Prevention of varicose veins in the legs. Exercises for the legs. Compression garment varicose veins

The disease of the vessels, which increasingly affect young people. Several decades ago, with the varicose veins of the lower extremities to the doctors treated the person, mainly of the third age. Right now, the pathology can be detected even at the high school.

varicose veins in the feet

The disease (varicose veins) usually affects the weaker sex. Pre-conditions to its appearance be converted in wrong image of life, hereditary predisposition, the use of uncomfortable shoes and clothing close, sedentary work. Important contribution to the development of the pathology bring the pregnancy and after birth. Prevention of varicose veins in the legs must be carried out by all the women. The difference is that a beautiful sex will be enough of a workout, while others will need medication therapy.

Varicose veins

This condition affects the bottom of the vessel. Varicose veins is a very dangerous disease. Progresses over many years and can lead to death. That is why it is important that when the first disturbing symptoms to the doctor. Depending on the degree of the disease, the specialists prescribe the medications and to fight against it. The stage of varicose veins include the following:

  • initial (in the lower extremities, are not detected obvious changes, however, the patient experiences a small gravity, which appears at dusk);
  • the first (the manifestation of the symptoms of increased swelling, itching of the affected vessel, burning sensation and pain in the calf area);
  • the second (in the lower extremities partially amazed vascular asterisks, there are stretches of bulging of the veins, symptoms persist);
  • the third (the skin of the leg is experiencing a great change, she becomes dark, arise from the ulcer, and during the inspection are detected the blood clots).

Already with the first symptoms of the pathology of the patient, it is worth consulting a doctor. The men don't usually prescribe prevention of varicose veins. All for the fact that the probability of the disease among the representatives of the male sex is very low. To women is to take care of the health and beauty of your legs.

The prevention of varicose disease

Prevent the development of pathology in several ways. Prevention methods are divided into primary and secondary. The first is applied when there is still the rapid development of the disease or when it has detected the initial phase of the pathology. Side of the most effective methods in the execution of the situations.

It is worth noting that the prevention of varicose veins in the legs is not able to resolve the pathology. Presented to your attention methods can only slightly relieve the symptoms and prevent the progression of the progression of the disease. Main methods of prevention include the gym, the exercises light, the adjustment of the power and style of life. Secondary involve the use of medications, compressive and recipes. Let us consider in more detail how it is carried out the prevention of varicose veins in the legs.

consultation with the doctor

Regular consultation of a doctor

If you want to protect your feet from this disease, such as varicose veins in the first place, you should attend cabinet flebologa. The doctor can monitor the condition of the vessel. Often, the doctors prescribe the diagnosis and Doppler. These studies allow to identify modified the structure of the veins already in the early stages. It is worth noting that, often, the patient does not experience any symptoms.

The doctor after thorough inspection and research you can pick up for you the most adequate realization of preventive activities. If there are already initial changes in the vessels, these examinations should be regular. This will allow early detection of the progression of the disease and to take appropriate measures.

The normal maintenance of the mass of the body and good food

Prevention of varicose veins includes the observation of the correct power. The consumption of the food should be rich in vitamins and minerals. The meal must contain sufficient amount of fiber. It facilitates the digestion and regular of the chair.

It is worth to say, that people with excess weight the varicose disease is detected in several times. All for the fact that in the lower extremities occurs a devastating burden. Already the first symptoms of the pathology must require patients to change their diet. The consumption of drinking water should not be less than a year and-a-half liters per day. Drinking plenty of fluids helps to thin the blood. Indirectly influences the functioning of the veins and vessels of the lower extremities.

Correct clothing - the bond of the vessels healthy

Prevention of varicose veins involves the use of the proper clothing. Phlebologists will advise to take to lose weight with bedding. Thus, the area below the waist must be worn and loose things. Do not wear tight jeans, especially violates severely the circulation of blood in the pelvis waist lower. Stockings and socks should be selected by size.

During the day you carry only a comfortable shoe. If possible there is to give up the high heels and narrow shoes. Heel lift should not exceed 3-4 inches. If there is a need in the model of footwear, try not to carry out in it all day. Periodically, take off your shoes and let your adjustable legs to relax. When possible during the day, perform the bending of the legs and simple exercises, which will be presented to your attention below.

The sedentary life is the direct way to the veins varicosasy

The tool of varicose veins may be different. However, it won't help you if you do not change your style of life. Forget about a constant seat. During the said provisions of the blood in the lower extremities standing. Available valves start to work on the wear. This leads to the damage and dilation of the vessel. It aggravates the situation when you put your foot in the leg or in the latesco a limb. In this case, the blood will simply be closed in the glass. She is unable to, not only exit, but not enter it.

Without a doubt, for the prevention of varicose disease is not worth to change jobs and give up favorite activities. However, try to move. If you already have the necessary conditions for the development of the disease, through every hour for ten minutes, hiking, and prevention exercises. Upon returning home, place the feet above the level of the body. In this state, it is worth to stay there less than fifteen minutes. After this it asks what to do house chores, while still fulfilling the basic exercises.

Compression garment varicose veins

An excellent tool for the prevention are stockings or pantyhose. However, they must not be normal. Compression garment varicose veins must be prescribed by a doctor. He is a specialist determines the degree of elasticity is ideal in this case. Pantyhose and stockings for varicose veins can be of various types. They all have different pressure on certain points of the feet. So, easy compression that only affects the ankles. The higher the value of variants of the clothing of sleep, the greater the medicinal effect of the that has.

The first compression

The data of the average of varicose veins is mapped as a preventative. Have relatively a small amount of pressure on the ankle, which is in the range of 18 to 21 millimeters of mercury.

The main indications for prevention are heaviness in the legs, burning sensation of the motion of the abnormal vessels, as well as a small edema which arises at the time of the evening. Also, the product can be used when submitted to a way of life. Often, the averages of first degree of compression is assigned to the staff of the trade and other service personnel. These people have a lot of time to take in the same position, entering into group of risk.

The second class

The means for the prevention of varices in the second degree of compression is often allocated after the treatment. When this pathology can be adjusted through surgery or minimally invasive methods. Often, the second class of compression is allocated to women for the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy and childbirth. By doing so, the use of stockings and socks may be the day.

It is worth noting that the second class of compression has a pressure of 25 to 32 millimeters of mercury. When you select a product, you must be correctly determined with the size. That is why you have to ask for help to a specialist.

The third and fourth grade

These types of compression underwear does not have a preventive and curative nature. Are assigned to them, in severe cases, when the elephantiasis of the feet, ulcers, and in the case of not being able to perform the surgical treatment.

The third degree of compression of the underwear has a pressure of 36 to 46 millimeters of mercury. Him the possibility to gain not only the ankle and calf, but and areas located in the hip. Fourth grade compression provides pressure above 59 millimeters. This product is relatively rare in the otc. They usually have to receive the prescription to the pharmacy.


Drugs for oral administration

The tool of varicose veins can be tableted form. These medicines help to strengthen the walls of the vessels. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect in the city of vienna. Pain, swelling, cramps and itching often go after a course of the use of those funds. It is worth noting that some drugs clear the blood. This should be taken into account when selecting the medicine.

All medicines for oral administration, must be appointed by the doctor. To each patient individually adjust the dose and the course of your reception. Some drug compositions can be taken during pregnancy. However, during lactation conduct this prevention is prohibited. All self-treatment medications are divided into several groups:

  • Antioxidants. Contribute to the purification of the body, including the veins and of toxins and waste.
  • Dezagreganti and blood thinners. Clarify the blood and contribute to the improvement of its composition.
  • Phlebotonics. Strengthens venous wall, relieve inflammation and prevent the inflammatory process.

All medications have contraindications and limitations. Prior to the use of one or the other tools it is necessary to consult with the doctor. In some cases, for prevention is allocated to various medications. In this case, the therapy produces more pronounced the positive effect.

Tools for the application

Cream for varicose veins can also be used for the purposes of prevention. Often, these medicines are prescribed along with the compression of Jersey. It is worth noting that these compositions are more secure than the capsules and tablets. However, when expressed symptoms of the varicose disease may be impotent. Any cream for varicose veins should be easy to rub movements. The direction should be from bottom to top. Many products require re-use during the day. This may not be very comfortable.

The effect of the prevention can be visible to all. The drugs show a positive result in the simultaneous use of oral medications.

exercises for varicose veins

Exercises for the prevention of varicose disease

Normal flexion of the legs can be a good prevention of varicose disease of the lower extremities. However, all exercises must be picked up correctly. Comply with them it is necessary regularly. Only in this case we obtained the effect of the manipulation. If you have already started the varicose veins, the clients of doctors who speak about the effectiveness of the integral of the correction. In this case, it is worth to use a compression garment, along with the medication therapy. Physical exercise will also bring great utility.


Well trains the muscles of the legs and has a preventive of the normal action of the race. You should not develop a great speed. You simply run on your own pleasure. If you want to exercises can be done at home. To do this, you will need the track.

An alternative to the career can become high you raise the knees. Stay in the same place, with the hands at the waist. Alternately lift one and other leg, so that the tribe formed an angle of 90 degrees.

The rise on tiptoe

For the prevention of varicose veins has been shown, it is an exercise, you should include it in the gymnastics. Stand exactly, feet must be firmly on the ground. Slowly walk on tiptoe so that the heel has moved away from floor-to-three centimeters. After this, slowly return to the starting position.

This exercise can be done even in the workplace. A focus necessary to make 10 increases. During the day you can do 5 to 10 sets.

The "bike" or exercises to replace it

A good prevention of varicose veins is a bicycle. If you do not have this means of transport, or you do not have enough time to walk, simply do the following exercise.

Sit on a firm and level surface, lift the legs up. Support the palms of the hands on the floor. Start doing a circular motion feet, like if pedal. The duration of this gym can be three to five minutes. During the day you can do several approaches.

treatment of varicose veins

The treatment of the pathology and follow-up of the prevention

The varicose disease may not be removed from the interventions. Even the medicines do not give a lot of therapeutic effect. At present, the effective ways of solution for varicose veins are laser, sclerotherapy and surgery. After the treatment, it is necessary that all of life is to deal with the prevention of the varicose disease. In the opposite case, the condition can affect the healthy veins.

Remember that the sooner you see a specialist, the less you will need of forces and means for the fight against varicose veins of the lower extremities. Follow the recommendations of your physician and follow all assigned to the implementation of preventive activities.

Health to you, and let your feet be always beautiful!