What to do if the pain of veins in the legs: treatment at home, symptoms of pain in the legs varicose veins

Varicose veins is a disease that brings with it not only unpleasant cosmetic defect in the form of spider veins in the beginning of the disease and the inflammations of veins in the later stages of development, but still painful, pain in the legs, normally, the increase in the night.

In this article we will talk about how it manifests itself pain in the legs varicose veins, the symptoms and signs of the disease. And see also the question: what to do if the pain of veins in the legs, treatment in the home.

the pain of varicose veins

The causes of the onset of pain

Of this disease is currently one of every three women and one out of every five men. Basically, it is the people, the work that involves physical exertion or a prolonged stay in a sitting or standing position.

And there are many other causes, such as genetic predisposition, obesity, etc, the Pain in the feet, varicose veins occur, which, by regulating the load or the clamping of the vessels of the lower extremities of the blood in them is stagnant, they are stretched, they deform, and the circulation of the blood is altered. Their deformations and causing pain.

As a result of violations of blood circulation in the adjacent tissues begin to accumulate toxins that are usually carried by the blood in normal operating conditions. The presence of these toxic substances start to form trophic changes. This is also a source of pain of varicose veins of the legs.

Important! For the prevention of varicose veins it is recommended that regular walking for at least 20 minutes a day and do special exercises

In the beginning of the disease, the pain in the feet can be faintly disturbing, or may not experience.

But, if you are not paying attention to the appearance of the first symptoms of pain necessarily will manifest in the future, and will intensify.

Doctors distinguish three stages for the development of varicose veins with the characteristics of each one of them painful sensations of the patient:

  • in the first phase of the pain syndrome absent or very weak;
  • the second phase was linked with the pain, it does not require the violation;
  • in the third stage of development, the pain of varicose veins because it brings great suffering. Without analgesics pass impossible.

Often you can hear: the man with the varicose veins — leg pain, what to do? First let's talk about the symptoms of the disease. And then, let's consider the question that remove the pain of varicose veins of the lower extremities?

Features of the

The pain in the legs at the varicose veins arise more often in the area of the joints of the knee, below the knee, and sometimes less, of the leg.

The nature painful is different from the constant and dolore, tingling, or in the form of sudden, the burning spasms, depends on the degree of development of the disease, the volume of the load and other factors.

The feet may also be numb as a result of opprimendi of the vessels, for example, when sitting on the work table. In some cases, severe headaches accompanied by seizures.

The sensation of pain in the legs can be signs of other diseases, but the varicose veins of the lower extremities is characterized by certain symptoms:

  • the onset of pain begins in the second half of the day, reinforcing to the sunset;
  • the dependence of the strength of the pain intensity of the load during the day;
  • the pain weakens, if you lie down and lift your legs up above heart level, ensuring the reflux of the blood out of them;
  • the pain often becomes the stronger, when the person relaxes the muscles, for example, preparing to go to bed;
  • the pain does not cease them, with time they become more strong, and without treatment, this disease can lead to disability.
Attention! If night feet complain that you can't sleep, and the body temperature increases, you can suspect the development of thrombophlebitis. It is a disease characterized by inflammation of the vessels and of the formation of a blood clot, are in mortal danger.

How to relieve pain in the legs, varicose veins, or at least, how to relieve the pain in the legs varicose veins? There are several forms of treatment and prevention.

the pain of varicose veins treatment

Treatment: how to

The regulate the pain in the feet, so much the more, if it is detected and other signs that point to the development of circulatory disorders, you must report it immediately to a specialist in charge of the data of the disease – phlebologist.

He designates the type of treatment, which can be:

  • drug, tablets, ointments, creams;
  • in the surgery;
  • laser impact;
  • compatible with the methods of compression clothing, therapeutic exercise;
  • traditional medicine.

If the question: varicose veins leg pain, what to do? A response — immediately start the treatment!!!

Medications to the

Relieve the pain in the feet is possible with the help of pain medications that are sold in any pharmacy without prescription. But only temporarily will get rid of the punishment, the treatment should be directed to the specialist.

It is possible that these medications that your doctor will prescribe as well, but will tell you the dose in each case, as well as recommended and the complex of the treatment or procedures.

Here is a list of tools that help temporarily relieve the pain:

  • pills varicose veins can help relieve the pain of the average force, but that nothing can be done against the spasm. Fast have pills, such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, nimesulide. These active substances are available in the tubes in the form of creams and gels. To improve the tone of the vessels and veins prescribed phlebotonics – relieve the pain and contribute to the return of the health of the vessels, as well as antiplatelets, anticoagulants, and facilitate its circulation. But the dose and combination of medications will advise you only to the experts, as well as possible side effects;
  • medications in the form of ointments, creams and gels, which possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.Analgesics varicose veins of the legs only differ in the shape of the emission and the use of support components, and the main active substance in all of them one by one.To apply the tool on clean skin, rub it with a massage is an invigorating, or just let them soak;
  • if the pain is very strong, maybe because of the cramp, the skin of the feet can cause any warming tool that increases the speed of the circulation of the blood . At the same time to take the pill for pain medication.
the pain of varicose veins fluids treatment
Tip: to avoid embarrassing the sensations and pains in the feet from the varicose veins is recommended to wear a compression garment, which prevents the torpor of the blood in the lower extremities. For this purpose it suits and elastic bandages.

The methods of traditional medicine

How to remove the pain of varicose veins at home? You can use home remedies.

In conjunction with medicated medicines that help and recipes of traditional medicine:

  • the sick place it is recommended to apply and wash each leaf whitewashed cabbage;
  • the friction on the skin of the tincture horse chestnut is prepared in the following manner: two hundred and fifty grams of vodka – and fifty grams of grated peeled chestnuts, insist seven days, hide from the light;
  • helps to the mixture of these same fruits with butter, with oil, you can mix and lost through the garlic press in a ratio of two to one;
  • compresses of cold water with cider vinegar. Gauze cloth soaked in vinegar, put it on the sore spot, fascia. The feet with the compress should be left up toward the top.;
  • tincture of nutmeg calculation: a litre of vodka – two hundred grams of chopped nuts. Leave to rest for ten days. The solution is applied to the lubrication, you can also drink twenty drops a day;
  • compresses with honey;
  • mixture of leaves of a plantain, or the wormwood (flowers and leaves) with sour milk one-to-one. It is applied with a gauze napkin and primitives at some point of the leg. Normally, through three–four days the pain disappears;
  • packs of porridge raw grated potatoes, the overlays in a couple of hours.

If you can not remove the pain before the above-mentioned means, fast and effective help, the treatment with laser. This procedure has no contraindications, and limitations, is performed for a duration of forty minutes, and the patient after your celebration you can immediately start to work and lead a normal life.

the pain of varicose veins treatment popular methods of
If the disease has already come so far that saves it from the pain and even the loss of ability to work, only the surgical intervention, the patient is assigned to the operation. Small incisions are made and the varicose the node with the large saphenous vein of the leg is removed.

To get rid for ever of the pain in varicose veins of the lower extremities, is only possible under the supervision of a doctor-flebologa, doing all the complex of the procedures assigned. The self-medication and the use of only the pain in the varicose veins would lead to the development of more severe forms of the disease.

We hope that this material will be useful for you and that you now know as painful varicose veins in the legs and relieve the pain in the legs varicose veins.