind of support to occupy a position superior to that of the pelvis (for example, the distribution of the feet on the back of the chair, on the table, on the wall).

Download the gymnastics, designed for the prevention of varicose veins of the legs, in fact elementary and middle. All you need to do not be lazy to do these exercises.

Then drain foot massage

Treatment of varicose veins

The sense of the haurientes massage for the feet – the improvement of blood flow in superficial and deep veins. Make their own even if it is at night after the work day, and if there is a possibility, and in its course.

Basic techniques haurientes self-massage:

  • Sit down, place the leg of the sole at the level of the surface on which is seated, for she was slightly bent in the knee joint (less than 90).
  • Rub movements gently massage the skin and muscles in the direction of the toes to the genu iuncturam the entire circumference.
  • Hold the foot with both hands so that the thumbs are in the back, while all the others on the plantar surface.
  • Press the segment that embrace the fingers, and gradually move them up by the way of the leg genu iuncturam. During the transition to a new stage of the compress gently for a few seconds and then relax the arms and move them up.
  • Close the fingers of the brush lateral surface of the heel. Compress the tissue with the fingers for a few seconds, relaxing the fingers, move up to the sides of the achilles tendon and sural muscles in the direction of the knee.
  • Pat the leg with both hands in the direction from bottom to top.

The total duration of the session haurientes self-massage is about 10 minutes. After him, it is desirable to carry out an activity ˮbirchˮ (3-5 minutes to place the feet as high as possible, and the best thing vertically with the heels facing up).

Use compression knitwear

Specialized products of compressive best reinforced or weakened esophageal varices modified veins of the legs, and not allow its expansion. This prevention method works best, the more often used individual compression Jersey. Take your journal before getting out of bed after sleeping. At the end of the day, when the load of the foot is less, the product it is necessary to remove.

What to look for when you select compression:

  • It should be comfortable for everyday use. Modern products meet all the requirements – which are thin (by type of nylon stockings), in a uniform and well tighten the fabric, elegant appearance and durable. Better get yourself with garments of this type, the normal elasticheskie bandages or crassus point.
  • How to select the product. This can be tights, stockings and socks.
  • Keep in mind the kind of compression: the force with which the point of buying the fabric. For prevention, you can also use the preventive point (the zero degree of compression) or medicinal, but only from the first position of the class.

Sometimes medication is needed

The prevention of the

Drug induced prevention of varicose veins is shown to persons of high risk groups (with a lot of prerequisites to extension of the veins in the legs) or characteristics "venous manifestation" (described in the section "Deciding whether it is necessary to prevention – that the witness").

Remember: ointments and gels have a quick, but short-term effect, and pills begin to act slowly, but are long-lasting. Therefore, local treatments can be used daily, and the medications internal of the reception in the form of prevention of the courses 2 times a year, for a duration of about a month.

The prognosis for the prevention of

In the table reflects the forecast of the possible effectiveness of preventing the development of varicose veins, taking into account the risk of the onset of the disease.

The predisposition to varicose veins The percentage of patients, if complete prevention That will be without a full prevention
Low Less than 5% – easy varicose veins Developing 95%: mild forms – 45%, moderate – 50%
Moderate 30%: of them the way of light is 20%, the average of the severity – 10% Developing the 99% of the average of the severity of 65%, the equivalent – 34% of
High 50%: the mean and the shape of light – 40% of heavy – 10% They get sick all: the average severity of 60%, the heavy for 40% of

If you don't want to get sick the veins varicosasom – dealing with the prevention!