Benefit and harm pressio stockings in varicose veins

The data of the adaptation won a great popularity among the patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency and probably every vascular surgeon are designated with different indications. The tights are easy to use. Often not distinguished from the tights. But, do you really these products as safe? Is it harmful to wear compression stockings — hard to understand. Close the knitted fabric is a fabric base, often of synthetic origin (e.g., polyamide) and elastin fibres (elastane). Manufacturers have invented different types of fabric and thread, the proportion of the components, therefore, possible to achieve different degrees of compression in the lower extremities. The stockings can be preventive or curative when quam of the disease of varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, pregnancy, surgery, and after the thrombosis of the veins of the lower extremities. compression варикоз

Types of pressio stockings

All companies that produce clothing for man and woman kind. The latter can be supplemented with the cord or the tape. Also, you can select respectively tsvetotipu of the skin of the patient. The manufacturers take into account that people have different height and weight. To do this, there are five dimensions of the media. For their definition it is necessary to change several options: the circumference of the leg at the place where its greater diameter, the circumference of the hip joint in its middle third, the length from the beginning of the leg to the knee and the distance from the heel to the groin. In addition, in special of the tables determines the size of the average (XS, S, M, L, LX, XL). But, the main classification is the division by the degree of compression exerted by the clothing on the lower extremity. There are several kinds of compression underwear:
  1. Preventive — pressure in the leg in the range of up to 18 mm hg. tablespoons of Them are used, primarily, to prevent the development of quam varicose veins of the disease in a group of people who will have to it predisposition. This patients with excess weight, pregnant women or people whose work relates to the excess load on the legs.
  2. The first class of the compression pressure at the level of 19 to 22 mm hg. tablespoons are Applied during the initial stages of the quam varicose veins of the disease. Effectively help in the syndrome of "tired" legs, Superba, small extensions of varicose veins in the lower extremities, vascular, and grid.
  3. The second class of the pressure around 23 to 32 mm hg. tablespoons are only Used for the appointment of the doctor. The indication are pathological condition, accompanied of chronic venous insufficiency, but with the condition of absence of trophic changes in the skin.
  4. The third class is the compression ratio is of 33-45 mm hg. tablespoons For your use, you must obtain a prescription from your doctor, as well as, to buy only in the pharmacy data, the average cannot be. The indication of use: expressed trophic of the infringement, lymphostasis, thrombosis of the deep veins of the lower extremities, posttrombofleboticheky syndrome.
The last one is the fourth class — the compression ratio of more than 45 mmhg. scoops, are used on rare occasions and only in the surgical hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

The mechanism of action of the products

quam varicose veins is a disease that affects, mainly, as the vessels of the lower extremities. Occurs when there is tension in the veins due to the reduction of the elasticity of the walls. Updated information: migrantis thrombophlebitis: symptoms and treatment When this valve located in the internal part of the vessel, they lose the ability to coat completely the lumen, and the blood begins to flow in the opposite direction. This, in turn, starts a process even more, the stretching of the venous wall. In the lower extremities of the replacement of the blood and on the surface of the skin begin to act quam varicose veins varicose veins. Slowly, the liquid begins to seep through the vessels and penetrates into the surrounding tissue. Thus, patients appear edema. crassus the blood may form clots within the vessels or embolization away from the main focus of thrombosis. These states have vitamins consequences. The cause of the development of chronic venous insufficiency are:
  • hereditary factors;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular;
  • flat feet;
  • the curvature of the spine;
  • uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels;
  • prolonged sitting position;
  • the work of standing;
  • humilis gradu lifestyle.
To avoid the progression of the quam varicose veins of the disease, the surgeons prescribe the patient to wear socks. Through the pressure exerted by the product in an artificial leg, it produces a narrowing of the lumen of the vessel.
By the pressure of the improvement in the valve train of the apparatus, and is not the regurgitation of the blood.

Beneficial properties of the pressio stockings

Benefit and harm pressio media depends, in the first place, if you named a doctor of the class of compression, as well as, if the patient adheres to the recommendations of use. Scientists have done studies, and at its base, and the meta-analyses, which have shown that the tissue of point is effective in chronic venous insufficiency. Stockings to carry out a series of useful functions — to reduce the lumen of the venous vessels and the appearance of quam varicose veins in pregnant patients. In addition, reduce the swelling in the lower extremities and improve the backflow of lymph. In addition, compression stockings:
  1. the appearance of infectious diseases in the feet;
  2. improve trofiku of the skin;
  3. warn sanguinem-this [clots and thrombophlebitis);
  4. reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism;
  5. remove the pain, the cramps in the legs;
  6. avoid the risk of formation of venous ulcers;
  7. improve during the postoperative periods.
Recommendations after the removal of varicose veins in the legs: you can't do in rehab? In addition, the socks have an advantage over other types of compression clothing. For example, elasticheskie bandages require certain skills in the use. Can be lower during the day, which generates discomfort in the patient. Also, bandages do not always fit perfectly in the style of the clothes, especially if the patient needs to work in the office and, in a certain way. Averages in the same, practically do not differ from the usual clothing and are very easy to use.

The damage of the compression underwear

Without doubt, medical stockings is useful to the product, but even it has its negative side and can cause harm to the patient. The damage to compressive when quam varicose veins occurs when used incorrectly. With a selection of the extent of the pressure on the leg, can occur symptoms of ischemia of the tissues. The patient will feel numbness of the extremities, discomfort or pain. If the compression ratio under the effect of this therapy does not appear. Therefore, before the start of the medical use of knitted fabrics, should consult with the vascular surgeon. The duration of the stay in pedules depends on the degree of chronic venous insufficiency. For example, in the third phase quam varicose veins of the disease, the product is recommended to wear constantly, even during sleep. More frequent complications include: ischemia of the underlying tissue, décubitus in the place of crushing in case of a bad use of the toilet, allergic reactions to the material. The compression of the product are able to do damage, when there are contraindications to its use:
  • infectious diseases of the skin;
  • ulcers trophic open;
  • the individual sensitivity to the materials of the products;
  • the wounds in the extremities;
  • burns;
  • the presence of diabetic foot;
  • EXCISIO endarteriit;
  • cardiovascular collapse in the phase of decompensation.
But, a greater number of patient appreciate pressio pedules. The result is visible even on the first day of use.
Also positive is the fact moderate the costs of the goods. The average price of the mid — 1500 rubles.

Rules for the use of average of

A large proportion of the effect depends on true if the patient is a doctor of knitwear. To use them it is necessary from the morning before the patient plans to get out of bed. 10 minutes before you do this, it is recommended to lift the feet of the exaltation, to ensure maximum blood flow. Hereinafter, it gradually wears clothes, be careful that you do not evertit, and do not form folds, since in these places will be more the compression ratio in the skin. Wear stockings needed all day. Information up-to-date:Average of quam varicosities of the veins in the legs: the customers of pressio bedding For the product served the maximum time possible, you should try to take care of you. Doctor point forbidden to wash in machine-to-machine, only with the help of hand wash. It is not recommended to use detergents, only allows the soap to wash. The drying is required on a horizontal surface, to avoid the excessive radiation heat, and direct sunlight. Store the socks should be folded and extended.