How to choose the compression garment varicose veins

Compression garment – one of the effective approaches to prevent the occurrence of varicose veins and stop their development. You may not resolve the underlying causes of the disease, however, is fully capable of dealing with its manifestations, reduces the patient's quality of life. Today compression point is critical to complement the treatment of varicose veins, sometimes improving its effectiveness. The underwear there is a mass of merit, thanks to that is gaining popularity among patients with the diagnosis of "varicose veins".

compression garment

Compression garment: why?

The essence of the action of a compression of the underwear is that it creates in the relevant parts of the feet of the desired pressure. This helps the proper distribution of the load, in consequence, he normalizes the blood flow to the heart. Of the veins that are located in the lower part of the leg, more effort is required to push the blood up into the area and drops the maximum pressure exerted by the compression of the clothes. So, for example, on the thigh of the clothing that is inherent to only 40% of the pressure, as the load in these veins is already minimal.

Special clothing in the literal sense of the word pumps blood, tightening of vienna, not giving it to stagnate in the vessels. Accordingly, when the relationship with these socks (golf or mesh) is significantly reduced, unpleasant, and painful manifestations of varicose veins of the legs do not get tired and does not swell, does not feel itching or burning sensation.

Close knit items worth using for the following reasons:

  • these stockings contribute to the normalization of blood flow, redistributing blood modified in the healthy veins;
  • what is the clothing activates the blood circulation and, hence, improves nutrition of the tissues;
  • if the size of the underwear collected properly, is not effective in the prevention of blood clots;
  • sufficient bedding that is aesthetically it looks, you can put it anywhere - at work, on a walk, at the gym;
  • Close knit items – one of the most easy, convenient, and secure the media in the fight against the veins varicosasom, which has practically no contraindications.


Contraindications to the use of a compression of the clothes inside of very few, but exist. These include the following states:

  • endarteritis, atherosclerosis, aortoarteritis, and some other chronic diseases, characterized by a decrease of the lumen of the arteries and a significant reduction in the blood pressure;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • eczema, allergic rash, open wounds, inflammatory processes in the skin of the feet;
  • phlebitis, septic, cardiopulmonary failure, severe;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin.

The use of compression underwear, and this is not dangerous?

There is the perception that the use of compression clothing can become a serious problem, such as the degradation of the muscular layer of the venous walls. And then, after stopping the therapeutic use of the knitted fabric, the walls of the veins are not able to withstand the pressure, that will only lead to the progression of the varicose disease. Contrary to these concerns, phlebologists pose the following facts:

underwear for varicose veins
  • the ill person is not varicose point round day and night;
  • the term blood in areas prone to the artificially created by the pressure of the vessel does not stop, and it only reduces;
  • typically, the atrophy of the muscle layer occurs as a result of a genetic predisposition and the presence of inflammatory processes, and the use of a compression of the underwear, on the contrary, it impedes it.

What that manufacture compression garments point?

Close knit items made of cotton and nylon fibers, lycra and a microfiber cloth. What is the underwear does not have seams, permeable to air and leaves a pleasant sensation on contact with the skin. It is hypoallergenic and outwardly looks exactly like the pantyhose or stockings. The medicinal properties of the knitted fabric comes from its treatment of the latest computer technology. The efficiency of the compression of the underwear, always and when the compliance of the standards of care and retention, are preserved six months, approximately. Then, it is necessary to replace.

Types of compressive

Compression garment is curative and preventive. There is also the so-called hospital clothes that are used only under stationary conditions. As has already become clear from the title, the point therapy is useful if the disease has already been shown that in any degree. And here, in the prophylactic treatment of the compression clothing it is recommended to people in high-risk groups: pregnant women, more predisposed genetically to the appearance of varicose veins, people who suffer from obesity, to the representatives of the "standing" and "seating" of the professions.

In terms of knowledge, types of compression underwear, today in the pharmaceutical market is presented enough, for all tastes and needs:

  • tights – one of the most popular among women type of underwear, snug legs and not slip in the process of exploitation;
  • socks;
  • the knee is an affordable option for men;
  • elastic bandage is not a convenient option of compression, which, however, thanks to its affordable price, do not lose relevance, in spite of the huge variety much more effective and aesthetically it looks therapeutic knitwear.

As a general rule, the products for women (tights and stockings) with patterns. And, behold, the men of the clothing most often available in transparent, in order to be more imperceptible in the legs.

types of compression underwear

Therapeutic classification of compression underwear

If a preventive item you can buy in most pharmacies at any time, for the acquisition therapeutic requires a prescription from your doctor. It is recommended to make the purchase only in pharmacies and salons. By the intensity generated pressure compression point is subdivided in the following classes:

  • Class 1 – is characterized by the compression under 23 mm of the republic. tablespoons and is recommended for use of patients in the manifestation of the first symptoms of varicose veins: blue-red vascular spiders in the skin, the expansion is located near the surface of the skin, the veins, the strong feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs.
  • Class 2 – create a pressure of no greater than 33 mm of the republic. tablespoons and is indicated for the treatment of varicose veins moderate, as well as thrombophlebitis.
  • Class 3 – borrowed the compression ratio does not exceed 45 mm of the republic. tablespoons, this clothing is used in the treatment sufficiently severe venous insufficiency, accompanied by trophic conditions.
  • Class 4: the compression ratio is approximately 50 mm of the republic. tablespoons of above, a point suitable for the treatment of severe pathologies lymph flow and the lift caused by these violations of the edema.

Give recommendations on the choice of a class of compression underwear can only be qualified phlebologist, on the basis of the concrete situation of the patient. He himself explains and on the mode of carrying the therapeutic of the knitted fabric, as well as explain the basic rules of your custody and care.

How to choose a compression garment?

It is evident that, in the first place, you should consult with your doctor about the sample to the utilization of the therapeutic class of the knitwear. Then, it is appropriate to define views – tights, socks, stockings, tights. Here already all is determined by individual preferences. Finally, it is important to properly set the size – otherwise the effect of bringing special knitwear will be the minimum (or no).

Now, in terms of prices. In general, the dispersion of prices, visible to the naked eye in the pharmaceutical market, is explained by the abundance in it of different manufacturers. Unscrewed from the mark, or the more humble, the provider? In any case, in the pharmacies of the posts you get only the products with the greatest possible precision, calculated from the compression. And here is what the products can vary, so this design and the length of the socks.

To guard against the acquisition of counterfeit, it is necessary to make purchases in the proven pharmacies and of proven effectiveness in the shops-dealers. Everyone knows that the standards of quality very high. This applies to compressive bedding. If the package of the brand "ral-gz-387", there can be no doubt – before your product is of high quality, because the manufacturer had to undergo a certification procedure in switzerland or germany.

tissue therapy point

Dress up the therapy of knitting

Dressing therapeutic knitwear – the matter is not as easy as it may seem. Especially difficult to manage with bed linen high-class 3 and 4. The fact that these socks and stockings, you can not dress in the same way as products – meets in "accordion" and pull up. The specific difficulties of the procedure may cause a person with a big belly.

Therefore, the same process of dressing and looks in the following way:

  • the top of the stockings or tights are going to "accordion";
  • inside the unit are inserted in the palm of the hand, which gently stretches the foot;
  • gradually deploying the product, it must tend to the leg;
  • if it is pantyhose, in the hip section in supine position (when on the approach to the area of the waist by lifting the pelvis).

To change the therapeutic of the knitwear, you must meet some conditions:

  • wear compression garment is best in the morning, when your feet still have not been tired and not swollen;
  • toenails must be short shorn and carefully processed;
  • it is not desirable to the presence of calluses and rough spots on the skin stop – all of this can easily damage the delicate fabric.

Because to dress in a compression of the clothes is not an easy task, to make life easier for patients, we have created special devices, which make the process basic. Deal with Jersey 3-4 from the class without them is almost impossible.

Some recommendations on the wear of the underwear

On the night of the compression garment is better to shoot, so that their feet can rest a little and "breathe". However, if a person accidentally fell asleep in pantyhose or golf courses, no harm will not bring.

The use of a compression of the underwear must not end and the summer. The high temperatures cause the development of varicose veins, therefore, in the heat modified of vienna, in need of support. You can change the class of the underwear more "easy" – to prefer the products of class 1 or of prevention socks.

It happens that sometimes the veins varicosasNaya" vienna is higher than that of the rubber of the product, which leads to a natural question: does it make sense to use in this case the face of the clothing. The sense is, without doubt, is – as in this vein, there will necessarily be indirect, thanks to the normalization of blood flow in the vessels. However, it is worth trying to choose pantyhose or stockings with the right size.

the care of Jersey

The health care Jersey

Close knit is a thing which requires itself to respect. Therefore, who is demonstrating its use, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of care for the stockings, golf courses and stockings:

  • wash medicinal point that you need every day, because even the smallest mote of the dust and harmful work in the delicate fibres, that are fully capable of depriving the product of its healing properties;
  • wash these products can only manually, when the temperature of the water of approximately 40 degrees;
  • in any case, you can press or twist compression garment – only allow a little "dry" with a towel;
  • dry the compression garment is necessary in straightened form on a flat surface, away from the battery and the direct sunlight; it is not possible to hang vertically in the normal of the dryer;
  • normal these rinses, and air conditioners are able to seriously damage the structure of the therapeutic knitwear and remove what of the medicinal properties, so that during the washing process, you can use child soap or special means for delicate fabrics;
  • it is best to have some compression socks, and a pair of then you don't have to spend every day a lot of time in the washing and drying of delicate products;
  • carefully it is worth referring to the strip of silicone in the middle of any type of contact with water lose their fixed set of properties, so it is best to clean it in alcohol with a cloth, and when they are washed carefully protected from wet.

It is worth noting that, if the preventive of the clothing can be purchased independently, is to collect the medical treatment is only can. The initiative in this matter threatens not only physical discomfort and useless waste of money, but still serious health problems. But if you use a compression garment properly, which necessarily facilitate a patient's life and will become an effective complement to the treatment of the varicose disease.