Varicose veins men

varicose veins men

This risk of the disease, today, not only the representatives of the beautiful sex, but also of men. And among the latter, the main factor is the hereditary predisposition. What else causes the appearance of varicose veins in men?

What should I do?

Contribute to the development of varicose veins and lifestyle, including the variety of abuse, bad habits.

But in the greater extent of varicose veins suffer, however, overweight men tend to be emerging because of poor diet: a large amount of carbohydrates and, on the contrary, the lack of foods of plant origin. Since the feet carry the entire weight of the body, when excess of weight, which represent more and more load capacity.

Under the influence of the great weight of the body passes additional pressure on the veins, because the blood of them obliged to act under a higher pressure than with low weight. Consequently, in some of the weaker areas venous of the fabric is stretched which leads to the formation of swellings and nodes.

The result of varicose veins in men is often a varicocele is the extension of the veins of the testicles. Develops malnutrition testicles, decreased size, and, as a consequence, a violation occurs in the process of developing the sperm. The testicles become lethargic, pathological, and in consequence to a man waiting for the infertility.

The thing is that the vein that carries blood from the right side of the egg, flowing into the bottom hollow vein and of the left - left kidney. The last fall "to be released" through the aorta in a very dangerous and, squeezing, he becomes the prey in the way of bed venous.

In this section you will gradually increase the pressure, the valves no longer keep the blood, and therefore the start of the failures in the functioning of the testes.

This process, oddly enough, passes and older people. But it is most common in children between the ages of 16 - 18 years, when the internal organs and especially the cardiovascular system have not followed the growth of the skeleton.

The decade of the 20 in this case, is used purely surgical techniques that have been fraught with dangerous consequences, often leading to infertility.

Now in the vascular surgery apply less traumatica endoscopic surgery, which tied ularis vienna.

In regard to varicose veins of the men in the legs, when the treatment is applied as a conservative, as well as surgical treatments. Sclerotherapy is one of the main methods of bezoperatsionnogo the treatment of the disease.

In our clinic we also perform the elimination of the first signs of varicose disease: multiple small capillaries (with a diameter of 0.3-0.5 mm), pigmentation, swelling, dryness, and reduction of the skin tone.

Miniflebektomiya, Peel, kriostripping are performed in the hospital and already the next day, you can return to life and to their day-to-day affairs.