Varicose veins of the pelvis: symptoms, causes, treatment

When the people led a more active life, the more they moved, the pathology of this plan were infrequent. Office of the work, the circulation in the transport have been made that the person has to resolve the most diverse problems related to health. Among the different pathologies, it can be noted varicose veins of the pelvis. This pathology correlated with the significant reduction of the total of the elasticity of the veins.

varicose veins of the pelvis

The disease is more common for women who have already reached the reproductive age category. The cause of the pathology is the inverse of shooting blood from the composition, which is caused by the increase of the uterus. This phenomenon, very often, is more acute in the process of changing the general hormonal background, the alignment of the body, for example, during pregnancy.

It is manifested varicose veins of the veins of the small pelvis pain, if the woman for a long time. Slight discomfort can occur during the practice of sexual relationships, with a significant burden. When you run the form of the disease can include the area of the crotch, buttocks and even vulva.

The causes and the possible risks

The reasons of occurrence of this pathology, such as varicose of the pelvis, can be attributed to characteristics of the relationship of the amount of hormones in the woman. Among the reasons that lead to the pathology, we may distinguish:

  1. The receipt of funds;
  2. The use of hormonal contraceptives;
  3. Imagine that the interruption of the sexual health of the sexual relationship, such as the protection against pregnancy is not desired;
  4. Lack of orgasm;
  5. Several consecutive delivery;
  6. Work sitting or severe burden on the physical body of the plan;
  7. Different congenital problems, for example, the weakness of the veins walls.

Important! Varicose veins in the pelvis very often observed in pregnant patients. The pathology develops in 30% of cases. Worth maximum to pay close attention to their overall health.

To a risk group can be attributed to the patients who have a predisposition to the constant of the inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs. Often, the condition develops after or in the background of such diseases, such as tumors, cysts, or endometriosis. If a woman is present, the high concentration of the substance estrogen, it also refers to a group of risk.

The symptoms and signs of

Varicose veins of the extension of the veins of the pelvis is characterized by symptoms like pain of different intensity level, all depends on the health. Very often the patient is faced with an unpleasant premenstrual syndrome. Many celebrate the sensitivity of all of the crotch , there is a strong selection, as well as the interruption of menstruation.

Can be detected non-compliance in the process of urination and a small feeling of heaviness in the pelvis, especially if the sick person for a long time is in such a situation.

For each patient characteristic of their respective symptoms. Can attend all or some of them, as well as the different may be the extent of your training. That is to say, the varicose veins of the pelvis, manifests itself differently.

Characteristics of the classification of the pathology

Before proceeding to the treatment of this pathology, such as varicose veins of the pelvis in women, the specialist determines the degree to which the veins of the pelvis.

In this moment varies from the three main extent of the pathology, which are differentiated by the width of the diameter of the damaged veins, also has a total value of the localization of major violations.

Thus, three categories are distinguished, and the degree of expansion:

  • First grade – indicators of diameter of 5 mm, and the course of the vessel appearance resembles a corkscrew.
  • Second grade – vienna can reach 6 to 10 mm in diameter, can be detected a certain ectasia special plexus ovarian.
  • By the third grade. Here the vein diameter is 10 mm, and the location may be with the settings, and the trunk.

In direct dependence of the level of development of the pathology, are adjusted to certain methods of literacy of treatment. This can be a simple change of lifestyle or surgery. When the first two stages of the full recovery occurs after the courses regular conservative treatment. The doctors, in this case, are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, diet and special exercises.

During the development of the disease up to the third degree, the specialist often uses modern surgery techniques treatment. This can be the ligation, as well as the embolization of the large veins.

How to determine the pathology

Based solely on the complaint of a patient, the doctor does not have a right, as well as symptoms of a disease very similar to many gynecological diseases.

For the diagnosis and the degree of their development, performed the following activities:

the causes of varicose veins
  • The examination of all the organs of the pelvis.
  • Doppler all the vessels, to identify the damage.
  • Laparoscopy, with the possible ligation of the vein ovarian.
  • Ultrasound a professional studio. Is made through the abdominal wall, as well as the support of the vagina.
  • X-rays or studies phlebography.
  • Can be done a ct scan, if you need clarification of the diagnosis.
  • Masterbatch phlebography, that is to say, the professional of the penetration of a method of diagnosis.

These methods allow to establish the diagnosis, exclusion of other diseases. The realization of an accurate diagnosis of effective way to warn a wrong treatment.

In the process of implementation of the measures related to the elimination of the disease, it is worth remembering that the presence of varicose veins in the pelvis may be the cause of the predisposition to general processes of varicose veins of the whole body. Consequently have to remove and adjust the day mode and the mode of life. Surgery techniques worth to turn to in case of emergency. If you have installed the varicose veins of the pelvis, in general the treatment of the literacy and elaborate it should be.

In general the treatment of the

Taking into account the characteristics of this disease, such as varicose veins of the pelvis, the treatment is reduced to the achievement of certain results. It is important that in the standard drive the overall tone of the veins, you should avoid all fenmenos stagnant in the vessels, in a manner effective for preventing relapses.

According to the data of the purposes and objectives has designed a series of specific activities, targeted precisely to the elimination of this disease.

Among the main medicinal manipulation, it can be pointed out:

  1. Of the diet.
  2. Gymnastics.
  3. Drugs.
  4. Is assigned a sock compression clothing.
  5. The use of ointments from varicose veins of the veins, and special media.

All the types assigned to activities related to treatment, conform strictly individual. Each one of the schemes relates to their category, each of which is described in more detail.

The conservative treatment

If we describe the conservative treatment of the veins and vessels of the pelvis, it can be noted that it is aimed at the complete elimination of the symptoms of the pathology. Must be made special for the correction of tests in the patient's daily life. This is necessary to establish the balance between rest and activity. It is developing a proper diet, the use of loads.

The professionals recommended to the users to control the time that the patient is in the upright position. As a complement can be assigned to such effective medications.

Nutrition and diet

Necessarily, the doctor reviews the patient's nutrition. During the processing of food products are excluded in which is present a large amount of fat. Also excluded are drinks that contain alcohol. Preference is given to products in which is present a large amount of fiber, good fats. This vegetables, cereals, fruits, fish, and vegetable oils.

Acute and salty foods during the treatment totally excluded. At the same time it is worth it to completely give up nicotine. This is especially important if varicose of the veins of the pelvis in men has been detected.


proper nutrition

When it detects a varicose veins, the doctor prescribed exercises for varicose veins of the pelvis. Among the most common gym exercises highlights popular complex, such as cycling, vertical, berezka, scissors.

In all these exercises carried out the development active of the feet, and without the overhead of the back. The position of the body, with the running, lead the tide of blood, which will automatically lead to the economic crisis.

Surgical placement

The procedure is quite extreme activity. It is used in the case of the neglect of the disease, as well as a certain genetic predisposition. The main types of surgery can be – the dressing of the vein, it can be done with a special procedure.

If it is necessary to perform a surgical intervention, the choice of a procedure is carried out strictly individually. Everything depends directly to the place of defeat, it is internal varicose veins, it is external.

Popular methods of

In the process of treatment of varicose veins of the pelvis are performed different procedures, take infusions special, that in the state of the effectiveness of toning the veins. The professionals often prescribe the tincture in the chestnut horse, in chaga, as well as the cooking of the roots of dandelion. Useful is the treatment with leeches, when in the coccyx and the sacrum overlap the leeches.

Important! The treatment methods of treatment can not replace the most effective of a good treatment. The recipes can be used as additional procedures. It is also important to get a consultation with a specialist.

Methods of prevention of recidivism

One of the most effective prevention measures that protect against varicose veins, is healthy food, that it is desirable to observe and after complete recovery. Among the main rules of prevention to be taken into account:

  • Responsible for the distribution of the loads, that is to say, the standardization of working conditions;
  • Consists measured day mode with total minimize situations of stress;
  • As prevention is drunk in the course of certain facilities and it is repeated every 2-4 months.

When competent, the compliance of all the rules, you can expect the full release of a disease such as varicose veins of the veins of the pelvis in women. In this way, we testify of certain signs. This prolonged time, the remission, significant improvement of life style and the appearance of the skin. If you have travel the treatment the patient is regenerated completely hormonal process.


Is competent well thought out and made the treatment of acute and chronic varicose veins in terms of exerting a positive influence on physical health, as well as, in total state of stress. The lack of a good treatment gives rise to certain complications - dysfunctional uterine bleeding, infection of the uterus and to the side are the apndices, the feeling of pain of any kind and the thrombosis of the veins found in the pelvis.

With the symptoms of the aid is run by women, whose age ranges from 25 to 46 years old. As soon as the patient reaches the menopause, the disease is going to get a lot more difficult, significantly increases the likelihood of complications. In the permanent fund of bleeding is the risk of thrombosis, we take seriously the inflammatory process.


The pathology is the result of the " bad built of life and has a direct impact on the life. Timely, and the treatment able to slow down effectively the development of the disease, in addition, to fully cure. For this reason, it is important to pay close attention to the symptoms of the condition and go to a professional.

prevention of varicose veins

Prognosis of the exodus of the pathology in the pelvic area is directly dependent on the large amount of important things – the degree of development, localization, complications, and comorbidities. If there is bleeding, the prognosis, it is guaranteed to be favorable. With care follow the recommendations of the specialist, more than 80% of patients achieved a positive effect.