Effective methods to get rid of blue veins in the legs

Varicose veins – one of the most common diseases of the vessels in the feet. This disease is like other diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, and way of life. What can be done to remedy the situation and how to get rid of the veins in the legs?

varicose veins in the feet

How to get rid of varicose veins

Varicose veins – this can be seen on the turgor of the skin blue pills of the vessels affected by the disease. Mask its almost impossible, because here the only way out – treatment. The treatment can be done in several ways:

  • Conservative drug;
  • Surgical;
  • The diet and lifestyle changes;
  • The folk remedies.

These approaches can be applied to both complex, and separately, but the preference is better to give effective treatments. We will examine separately, how to get rid of blue veins in the legs.

Change of life-style

It is no secret that varicose veins occur more often in the wrong life. In particular, its development influences the style of sedentary life. Depending on the stage of the disease is mapped to physical activities of all kinds. Here is a sample of the list for each phase of the disease:

  1. Any activity except intense running, lifting weights, jumping with a parachute.
  2. Any activity in addition to the above, as well as estebn (type of dance), operating and aerobics.
  3. You can walk to your classes in elliptic simulator, chi kung, yoga, stretching — stretching, aquaeróbic and activities in the pool.
  4. Stretching and yoga from the lying down position. For yoga it is best to use the asanas inverted.
  5. Only the gym.

This approach allows you to choose the load according to their possibilities and state of health, and that is why you can easily solve the pathology in the regular services and that are appropriate to the load conditions. It is worth noting that intensive classes lead to a deterioration of the patient's condition.

From the third phase, it is mandatory the use of a compression of the clothes. Also do not forget about the appropriate application of the sport, that will improve the effectiveness of workouts and reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. We're going to load correctly and your body, with gratitude, will respond to this type of treatment.

Creams and ointments

cream for varicose veins

Apply creams and ointments, which help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve their elasticity, reduce inflammation, and decrease the clotting of the blood. In particular, you can use the following categories of products:

  • Blood-thinning drugs.
  • Phlebotonics and angioprotectors.
  • Corticosteroids (hormonal drugs).
  • NPRC-ointment and cream.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Drugs for the improvement of regeneration and metabolism of fabric.
  • Antiseptics.
  • Uptake of drugs.

The ointment can have the effect of the action due to the difficult absorbable covers of the composition, the cream has a average degree of availability, and, behold, gels are absorbed almost instantly. Any of the data units can be applied together with the elastic bandage, but do not forget to wash and rinse prior to application to the surface of the skin.

Also the doctor can prescribe treatment and medications, among which are always present vitamins. It is especially important to take vitamin c, which protects the walls of blood vessels, eliminates inflammatory processes and is responsible for the composition and the quality of the blood. But in this case there is that respect, and the daily dose.

Conservative and surgical

Under the conservative treatment is medication – physical therapy. Drug, are made up of different types of medications that they must take the following properties and positive effects on the tissue and the body:

  • The anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic, if there is a risk of developing a secondary infection on the background of complications.
  • When there is the risk of thrombosis is applied to drugs that reduce the clotting of the blood;
  • Tools that improve the fabric of the metabolism and accelerate the regeneration;
  • Medicines for the strengthening of vascular walls;
  • angioprotectors;
  • Phlebotonics;
  • The vitamin a of the tool.

Under physical therapy is defined as: Amplipuls, magnet therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, mud therapy, paraffin, hot-tubs and so on. Is especially important prior to the conclusion of the physiotherapy to remove the foci of inflammation and to stabilize patient's condition.

If to speak about the surgical treatment, this disease, if other treatments have not yielded positive results or serious complications, will apply:

the surgical intervention
  • Peel, which removes the affected vienna thin probe.
  • Microflebectomy, in which varicose veins varicose veins are removed through a mini-incisions.
  • Phlebectomy is the traditional method of treating varicose veins in the affected area is removed through a larger incision.
  • Coagulation by laser allows to overgrow the lumen of the vein through the effects with a laser in the wall of the vessel, affected by the pathology.

The laser treatment is one of the most attractive forms of surgical intervention. It produces fewer side effects, and also eliminates the human factor. Analogous procedure – radio-frequency coagulation.

Home remedies

Under the pet of the media has in mind in the first place the media. Before application, make sure that you are not allergic to specific products, as well as that this tool will not cause a serious pathology. The treatment of varicose veins remedies can be performed with the application of wines, lotions and other similar procedures. So, for example, a excellent environment are:

  • The infusion of garlic with lemon. Through a meat grinder miss crude oil of lemon (4 pieces) and 4 heads of peeled garlic. This mass pour 3 liters of water and the push of 3 days at room temperature. The contents of all the days shake to mix the components. Next strain the composition and store it in the refrigerator. Take 100 ml three times a day, during or after the meal. Full course – use of 4 glasses of this mixture.
  • The cider vinegar rub the affected area, to improve the tone of the vessels. Do the procedure two times a day with the condition that there is no damage to the skin and ulcers.
  • When the ulcers apply the juice of the potato. Milling raw potato in the form of a slurry come close to the sores in five hours, after the bandage is removed and washed the area.
  • A wrinkled cabbage leaf telegraphy of the night to the affected area to relieve inflammation and pain.
  • The leaves and flowers of wormwood crushed at Pappy consistency, after which it raise the aircraft and closer to the places of the defeat of the vessels. Maintain three hours, after which remove and wash the area of impact.

In the demonstration separate from the sintomatologa the exposure time or the number of receptions decreases or is not cancelled.

The diet and feed adjustment

the diet of varicose veins

Every day can be to maintain the health and recharge of the vessels to consume each morning with a fruit juices of the mixture. This can be the following ingredients:

  • Carrot, spinach, celery (10:6:3);
  • The carrot with the spinach and the beets (10:3:3);
  • The carrot, stalks of celery, spinach, parsley (7:4:3:2);
  • The spinach, the parsley with a root vegetable of the turnip, watercress (4:2:2).

The juice is taken regularly, and only on freshly squeezed. A day is necessary to drink about half a litre minimum. Another analogue of the useful life of the drink of varicose veins – the water of the sassi, in which bits of lemon several leaves of fresh mint, diced cucumber and ginger. This mixture insist in three liters of water, after drinking during the day. In general, in the diet, it is recommended that you add citrus, ginger, garlic, red currant, to fill the deficiency of vitamin c and routine.

The cause of the disease

The causes of the disease the varicose veins are divided into several groups. The first refer to domestic factors, such as poor nutrition, lack or excess of physical activity, stress, occupational factors and so on. Another group includes the following diseases and pathologies, which led to the development of varicose veins:

  • The genetic predisposition;
  • Violations in hormone replacement and endocrine systems;
  • Tumor;
  • The blood clots;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Nervous disorders;
  • The development of the arterial-venous anastomoses.

And if you have a genetic predisposition to do nothing is not possible, the rest of the factors and of the disease can be, if not solve, enter in the phase of remission lasting. It is worth bearing in mind that only the treatment of varicose veins, and even the surgical removal will not guarantee that you will not re-develop, especially if the cause has not been resolved.

The prevention of the

Under the prevention in the first place, it is understood the gym, that will help prevent the development of pathology. For this it is enough to make 4 to 6 repetitions of the following moves twice a day:

the prevention of the
  • Walking in the place in the place of socks on the floor;
  • Toe-walking;
  • The rotational movement of the sock on the heel;
  • Stretching of the ankle joint with circular movements;
  • Stretching of the knee with a circular motion;
  • Pull the socks forward and then throw away.

Remember that the gym should not cause any painful or unpleasant, therefore, do the exercise without fanaticism, and the most carefully and gently, avoiding confabulatur of the feet. You can also use during the day an elastic bandage.

You still think that quickly to get rid of varicose veins difficult?

Initiated the phase of the disease may cause irreversible effects, such as: gangrene, infection of the blood. Often the life of the person with the execution of the stage you can just save the amputation of the limb.

In any case you can run the disease!