The symptoms of varicose veins in the legs of the men and methods of treatment

Varicose veins in the feet of men is common in pathology, accompanied by the extension of the veins of the vessels of the lower extremities. This violation of the representatives of the stronger sex is less common than that of women. This is mainly due to differences in hormonal background, that occur along the life. Many men take the earliest manifestations of varicose veins in the legs by a minor cosmetic defect, so they fall to a specialist in the later stages of the pathological process.

varicose veins in the feet of men

The causes of the

The physical factors of the development of varicose veins in the legs of men is lower than women's. The representatives of the stronger sex are not going in high-heeled shoes do not live with the children and not suffer from constant evolution throughout the life hormone. Due to the lack of influence of these factors only 15-20% of the men observed the development of varicose veins.

However, the anatomy of the veins of the lower extremities predisposes to stasis of the blood, because your feeding is done through a complex mechanism, which includes the pressure in the circulatory system, the valves and the reduction of the large muscles. Influence of the unfavorable factors leads to a malfunction of the circulatory system of the legs. Create the conditions for the development of this condition men can:

  • the changes of age;
  • the reception of the hormonal drugs;
  • the lack of exercise;
  • the excess of weight;
  • the consumption of tobacco;
  • the weight lifting;
  • a high level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • the imbalance of nutrition;
  • injuries of the extremities;
  • the abuse of alcohol.

In rare cases, the enlargement of the diameter of the blood vessels of the lower extremities is the result of a education of large tumor in the abdominal cavity. By studying the family history of the men who suffer from varicose veins, we detected multiple cases of this condition, therefore, does not exclude the possibility of a hereditary predisposition.

The symptoms of varicose veins in men

This violation is different to the long-term rise in symptomatic manifestations. The veins varicosasom the walls of the veins can be surprised as the one on the right and the left leg, but in most cases, you will observe two sides of the pathology, although the degree of severity of symptoms in the extremities can be different.

First appearing expressed vascular mesh in the epidermis of the skin. These spider veins gradually increase in size and become many. Often, the appearance of the expressed venous of the mesh in the skin of the feet goes unnoticed by the man. In addition, already in the early stages of development of varicose veins a man can disturb the following features:

  • the severity and pain in the legs after a prolonged stay in a standing position;
  • the swelling of the pillars;
  • pain in a state of rest;
  • night cramps;
  • itching;
  • a cooling of the extremities;
  • the feeling of chills on the skin.

If non-directional treatment of the symptoms of varicose veins intensify. The epidermis in varicose veins in men begin to cover up pigment spots. In the area of the calf start strong take-off. Is achieved by the thinning of all layers of the epidermis.

The epidermis of the feet first acquired an unnatural pallor, and then turn blue or purple. Venous wall are expanded. In the later stages of the pathological process is reflected bumpy varicose veins of the corners. Stand out above the surface of the skin.

In the last stages of this violation of the men are well visible manifestations of trophic changes of the epidermis due to a breach of its supply of oxygen and useful substances.

How to heal

To make the exact diagnosis and the target of the therapy should get advice from a vascular surgeon or flebologa. Necessarily made the examination of the veins of the lower limbs, of the organs of the pelvis and testis. The therapy of varicose veins in men can be carried out as conservatives, as well as the operating methods. This depends on the extent of the detected pathology.

treatment of varicose veins

In the early stages of development of varicose veins treatment involves the use of a compression of the underwear, the realization of physical exercise, physiotherapy and the use of medications. Useful and some of the home remedies. In severe cases, without operation not to manage.

The surgery

The surgical interventions resort, when conservative treatment does not improve the health. To get rid of the dilated veins, the man may offer the following types of surgery:

  • coagulation by laser;
  • frequency of the impact;
  • sclerotherapy;
  • the phlebectomy.

After these interventions operational patient recovers quickly. The type of intervention, vascular surgeon determined individually for each patient.

Home remedies

The formulations based on plants can only be used, on the recommendation of your family doctor. Good effect is achieved with the application of tincture of horse chestnut men.

For the preparation of this tool, you need about 5 tablespoons of the skins of the fruits of the plant pour 1 cup of vodka. The composition must move in a amber glass bottle and insisting, throughout 1 week. Ready tool to use to clean affected areas.

To contribute to the elimination of spider veins can be compresses on the basis of juice of Kalanchoe. Apply the you have in 30 minutes.

That dangerous

In most cases, the men fall to the doctor already in the last stages of varicose veins. This increases the risk of development of complications. Varicose veins frequently become inflamed, which becomes the cause of the phlebitis. In addition, it is the pathological state can lead to the development of thrombosis.

The formation of blood clots in the lumen of the vessels of the lower extremities is a danger to the life of men. Detachment of a blood clot may be the cause of the pulmonary embolism and death. In addition, in the later stages of development of varicose veins in men in the majority of cases the disease course is complicated trophic pests that are very difficult to treat.

The consequences of the

With the progression of varicose veins occurs the muscular atrophy and the decrease of the thickness of the epidermis. Due to the disorders of nutrition of the tissues from any abrasion, scratches and bruises will heal long and often are the cause of the formation of venous ulcers. When the similar healing of the bodies are expressed in foci of infiltration, scars, blemishes and other defects.

The pain of the men acquire a chronic character, so that even a brief hiking are more difficult. In addition, often the varicose veins of the vessels of the lower extremities extends to the adductors and the pelvic organs. A common consequence is the varicocele, that is to say, the extension of the veins of seeds from the strings. When this pathology on the man experiencing impotence problems. The disease may be the cause of the sterility.

Prevention of varicose veins

To avoid injury of the veins in the legs of a man worth to follow some rules. In the first place, it is necessary to take care of the feeding and prevent the development of obesity. In the diet it is necessary to introduce large amounts of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, low fat meats and fish. This will reduce the risk of the occurrence of cholesterol from platelets and the deterioration of the blood vessels of the lower extremities.

You should avoid the consumption of alcohol and get rid of other bad habits, as well as the consumption of tobacco. To avoid an increase of the pressure in the veins and arteries of the legs should leave the weight lifting and physical over-exertion. Preferably every day, take a contrast shower and bathrooms done reflexology on the basis of medicinal herbs.

If the person has no contraindications, it can be in the prophylaxis after the consultation with the doctor, you can use the products, provide toning and firming of the action. You must take responsibility for the choice of the shoes. Must be made of natural materials, and adapt.

in the popular medicine

Of constant wear the adjusted clothes you must leave. It is necessary to perform a special gymnastics, which facilitates the solution of stagnation of blood in the lower extremities. Preventive may recommend the use of a compression of the clothes.