Treatment of varicose veins remedies in the home

Treatment of varicose veins remedies in the home enjoys a great popularity, almost all persons in search of, or already know that several of these methods that you use in the home as well as for the prevention of diseases.

Treatment of varicose veins remedies in the home

Varicose veins in the feet

Varicose veins or varicose veins refers to the number of common diseases, that affects the venous vessels of the lower extremities. When the disease occurs a remarkable increase of superficial veins, which is accompanied by alterations in the functioning of the valves and the blood flow.

Visually, the disease manifests as a swelling of the veins, and a significant change in the shape of the vessels and diminution of properties. There is also an indication of the disease is made visible expenses of the small capillaries that form near the surface of the skin. Violation of the circulation of the blood to the veins can be the cause of the development of blood clots. The causes of the disease is the violation of the circulation of the blood, that occurs as a result of inappropriate lifestyle, without the sufficient amount of physical activity.

The reasons for varicose veins refers to the obesity and the pregnancy when, as a result of the increase in body weight, increases pressure in the veins of the lower limbs and the pelvic area. In parallel decreases the blood supply to the heart muscle.

The people in the group of risk, whose professional activity is related to the prolonged legs or permanent hiking movements throughout the work shift. The beautiful sex varicose the result will be to extend their narrow high-heeled shoes. In this case, the disease is the consequence of the desire to create beauty.

According to medical statistics, women are more likely to suffer from a disease that is due to happen in your body the hormonal changes in the course of life, referred to the pregnancy and the menopause. The existence of the custom, as the traction to nicotine, is the cause of the development of the disease, as it leads to the alteration of the circulation of the blood.

The first signs of the disease is the presence of visible vascular setochki tiny blood vessels, and the constant feeling of heaviness in the legs, which is reinforced at the end of the day. In the early stages is enough to just relax from the clients, for the possible signs of the disease have been lost. He plays a practical joke to most people who suffer from the disease, because the apparent passage of all the symptoms, does not mean the total elimination of the disease. Follow a clear manifestation of varicose veins of the veins reaches to a point at which the treatment can be just a surgical operation.

The presence of the following unpleasant symptoms that may indicate the presence of varicose veins:

  • resistant swelling in the area of the hips and thighs, or at the end of the day, the dimensions of the swollen tissues;
  • palpable palpation the seal of the skin in the calf area;
  • the violation of the pigmentation of the skin. In the feet begins to acquire a marked reddish tint, seats becoming grayish;
  • the persistent pain in the area of the calf muscles, which are intensified by walking;
  • the sensation of pain when palpatio veins;
  • the last signal that indicates that is executed in the form of the disease is the appearance of venous ulcers.

Varicose veins easily acquire, and it is difficult to get rid of it. Treatment of varicose veins is durable in nature and has several methods:

  • The application of the special slimming underwear, or tights, that help to deal with the disease in the initial phase of development.
  • Medical therapy, which consists in reception of tablets of medicines or the use of a variety of creams and ointments.
  • The surgical intervention, which is the last option of dealing with the disease and is applied in the last stages of development of the disease.
  • The laser treatment, which is the modern analogue of the surgery, as it requires no dissection of the soft tissues and helps to eliminate the nodes and blood clots in the veins without the use of a scalpel.
  • Popular methods, if correctly applied, can lead to positive outcomes.
At the same time, the use of any method, and also the most radical, has as its objective not only the release of the external symptoms, but also eliminate the cause of the problem the development of the disease. In the case of the veins varicosasom of the veins of the cause is the change in the composition of the blood, which causes a change in viscosity, which reduces the speed of the circulation of the blood.

The cause of the disease is the decreased elasticity of the blood vessels of the lower extremities and is the return for the loss of the elasticity should be the target of the treatment methods.

Popular methods of

Popular methods that focus on the achievement of a positive result, should not be based on the application of only one method. Must be comprehensive, combining multiple available therapeutic procedures.

Treatment of varicose veins
To identify possible techniques and methods, it is necessary for the diagnosis and determine the severity of existing varicose veins. To do this, when they appear the first symptoms of the disease you must visit a qualified flebologa, which will determine the level of severity of the disease, and be assigned corresponding to the therapeutic interventions.

Acceptable, so that you can perform at home, is the realization of a therapeutic massage of the feet. The action is directed toward the elimination of the edematizacin and improve the flow of blood in the muscles.

Women may be recommended to use special underwear, called compression. The principle of operation of the clothing consists in the compression of the legs leads to compression of the damaged veins. The use of this type of clothing can become not only the form, but it would be a beautiful preventing the development of varicose veins in the future. The modern industry has been in charge of the android part of the population, creating a special underwear for men.

With the first signs of varicose veins, it is recommended to make changes in the established models of habits. In particular, it should avoid the seat in a standing position on one leg. In this position occurs the pressure on the veins, which can lead to stagnation of the blood.

Should away leaving pretty, but the narrow high-heeled shoes, and at the time to forget about your existence. For a day to try more often to change the position of the body and of the feet, avoiding the long with the patient standing or sitting in one position.

Get rid of the symptoms of the disease in the home help to regulate the implementation of a simple gymnastics, which is a kind of burden for your legs. As load, ideal for easy walking on tiptoe, daily walking, climbing stairs.

Any person will be able to find the complex of exercises that will help you with the first symptoms of the disease and to improve the state of the lower extremities. You should start fitness classes with small loads, which gradually should be increased.

The realization of gymnastics does not mean the abandonment of the therapy. For the treatment of varicose veins remedies in the home are ideal for the methods that lead to the achievement of securing a positive result. The most known and used of the recipes handled varicose veins in the veins are the use of apple cider vinegar, cabbage leaves and the wide variety of medicinal herbs, which make medicinal poultices to the legs. They carry not only to improve the processes of the circulation of the blood, but they help to relieve the swelling and remove fatigue.

The recipes of traditional medicine

There is a wide variety of popular recipes, which focus on the elimination not only of the external manifestations varicose veins of the lower extremities, but also the liberation from the causes of the disease. In particular the improvement of the elasticity of the veins and the reduction of the viscosity of the blood. Among the most frequent recipes can be distinguished the following.

The apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is a very good option. It is not expensive, can be found in almost every store. Here it is proven by the medicine of varicose veins with the application of apple cider vinegar.

  • Purchase quality apple cider vinegar. It is sold in the grocery store.
  • Show the composition of the apple cider vinegar. You must be undiluted. Allows for a better cure varicose veins.
  • Buy without diluting the apple cider vinegar and clean each night problems in the area. Repeat to clean each morning.
  • Each day mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water.
  • Drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water twice a day.
  • Wait about a month, until the varicose veins will not disappear!
The horse chestnut The horse chestnut

Example with the horse chestnut is a good natural remedy that can be used not only varicose veins but hemorrhoids. Natural medicine acts on the body, reducing the symptoms of the diseased veins such as: varicose disease, the pain, the tiredness, the swelling of the legs. The horse chestnut reduces swelling, improves the resistance of the blood vessels, increases the resistance of venous capillaries and reduces the permeability of fluids. Reduces the load of work in the vienna of the blood vessels and the inflammation.

Hirudotherapy and the leeches

Hirudotherapy or treatment with leeches refers to alternative methods, quite often applied to diseases of the blood. The leeches in the time of prisasivaniya injected into the wound with the special drug of the substance hirudin, which influences benficamente on the state of the blood, significantly dilute, contributes to the purification of the composition of the blood and reduces coagulation. In the process can have the following positive effects:

  • the strengthening of the walls of the dead of the blood vessels;
  • the complementary nutrition of the soft tissues, the normalization of the processes of change in the cells;
  • total tonic impact in the lower extremities, which produced the veins varicosasom of the veins.

The procedure consists of applying on the surface of the skin one or two of the leeches. In the case of wanting to accelerate the achievement of positive effects, the number of leeches may be increased. Found that along the problematic of vienna.

Treatment of leeches should only be performed under the control of a specialist, since the application of these worms can cause adverse reactions. In the first place, the leeches of this parasite, in the saliva that, in addition of hirudin may contain allergens and bacteria. Before conducting hirudotherapy, the doctor prescribes a whole complex of the corresponding analysis. The goal is to identify the risk of side effects. The course duration can be up to 7 sessions, without interruption, after that it is recommended to take a little break

The tincture of Kalanchoe for pregnant women

Very popular home plant Kalanchoe is an effective medicine in the fight against the inflammation of the varicose veins. Since ancient times, the plant known for its healing properties, as well as Kalanchoe contains large amount of minerals and organic salt. This promotes healing of ulcers and wounds, speeds up the circulation of the blood, and reduces inflammation.

Prior to the preparation of follow simple rules of care of Kalanchoe. You can water the plant about 1 week. This step consists in that it is necessary to cut the leaves. Then wash, drain and put in the fridge to cool.

To prepare the infusion take a glass bottle of 0,5 liters. Take the leaves and place them in the bottom of the banks, to fill the half of the banks. Following flooding leaves Kalanchoe plain alcohol or vodka. Close the bank and place in a dark and strange to the children of the place. You should stir the liquid in the bank from time to time.As an infusion in praesenti, it is necessary to crush the feet only in the night. This is because, lifting the feet up until your own knee cups. After the friction must wrap the legs in a blanket or putting on wool socks

The horse chestnut

The tincture for varicose veins can be prepared quite easily. In the autumn collect 10 large horse chestnut trees, then grind finely and put in a small pot. To equinae chestnut to add a bit more alcohol. The bank with the liquid must be in the sun for 7 weeks.

After a time the mixture should to swell and thicken. Later, pour in small jars and rub into the affected area each day.

The pack of tomato Tomatoes
The method uses the method of application of the tomatoes, there are several recipes with the application of the vegetable. Virtue of which can be applied as a red-ripe fruit, and immature. The application of green of the tomato plants is more often done on two recipes.
  1. Immature ovary should be cut in large pieces, which lay along the larger knots in the veins of the legs. After a while appears a palpable sense of burning in the area to find the tomato, which serves notice to the removal. It is recommended to wash it carefully with fresh legs for the tap water.
  2. The second recipe is almost identical to the first, with the difference that the tomato must be cut into two halves, which must be placed on a problematic area. After the start of burning tomato you want to remove, and, at the feet of wash.

Essential difference in fashion is that the procedure of application of the halves et peribunt tomato should be repeated five times. The remarkable achievement positive effect comes after two weeks of regular use of a method, which is manifested in the great emollitio the nodes, and then complete disappearance.

The decoction of calendula

The preparation of the marigold infusion does not require large efforts and easily prepared in the home. To get a drug of the drink should be 2 tablespoons of dried flowers place in the enameled ware and pour boiling water in the amount of a glass, after which the resulting solution is necessary to insist on a water bath for 15 minutes. After cooling, the broth should drain and add to the normal water boiled to get a cup. Prior to the application of the resultant of the cooking must rest in the period of two days, which will allow calendula full of all of the healing properties.