Varicose veins: current methods of treatment. Myths and facts

The wide spread of the disease has given rise to many speculations on this issue. We promise no pain, and quick relief of varicose veins once and for all. In this article: modern methods of treatment of varicose veins, the advertising of the promises and the facts, the proof of the predisposition to the disease.

To varicose veins, it should be understood that the main danger in their complications. They take advanced of the superficial veins, that have lost their original functions and represent a threat to life.

Laying of vienna will not come to its normal state and does not disappear with the help of the pills, ointments, herbs, and more conspiracies and other non-traditional methods of treatment.

To finish the cure of varicose veins removal of varicose veins and venous emissions. Some of the methods of alternative medicine can provide only the prevention of the disease, relieve pain, slow the progression of varicose veins.

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Modern medicine and vascular surgery on the day of today, are the only panacea and have effective beauty treatments and forms of treatment. But all in order.

treatment of varicose veins

With the help of reception, internal medicines you can get rid of varicose veins forever

In fact. The modern pharmaceutical market offers a wide selection of medications. They all have similar substance (flavonoid of the plants), and many of the low effectiveness and side effects. Tonic for the veins will not help you of varicose veins, but by gravity, the swelling and night cramps is possible.

Creams and gels will cure varicose veins

In fact. The sellers and the producers promise in the advertisements of high efficiency, but one must understand that the gels and creams do not get rid of varicose veins. Your friction contributes to venous output, acts as a gentle massage and has a soothing action on the skin in the initial phase of the disease.

When the varicose veins in march, some creams and ointments can cause dermatitis and allergies, which aggravates the problem. When thrombophlebitis prescribes the use of the heparin of funds, thinning the blood and contribute to the elimination of the inflammation.

Thanks to the advertising are very popular gels and creams with leeches. In the opinion of the doctors, these shaman of the products have nothing to do, nor leeches, nor to medicines. A waste of money and time, is the autosuggestion.

Leeches cure varicose veins

In fact. The saliva of the leeches is rich in hirudin, that dilutes the blood. It is this fact, and it constitutes a moment, why do ignorant people turn to the leeches varicose veins, to be confused with thrombophlebitis.

The dilution of the blood does not affect the varicose veins, the cause is the increase in the venous of the body and the failure of the valves. The danger posed by this type of treatment, don't say anything.

The result of hirudotherapy can be converted in the pigmentation of the skin in the place of the stings, long-lasting bleeding from wounds. This in the best of cases. In the worst cases, you develop dermatitis, limfostazom, PHLEBOTHROMBOSIS, and even gangrene of the limb.

In the composition of the saliva of the leech many of the allergens, able to the venous stagnation cause inflammatory-destructive reactions of the skin and contribute to varicose veins.

Phlebology recognize what is the treatment of frank quackery, dangerous to the health of the patient. Hirudotherapy especially contraindicated in case of ulcer trophic.

Close knit items eliminates the cause of varicose veins and the severity of the disease

In fact. The application of elastic medical compression is shown in the early stages of the disease to drastic measures. The grip of advanced varicose veins of veins, contributes to the redistribution of blood flow of the affected deep vein, it eliminates the stagnation of blood in the veins.

When this fabric of the compression ratio does not correct the cause of the disease, and only simulates the situation, when vienna's "covered" or removed. To properly adjust the size and recommend the use of can only Phlebology.

Methods for the treatment of varicose veins

In our days, the methods of treating varicose veins are more simple and almost all are performed on an outpatient basis, and if you require hospitalization, only in one or two days. The main types of treatment: sclerotherapy, coagulation, laser, radiofrequency ablation, surgery.

Experienced professionals often use several methods at the same time. Let's look at the most common, their pros and cons.



It is a non-surgical method of removal of the diseased veins. In a container is introduced sklerozant, the liquid of the drug, which adheres to vienna from the inside, that goes away with time. The blood stops flowing in the affected area and is reassigned to health veins.

Sclerotherapy was applied at the beginning of the last century, at present, the procedure was the less dangerous and traumatic. Sklerozant is inserted into the vein through thin needles or microcatheters. In a single session can take up to 4 injection, and the number of sessions depends on the severity of the disease.

After the injection of the drug into the leg of the patient wears the compression of the knitted fabric, it is recommended to walk (up to 5 hours), to avoid thrombosis of the deep veins. Elastic support compression has to carry during the entire therapeutic course and at the end of it (up to 4 weeks).

Sclerotherapy improves the blood circulation, dilation of blood vessels, disappear, are subject to the swelling, the pain, the cramps, and fatigue. Age spots, are produced above removed from vienna, with the time pass.

Sclerotherapy includes:

  • Directly from the own sclerotherapy,
  • ECHO-sclerotherapy (sklerozant is introduced exactly on target, thanks to ultrasound, allows you to view episodes of course),
  • Foam-form sclerotherapy. Sklerozant becomes foam enter the container, which allows that "the idea of pasting" tightly and even the great veins.

Sclerotherapy guarantee the long duration of therapy and the cosmetic result, and in some cases for life. Only 25% of patients with a march of the varicose veins may not have a complete cure. When the manifestation of the disease in them is considerably reduced.


  • Intolerance individual sklerozant.
  • Receipt of anti-inflammatory and hormone medications.
  • The excess of weight.
  • Released cellulite in the area of the affected veins.
  • Inflammatory-purulent disease of the skin of the feet.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Thrombophlebitis.


  • Outpatient treatment allows you to save the normal way of life.
  • Cosmetic effect is immediately visible, no scars are left.
  • Minimum sensation of pain during the treatment.
  • You can solve several of the veins.


There is No guarantee of a lifetime / the. To achieve this, treatment should be initiated with the removal of the cause of the appearance of varicose veins.

Placement service compression, you can shoot a short period of time for the implementation of the hygiene procedures.

Laser treatment —

Laser treatment — "office surgery"

Coagulation laser treatment of the esophageal varices dilated veins by closing the light in them. It is the latest development of German specialists and is called endovenous (intravascular) or endovasal coagulation (EVLT or EVLT). Today it is widely applied in the clinical most important of russia and abroad.

When EVLT is the "welding" (obliteration) of damaged veins through the high energy of laser, without cuts. Laser thermal impact from the inside, in the vein of a special fiber through a perforation, produces a spasm of vienna, the light within it is closed. Vienna, is excluded from the hemorrhage, and subsequently is replaced by connective tissue.

The degree of exposure of the EVLK in patients of vienna is higher than that of the sclerotherapy, and allows to achieve an effect equivalent to a classic with the elimination of the veins.

Intravascular coagulation is recognized as the minus traumatic and operational of the modern way of eliminating varicose veins.

Minimum time of operation (approximately 40 minutes) and the recovery after it (up to 4 hours), local anesthesia — all of these factors have allowed the naming of the laser treatment at the office of the surgery." The patient can leave the clinic by itself and return to the place of work.

The pros.

Intravascular laser obliteration — worthy of the alternative intervention:

  • Excellent cosmetic effect — at the time of the operation there are no cuts.
  • Short time of EVLT – the procedure takes no more than an hour.
  • The rapid rehabilitation, which gives the possibility not to suspend the work activity.
  • Laser coagulation is controlled by the indications of the ultrasound, which improves the quality of treatment, postoperative complications, reduces to a minimum.
  • The absence of bruises and contusions.


  • The cost of operation is very high
  • The large diameter of the vein does not allow to dispense with the courts.
  • Vienna large diameter can be unstuck later and come back.

VNUS. Radiofrequency ablation

The last method developed by the international scientific community, in order to find the most perfect tool of varicose veins of the legs. In north america and europe, the method practiced for more than 10 years, in russia introduced in the practice of the large clinics recently.

VNUS — endovasal method that is used for the treatment of the affected varicose veins the trunk of the large veins. In the perforation is inserted the radiofrequency catheter, "medicandi" the vein through a microwave exposure. The catheter has sensors that measure the integrity and effectiveness of the thermal effect in the vein walls.


  • For outpatient conditions.
  • The local anesthesia.
  • To maintain the capacity of work.
  • Without the cuts.
  • The rapid recovery of the patient (30 minutes after the operation). After a week of practicing sport.
  • The lack of pain and bruising in most cases.
  • High-security.


  • The high cost.
  • Burn may occur, they pass quickly.
  • Low concentration of attention on the day of the operation (you can't drive a car and activities, requires constant concentration).

In the united states, rf ablation is applied much less frequently than coagulation by laser. This is explained by the high cost of the nearly equal results. Coagulation gives a higher percentage of the complete disappearance of the veins, thanks to the introduction of a new generation of lasers of greater efficiency and the absence of hematomas.

Radical in the methods of

When the thrombophlebitis, eczema, ulcers, venous sclerotherapy, and others bezoperatsionnye procedures to get late. In this case doctors, probably, resort to surgical methods, and combines it with sclerotherapy.

Many clinics offer high-tech microsurgery to methods of removal of the diseased veins, which minus traumatic (allowing a small incision to remove the vein), does not leave any scars and scars, short (at 40 minutes the patient can leave to go home).

In the opinion of phlebology, fear to the elimination of esophageal varices affected by the veins not worth. Full of blood of the vein and represent a serious threat to health and life. After solving the problem of blood circulation is normalized, with healthy of the veins to remove the excess load.

In the last article about the modern methods of treatment of varicose veins, I want to propose the Test. The answers to the questions should not take more than 5 minutes of your time, but allowing him to identify the symptoms of the disease the varicose veins of the feet and its degree of risk.