Useful products varicose veins

The correct power of varicose veins plays an important role and is part of the therapy for the treatment of the disease. The compliance of a particular mode and the control in the diet not only help to fight effectively against the signs of varicose veins, but to improve the general state of the organism.

The vitamins and nutrients varicose veins

Very large limitations on this diet not only is important to make a balanced diet and useful. The poor feeding and failure to comply with certain standards in the food can lead to the exacerbation of the disease and slow down the healing process.

The vitamins and nutrients varicose veins

There are a number of vitamins that contribute to the reduction of the signs of the disease and strengthen the walls of veins:

  • the vitamin c, are rich in foods such as citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, strawberry, blackberry, gooseberry, currant, paprika, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, parsley, dill;
  • the routine, which is found in products such as oranges, lemons, blackberry, black currant, tea, nuts;
  • vitamin E supports the elasticity of veins, them rich green, onion, beans, onion, vegetable oil, salad, lentils, peas, egg yolk, wheat, liver, vegetable oil;
  • fiber to cleanse her body, she found in fruits and vegetables;
  • bioflavonoid – that prevent the formation of blood clots, contains in cherry wood;
  • the products involved in the synthesis of elastin is the lobster, calamari, oysters, shrimp, mussels.

What can and should be eating varicose veins

You can eat of varicose veins

What products varicose veins give body to the benefits and help to suspend the course of the disease? The doctors know the answer to this question, and any patient may be able to know what should be in the daily diet. But very few people who have this disease, they want to follow the rules, even though they know that something bad food can have a negative impact on the development of the disease.

Here are some of the dishes and products that are useful for varicose veins, you need to eat:

  1. The green tea and the tea of the leaves of black currant contribute to the aclaracin the blood and are antioxidants.
  2. Okroshka and green cabbage, prepared without the concentrate of beef broth.
  3. Jam, compote, pudding.
  4. Shellfish are rich in copper, which participates in the creation of proteins and makes the vessels more elastic and resistant.
  5. The cabbage marina contains flavonoids, which are antioxidant-rich foods, have an anti-inflammatory and strengthens the action on the small vessels – capillaries.
  6. Fresh vegetable salads with olive oil, helps to make the walls of the veins more elastic.
  7. The liver of cow also has a positive effect on the course of the varicose veins.

Certain products of varicose veins are useful because they greatly reduce the possible risk of blood clots. Among these products are garlic, onion, olive oil, cherry, currant, lemon. These products are cleared as the blood, which is a very important measure of prevention of thrombophlebitis.

In varicose veins it is necessary to avoid constipation, because this condition increases the pressure in the vein and develops in the total intoxication of the organism. Products in varicose veins, which help to prevent constipation: beets, plums, figs, apricots, carrots, plums, apples, bread with bran, curd, kefir (one day), the black bread.

What drinks are useful in varicose veins

Drinks varicose veins

To improve the course of the disease, varicose veins, necessarily have to comply with the regime of drinking. Drinking fluids is very useful, because it dilutes the blood and reduces the risk of blood clots. In addition, the water and drinks optimize the saline balance in the body.

It is useful when varicose veins green tea, the beverage of blueberry and cranberry, compotes, fruit and vegetable juices (sea buckthorn, black currant and sour rowan).

In the season of watermelon and melon can be consumed in large quantities.

Not worth eating varicose veins

Although the power of varicose veins of the legs should be varied, some of the products and specialties should refuse or reduce their consumption to a minimum.

It's not worth getting involved in fat, fried, spicy and smoked foods. Dishes as to make the blood more viscous and increase the risk of thrombophlebitis.

Worth moderately salt cooking. The excess of salt has a negative influence on the properties of the blood and causes swelling. Increase the viscosity of the blood of different saturated in the meat, broths, marinades, jellies.

You can not eat varicose veins

Drinking coffee and black tea are allowed up to 2 cups a day, and if it is possible, it is better to replace green tea or herbal tea and fruits.

Do not abuse pastries and sweets. This applies especially to overweight patients, as well as the excess weight generate the most load on the vessels and contribute to the development of the disease.