Compression garment varicose veins: what it is better to buy?

Varicose veins is manifested as resistant of the enlargement and extension of the veins of the lower limbs, which leads to a thinning of the vascular walls, in the walls and in the formation of knots. The development of the disease also contributes to the weakness of the venous valves, which is the pathology congenital.

With this type of problems are faced to one out of every ten men and one out of every three women. According to the statistics of the research, this disease is more common among a group of population in the age range of 30 to 40 years.

General information on the disease


We distinguish the following premises:

  • The inheritance — the risk of disease is greater among people whose family members were with varicose veins;
  • The pregnancy, as well as the consumption of hormonal drugs may be a sufficient condition for the progression of varicose veins;
  • Regularly on a regular basis in excess of the normal venous pressure, which leads to sedentary lifestyles, static loads in a vertical position and obesity.

The grounds of concern lead to swelling of the feet at the end of the day, the feeling of heaviness extend the arms in the calf, after a long seating or standing. If the guilt of this varicose veins, the symptoms usually disappear or fade away in time, on foot or through a dream.

More unpleasant manifestations will be arching pain in the legs, sensation of heat in the legs and cramping of the calf muscles at night. In addition, look for the red and blue vascular cross and subcutaneous vienna. They get rid of it, normally with the use of medications of varicose veins in the legs.

The compression therapy of the

For the treatment of varicose veins today are actively involved compression of the sweaters. The practice of the application, itself, has nearly a century of history, and even in our days, the compression garment does not lose its relevance.

Before moving on to the production of clothing the most advanced technology, is used of elastic bandages, which have a number of drawbacks:

  • Correct your application requires the ability, the acquisition of which takes time;
  • A temperature of the water and the fat of the balance in the warmest period, and in places of porte;
  • It is difficult to obtain the compression when it is confirmed in the hip due to the individuality of their forms, have a variety of patients.

Let's see, what compression garment varicose veins it is best to choose from — socks, tights, leggings or something for the other, as the correct way to use and helps to it.

The principle of the positive impacts

The compression ratio of the

The effect of the treatment by the fact that when you tighten the advanced venous channels of compression clothing increases the speed of blood flow in deep vessels. This eliminates the stagnation of blood.

And, when the creation of the modern products taking into account the anatomical features of the limbs: the pressure of the knitted fabric is reduced, upon completion of the hands or feet, the best way to normalize the movement of the venous blood.

If you consider this process more, it is worth noting as positive aspects, such as:

  • The work of stabilization of the apparatus;
  • The conversion to a standard of advanced body-subcutaneous of the hip and perifricas;
  • The increase of the influence of the loads on to push the blood upward.

However, it is necessary to remember that the bed linen (stockings, tights, etc) varicose veins are not omnipotent and can not eliminate the causes of venous insufficiency. It is applied before the phase in which you can help only surgical intervention.

Among other things, the traditional treatment, without performing the operation of varicose veins in the legs must be comprehensive. Maximize the effect can be, if you follow the instructions of the doctor and be recommended by the creams and ointments, as well as quit to prohibit the fixation of the disease.


The rare of the methods of treatment there are no contraindications, and the point is not the exception. Someone in general, it is prohibited for this treatment, others of the same must be the compression garment with care, following the instructions of the specialist:

  • Under no circumstances should you get that clothing to aortoarteritis, atherosclerosis, endoarteritis and thromboangiitis (obliterating). These chronic diseases lead to a narrowing of the lumen of the vessels and the fall of the systolic pressure to a level unacceptable to bring this knitted fabric;
  • Observing the accuracy should be applied to the institution of the clothes to people with a sensitive skin;
  • It is not worth to use clothing to skin diseases of an inflammatory nature, allergic reactions of the skin, dermatitis, bed sores, etc;
  • Diabetics should not use the compression of the clothing due to the defeat of the vessels of the legs;
  • When that is violated, the circulation of the blood, caused sptico phlebitis and cardio-pulmonary insufficiency, once more, you should refrain from compression of the products.

There is the opinion, if this type of knitwear is guilty of the atrophy of the muscle layer of the wall of the vein, which leads to the inability of the vessels to resist e.g. the blood pressure without the help of slimming clothing. People who hold this point of view, have come to her into effect of the incorrect interpretation of the sensations that arise when using underwear.

To dispel all kinds of doubts, just read the following facts:

  • The clothing is not designed to give you bring;
  • In the experience compression of the veins of the blood stream is not stopped, but only reduced;
  • The atrophy of the muscular layer develops in the consequence of genetic predisposition, as well as the local inflammation of the venous stagnation in vienna. These processes, by contrast, are balanced with the help of clothes;
  • The initial worsening of the welfare is not due to atrophy and the development of varicose veins, and erratic a decrease in the tone of the walls of the veins.


Bed linen
  • By the force of the pressure of the products is divided into categories:
  • The compression ratio of not more than 23 mm of the republic. tablespoons Recommended for the detection of primary symptoms varicose veins;
  • The compression ratio of ~ 33 mm of the republic. tablespoons Apply when thrombophlebitis and veins varicosasnome moderate expansion;
  • The compression ratio of close to 45 units, corresponds to the severe venous insufficiency;
  • The compression ratio of more than 50 units in the best way possible helps to the elimination of the inflammation and the normalization of the lymphatic.

Types of underwear and determination of the optimal size (in centimeters):

  • The knee — at the expense of the comfort of use with trousers are ideal for men. Measurement: measure the circumference of the leg at the widest part, just below the knee, as well as the distance from the foot up to the knee crease;
  • Average orthopedic (compression) — solution of varicose veins for pregnant women and those whose problematic area, not above the knee. Measurements: in addition to the measurements used in the case of the socks high, it is necessary to determine the circumference of the hip at the level of 25 cm in the knee. Also measure the distance from this level to the foot;
  • Panty — removal, but the condom is there to make an effort; they must end exactly at the waist, and well-arched legs. Measurements: repeating the above, you should measure the circumference of the thighs and the waist;
  • — Sleeves are relevant to the processes of the soft tissues and dermatitis of the hands;
  • Leggings — more durable than that of the average and of the average (private part that covers the fingers, which quickly wears out). They are designed for those who have disorders of the area is not as extensive.
  • Elastic bandage — the most accessible, but nevertheless it is very clumsy in the treatment of type of products.

Taking into account these recommendations, you will be able to avoid problems:

  • The degree of compression of the products should comply with the precepts of a doctor;
  • The seams should not be given, otherwise the irritation can not be avoided;
  • Consider the products that comply with the standard RAL-GZ 387 and manufactured only in certified companies;
  • The clothing should be the mark on the fact that the material does not contain allergens;
  • The degree of compression is calculated not to give, and in mm hg. tablespoons of Incorrect specification of a sign — value of alteration.

Now you know how it is true to pick up the compression garment varicose veins, to access information competently!

How to put a


It is necessary to respect some rules:

  • Any kind of products positioned immediately after the sleep, without getting up from the bed.
  • This must be done with care and without hurry;
  • Preliminary having picked up the top part of the accordion, the need to insert the palm of the hand in a "sock" and, with care, pull the foot;
  • Gradually, deploying the product must be in its totality;
  • Average put lying down, which lifts the pelvis as you approach the waist.

There are also special devices to help those who have difficulty to wear the clothes of varicose veins.

Doctor of point is not only able to reduce to nothing the manifestations of varicose veins: therapy is required. Paying attention to all the aspects of the treatment, you will get the desired result.