The stage of varicose veins — it is important to know?

To know about the stages of varicose veins is very important, at the time of starting the prophylaxis and treatment. This is precisely what may be the first step towards the maintenance of the health of the veins. These sensations such as the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs at the end of the day, familiar to almost everyone, but there are some of them that is associated with the varicose veins. And, however, these symptoms can be signs of vein disease.

Keep in mind that there are several ways of classification of the stages of varicose veins of the legs. We will go to the which is divided the development of the disease in three phases: phase compensation in the phase subcompensation and the phase of decompensation. Let's look in more detail.

Varicose veins: initial stage of the

The initial stage of varicose veins is also known as the stage of compensation.

This period can last from several months to several years. The fact that in the body of posts by the mechanisms that are activated in case of violation of the working of the veins and are compensated for. That is why the initial stage of varicose veins, received the name of "the stage of compensation". But in this lies, and the risk of a person for a very long time to ignore signs of the disease and time to lose, when the fight with him is more effective.

The stage of subcompensation

At this stage, the signs of external varicose veins may be missing, and can manifest itself in the form of spider veins - the precursors of varicose veins. Patients annoying heaviness in the legs, feeling of extending the arms, swelling of the feet at dusk, but bring you will experience discomfort. As a general rule, these symptoms are fatigue at the end of the day, especially if the profession is related to the length of stay on the feet.

If varicose veins are diagnosed in the initial phase, should be conservative for the non-surgical treatment. In particular, we apply different types of sclerotherapy.

Varicose veins progresses

As seen varicose veins in an early stage of around clear: the external signs are not pronounced the patient is worth to focus on your state of mind. And here in the second stage, called the stage of subcompensation, patients are usually directed to a doctor.

Sub-compensation - the stage of the disease, when the body can't fully handle with all the negative consequences. The patient begins not only complain of pain or swelling at the end of the complex a day, but to experience discomfort permanent, that prevents them from leading the normal life. And at that time, the appeal to phlebologist simply necessary.

The city of vienna in this stage become more pronounced and are clearly visible. The skin may acquire more dark, cyanotic, hue. At this stage, the unpleasant sensations which the patient is observed in the initial stage of varicose veins, increase. Swelling, pain, burning sensation, small cramps in the legs is observed not only at night but also during the night.

In this stage he shows a more serious treatment: coagulation, laser, minimally invasive surgery, necessarily, recommend the use of compression.

If varicose veins are not treated...

If patients are not carefully to your state and are not addressed to phlebologist, the varicose disease, in the third, of the compensatory phase.

Decompensation - the stage of the disease, when the authority ceases to deal with their role as a result of a prolonged illness. At this time the mechanisms of adaptation and the devices stop working.

In the compensation of the phase of varicose vein reflux of the blood through the deformed veins seriously affected. Suffers as a result the nutrition of the tissues, which accumulate in the fluid, can result in ulcers trophic. Vienna is strongly deformed, there can be serious complications in the form of a thrombophlebitis.


At this stage the treatment of varicose veins it is necessary to perform urgently, conservative methods are ineffective, so that the patients is shown in operation. On the contrary, the disease begins to pose a threat to life.

There is a classification of the stages of varicose veins, which is different from the previous one. Specialists distinguish seven stages of the disease, which is indicated With the letter (in Latin class):

  • Con0 - stage, when the visible signs of varicose veins are missing
  • C1 - the emergence of spider veins or reticular (small, superficial) veins
  • C2 - is made visible by subcutaneous, esophageal varices varicose veins with a diameter of more than 3 mm
  • C3 - stage of varicose veins, which is characterized by the permanent presence of edema
  • C4 - the appearance of alterations in the skin, or venous leg ulcers
  • C5 - the formation of venous ulcers of the legs closed
  • C6 - the formation of venous ulcers of the legs open

And remember: no matter what kind of classification of the stages of varicose veins applied medical, the treatment of the disease of the most effective in the early stages.