Varicose veins of the penis-why it appears and what you drive?

The most common form of the disease is varicose veins of the lower extremities, but can sometimes affect other organs – in particular the male penis.

Description and development mechanisms of

varicose veins in the penis

Veins of the penis are of great importance in their operation, as they participate directly in the process of erection and necessary for the blood flow of the internal tissues.

The penis is an organ that is provided with a large number of veins and arteries it is for this reason that, during the sexual arousal that can be issued above the surface of the skin.

This is normal, but the males the veins and the vessels have a diameter of no more than 2-4 mm of clear blue tint.

If the appearance, the color or the density of veins in any way changed, this may be the first sign of development of different pathologies, including varicose veins of the penis.

The mechanism of development of the same, as in the case of the veins varicosasom of the lower limbs – veins and vessels are deformed and are stretched, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Causes and risk factors

The main causes of the development of the pathology are:

  • injury in the groin area, and of the authority itself, especially of its head;
  • the presence of tumors in the groin, varicocele, thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs, and of other diseases that may worsen the circulation of the blood and the state of the vessels and veins;
  • frequent delay of urination, which lead to the long-compression, the negative impact in the vein of the penis;
  • genetic predisposition (to some men in the vein of the penis are weak of the partition, which can lead to the formation of the joints, the dilation of blood vessels and the damage of the tissues);
  • the surgical interventions that were performed on the penis, scrotum, and testes – varicose veins can be a complication of such operations;
  • disordered sexual relations that lead to inflammations and communicable diseases;
  • excessive self-love: if the repetition of this activity becomes a habit, it can lead to stagnation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis;
  • the use of sexual non-traditional methodologies that assume a delay of ejaculation.

The stage of

In the early stages of the disease men usually don't feel any symptoms – in the penis, appear small hillocks and slightly outgoing of vienna, which many patients take for the tendons.

With the development of the disease of the hillocks becomes larger, while the body begins to deform. Subsequently, there may be hemorrhage and the appearance of hardened plots under the skin, which is normally located in the area of the head.

The risk and complications

Special danger to the health of the patient and even for your sex life varicose veins of the penis is not, but the very fact of its development should be put on their guard the men. He says about the violations of the circulation of the blood in the body and, in particular, in the area of the groin, which can cause the varicocele and even infertility.

In addition, changes in the appearance of the penis, can cause serious psychological problems to the representatives of the stronger sex.

The symptoms of the

The first symptom of the disease is the violation of the aesthetics of authority, which is characterized by the appearance of nodules and hillocks, the number of those with the time increases.

The rest of reasons of varicose veins in the penis are:

  • sensations of pain, discomfort and tingling sensation in the penis, the first erection, and then in other situations (for example, performing a physical effort);
  • the burning and chafing of the skin during sexual intercourse due to dryness of the vagina of the woman;
  • the strong increase of the swelling of the veins in the penis: when the erection will become opaque, clearly defined, are under the skin and shape reminiscent of thick tendons;
  • the swelling of the affected area;
  • change the color of the skin of the penis with pink to purple-red, as well as the colours of the veins: they acquire cyanotic hue;
  • the foci of bleeding and small clots of blood, which the palpation under the skin.

When to see a doctor?

Sexual of the disease, and any pathology related to the function, represents a serious psychological trauma for men, and many of them try to solve the problem yourself or ignoring it.

This can be a serious error, therefore, any change in one of the veins of the penis and discomfort in the matter, the patient must go immediately to the doctor-phlebologist. In addition, in this case, it is advisable to consult a urologist, a dermatologist and surgeon.

The diagnosis

the diagnosis

The diagnosis of the extension of the veins in the penis is not a big problem to the specialists. The diagnosis is made according to the following algorithm:

  • the collection of the medical history and listen to the complaints of the patient;
  • visual inspection of the areas of problems (sometimes, to complete the picture the man to artificially cause an erection);
  • Ultrasound, which allows evaluating the blood flow to the areas;
  • phlebography with the introduction of contrast performed in cases in which there is a risk that varicose veins affect the internal of vienna.

If there is suspicion that the pathology is a consequence of infectious diseases or inflammation, the patient requires adequate research: analysis of blood, urine, ejaculation, etc

The differential diagnosis of the disease passed to exclude peyronie's disease , that have similar symptoms.

The treatment of the

Specific treatments of this condition does not exist, in addition, the drugs that are used for the treatment of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs, in this case, are not recommended.

In the early stages of the disease can be solved by means of the media (for example, gels and ointments prepared from herbs). Have broken out of vienna generally try heparin ointment, but if the procedure does not give effect within 3 days, it is better to ask for help to a specialist who will perform the puncture and removes the excess blood.

In cases in which the disease progresses, the patient is assigned to conservative therapy, which involves the abstinence from sexual relations and the reception of medications – in particular, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory local media, and anticoagulants. To reduce the pain syndrome and the use of non-narcotic analgesics.

Sometimes the treatment of the disease is applied hirudotherapy, ie, treatment with leeches, but this method is controversial and refers to other methodologies.

If the readings (frequent relapses or ineffectiveness of conservative treatment) of patients can be the object of an operation under the name of the phlebectomy, which involves the cleavage and the dressing of the affected veins varicosasom of the veins.

Refers to the easy surgical interventions and to genital the surgeon. The recovery period takes about two weeks – after this period, the man can return to a full sexual life.

The prevention of the

Prevention of varicose veins of the penis, as well as with those of other similar diseases, it is competition of regular (but not excessive) of the sexual life of the partners tested – normal sex does not refer to the risk factors of varicose veins, but, on the contrary, it strengthens blood vessels and improves the circulation of blood.

When you enter in relationships with other women make sure to use birth control, and individual protection. Non-sexual methodologies must be treated with great care – especially those that involve the use of gels anesthetic to prolong the sexual act.

In order to prevent the varicose veins from the penis in men , it is recommended to use properly collection of clothes, not to take too hot a bath, not sitting with crossed legs and easy to practice water sports.

In addition, the disease he speaks of irregularities in the blood flow, which can lead to more serious pathologies, therefore, the patient should consult with your doctor and undergo the necessary investigations.