The compression stockings for varicose veins: how to choose and buy

The varicose disease of the feet is very common and dangerous disease that must be treated in the early stages.

The most powerful is the therapy, in which not only the medications and physical therapy, but elastic, the relationship of compression of the veins.

Compression stockings

In the stages of the disease will help to only one operation. Compression garment varicose veins adjusts the treatment of the pathology and the improvement of the condition of the patient.

The essence of the therapeutic effects of

Compression treatment of diseases of the veins is still being practiced since ancient times. How it works this clothing? That gradually tightens the vessels in the feet, with varying degrees of intensity, from the bottom to the top.

The most strong 100% of the pressure occurs in the area of the ankles, because it is from this stretch of the blood more difficult to lift.

In this area occurs with greater frequency in the stagnation of the blood, and appear trophic wound.

In the area of the calf, closer to the knee, the compression level is 70%, and a little above the hips of 40%.

By the crushing of veins and the proper distribution of the load normalizes the circulation of the blood, and the blood stagnant in the vessels. The fabric receive the nutrients and oxygen.

As to the corrupt of the veins, the tone of their walls increases, they do not expand and not thinning.

Close the knitwear, in fact, it takes the work of the muscles in itself, this stimulate the muscles of the lower extremities. As a result, go away the swelling, heaviness, tiredness.

The level of compression

Medicinal antivarikozny the stockings, the stockings are not sold without prescription. It is possible to buy only in the lounges.

The levels of compression of the underwear:

  • On the first level. The pressure reaches 22 mm hg. It is preventive of the clothes, which is applied to the varix (in the early stages). When the patient only appear spider veins, slightly increased the vessels, and at sunset the leg pain.
  • At the second level. Pressure of 30 mm hg. Bring the doctor point of this level, it allows people who have discovered the disease of the veins of medium severity.
  • On the third level. The pressure is 43 mm of mercury. These stockings used for varicose veins severe, with trophic disabilities.
  • The fourth level. The pressure is 48 mm of mercury. It is used to reduce the strong swelling. Stockings, knee varicose veins, with a level of compression is more often used in stationary sources of the office.

The material for the therapeutic of underwear

Antivarikozny pantyhose, stockings, socks made of elastic rubber, nylon, cotton, elastane and microfiber cloth.

It is hypoallergenic, without stitching clothes, which superficially resembles that of the normal, although the design is different.

Stockings, stockings for varicose veins well they absorb the moisture, allow the skin to breathe. The products are seen, it is convenient to wear under clothing.

The compression ratio is created by the therapeutic treatment of the knitted fabric with the application of technological innovation.

Compression stockings

The range of

The choice of doctor of knitted fabrics large. What clothing is best to choose?

Types of compression products on the basis of the therapeutic effects of:

  • Prevention antivarikozny average. Have the lowest intensity of the pressure (17 mm of mercury), use them for the prevention of varicose veins.This clothing should be to the people, that many are found in the legs or, on the contrary, leading a sedentary lifestyle, athletes and during pregnancy. Prevention of the product should carry, if in the legs appeared the asterisk vascular, begin to show vienna, aching or swollen feet in the evening.Prevention of the clothes should be made to healthy people of these professions: teachers, salespeople, hairdressers, drivers, etc., and all that during the day is in a static position. You can buy in any pharmacy without prescription.
  • Medicinal products. Have a high level of compression of up to 48 mm of mercury). There is a strong impact in the area of the ankles.
  • Gospitalnyy point. Maximum supports blood vessels, prevents serious diseases in the veins, for example, thrombosis. Is used after the surgery, the work of childbirth.

The range of compressive:

  1. Stockings varicose veins, most popular and the also pregnant, which, by the way, has created a model (without pressure in the abdominal area). Product easy to carry, easy to remove and put difficult. Despite this, they are fixed to the leg, not slipping, thanks to which the pressure is distributed evenly through the leg.
  2. The knee of varicose veins with zipper. This is a great option for men. There are models for tourists, people active and preventive product for daily socks. Anti-varicose veins of the knee are presented in different designs.
  3. The leggings. More resistant than other types of underwear. They differ in that the sock of this model in the open air. It is applied in those cases when the parcel, damaged varicose veins small.
  4. An elastic bandage. Are the most primitive and the methods available for the prevention, the treatment of varicose veins. However, their therapeutic properties are directly dependent on their ability to impose their. It is important to bandage the foot for even distribution of compression.

The selection rules

How to choose the compression garment to make it more effective? The product should only differ from the long leggings end at the knee, stockings of varicose veins to come up to the hip, and the rubber tights must be in the belt. Choose the therapy point is necessary in accordance with the place of location of the main symptoms. If vienna have risen in the calf, it is necessary to purchase the leggings, and if above will help you to only stockings for varicose veins.

In addition, it is necessary to know the size, to do this, it is necessary to perform measurements of the lower extremity.

If you buy leggings, measure meter the circumference of the thighs above the ankle and below the knee. And also worth measuring the length of the foot to the knee.

Phases for the selection of compression of your ability

If you need stockings for varicose veins, measure the circumference of the leg above the ankle and below the knee, as well as the circumference of the hip at the level of 26 cm from the knee, if a tall man at a height of 32 see Also measure the length of the foot up to the groin.

If you are going to buy the stockings of varicose veins, in addition to all of these stages should be to measure the circumference of the waist and buttocks.

The compression stockings for varicose veins

In order to adapt the product to compare your choices with the data in the tables of dimensions on the packages of clothing. But it is better to buy clothes in the store, to the consultant immediately picked up the product exactly suited to your measurements.

Prevention stockings for varicose veins should be used during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months. Doctor of underwear for women in a different position to the usual.

In place of the gum in mediasax elastic that supports the belly, do not tighten.

Many pregnant women prefer stockings varicose veins. This is because mediass still cause discomfort to expectant moms. And stockings comfortable to wear, do not tighten belly and to the perfection.

Types of compression stockings:

  • classic;
  • with the silicone rubber;
  • with the strap-on corset;
  • with the fingers open.

How to put?

Not only is it important to choose properly and take any bed linen, you should still dress properly. Step-by-step action:

  • Doctor of knitwear, you should dress immediately after sleep in a bed.
  • You don't have to stretch and twist product.
  • Picks up the top part of the accordion, insert the hands in the stockings (socks, leggings), carefully insert the foot.
  • Slowly, without sudden movements straighten, put the product in the leg, the knee, the thigh.
  • In a supine position, lift your buttocks gently pull of the tights at the waist.

Anti-varicose veins tights to dress the same way.

As to properly use the compression stockings

The compression of the knee with open toe from wear by the sliding of the fingers:

  • place the sliding of the socks;
  • golf pull on the tip, uncheck the box;
  • gently stretch the golf.

There are special devices that facilitate the dressing of a compression of the clothes.

Use latex gloves to not scratch the compression garment. The nails of the feet also must be cut and as.

Clothing care

  • Wash the clothes after each use, but not on a typewriter, while with the hands.
  • Hotel very twist, twist products.
  • Allow to dry clothing Terry with a towel and allow it to dry in a horizontal position.
  • Temperature range of – 35°.
  • Wash delicate clothes soap or shampoo.
  • Do not use powders, bleaches, cleaning tools chemical.
  • Antivarikozny average hotel to dry in the battery or the sun.
  • In terms of averages, it must protect the water of the silicone rubber.
  • Clean your vatkoy soaked in alcohol.

When the compliance of the standards of care medicinal qualities compressive will delight you for a long time. Buy clothes only tested on the ground.

And remember that the compression ratio is measured in mm hg. Do not save on your health, and your feet will thank you.

The averages of the varicose veins of the veins in the legs: prices, how to choose

Varicose veins requires more attention.

Only a treatment together with prevention may prevent the spread of varicose veins and development of recidivism.

With preventive and curative often used the averages of the varicose veins of the veins in the legs, the prices are different and depend on the company and the compression of the class.

When applied to the average

The most common compression types of lingerie – stockings. This point is universal, and it is possible to use in the different groups of patients, including the android part of the population.

Before use it is necessary the consultation of a medical specialist-flebologa, to be chosen in function of the degree of condition of the class, compressive and will give recommendations for the wear. Stockings for varicose veins in the legs individually, as it has several of the pressure in the vessels. Its application varies according to the stage of varicose veins.

The mechanism of action of the stockings of varicose veins is that the pressure exerted by them in the veins of the lower limb, decreasing from the ankle towards the thigh. This creates a more close value of the pressure in the vessels of the legs in a healthy individual the blood is not stagnant, and the vein is not expanded.


Indications for the application of the stockings of varicose veins are:

  • varicose veins of the lower extremities;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • preoperative before interventions surgical on the veins;
  • the period of rehabilitation after the intervention of the surgeon.

The allocation of the different classes of compression are different and depend on the stage of the disease. The price of the products are growing along with the class.

1 class compression , is assigned as the prevention of varicose veins by offering a mild pressure:

  • often applies to women during pregnancy;
  • the treatment of the 1 stage of varicose veins;
  • the prevention of the varicose disease with the increased swelling of the legs, feeling of heaviness or pain in the legs.

2 compressive of the class average of varicose veins in the legs designated for the provision of medium level of pressure:

3 compressive of the class exerts a strong pressure on the vessels and is used when:

  • thrombosis of the deep veins;
  • violations in limfo-output stream.

4 characteristics of the kind of knitwear provides the maximum pressure of the limbs, and applies when:

  • development abnormalities in the vessels, innate in nature;
  • the elephantiasis of the extremities due to the constant stagnation of the lymph.

The stockings varicose veins have advantages over average:

  • allow it to exercise the necessary pressure on the lower limb up to the groin;
  • do not exert pressure on the abdomen, and the buttocks;
  • it is convenient to put up and removed;
  • have an attractive appearance, which is not different from the mean, without anti-varicose effect.

They have the elastic stockings for varicose veins benefits and before the trim:

  • exert pressure to the thighs;
  • have a sock and the heel, which excludes the possibility of its displacement;
  • it can be worn as a vulgar lingerie point.

Of the disadvantages of media are the following:

  • do not exert pressure on the upper area of the thighs;
  • quickly cysts can rupture of the feet or heels;
  • the prices in the quality of the products manufactured by the foreign, not everyone can afford.

How to choose compression stockings for varicose veins

All patients who are faced with the problem of varicose disease, are concerned about the question of how to choose compression stockings for varicose veins.

Correctly collection of clothes of varicose veins of the veins is the main tool in the fight against the disease. The choice of clothing is carried out only after consultation with your doctor.

In addition to the selection of the kind of compression, you must properly adjust the size.

If the size of the knitwear collection is smaller, it is possible to produce discomfort to the strong tightening the veins of the legs. If the clothing is going to more, will not be provided the desired impact.

The clothing of varicose veins

Compression stockings for varicose veins are selected by several parameters:

  1. The degree of compression;
  2. Stockings should to 10 inches from coat surprised with the glass to achieve the maximum effect;
  3. The size;
  4. Price.

Elastic stockings for varicose veins of the veins can be:

  • classic;
  • with the rubber bands of silicone in the legs;
  • with the velcro strap;
  • open tip, which allows you to wear them in the summer.

Size of compression stockings for varicose veins should be collected more carefully.

All measurements should be made in the morning, getting out of bed, when the volume of the lower limbs is minimal and closer to the norm.

The measurements are inch of the tape into position with the legs raised. Then, in the table determines the size of the media.

Any anti-varicose product for leg veins contains in its composition the elastane, which exerts the necessary pressure in the lower extremities, depending on the species. Manufactures of clothing technology special type of circular cross.

Elastic stockings for varicose veins of the leg veins for the treatment of the disease are necessary and useful. Compression and correction of mean you necessarily have to buy it for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins in the legs. It is recommended to carry on the work period and at the time in the house to rest.