How to cure varicose veins in the feet of men

Varicose veins – severe and chronic peripheral disease of the blood vessels. Its emergence and development contribute to many factors: the stagnant intense work, physical activity, smoking, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, liver diseases, genetic predisposition. Pathology is the reduction of tone the walls of veins and capillaries, which leads to the stagnation of the venous blood, the swellings, inflammations and trophic lesions on the skin, but, more importantly, to the thrombosis – the generation of blood clots. These clots can cause obstruction of the vessels of the limbs with increased tissue necrosis, and may enter in the total blood flow and to penetrate in any place – pulmonary artery, the brain or the heart. In these latter cases, it appears a real threat to the life.

treatment of varicose veins in men

The varicose disease of men and of women

According to the statistics of the varicose veins of the lower extremities several is more common in women of the beautiful half of humanity. Because of the eternal destiny of women – pregnancy and motherhood. During pregnancy the body of a child is overloaded, which has an impact on the situation of the organs of the circulation of the blood. Women, however, are extremely sensitive to refer to the state of his legs, and on the first appearance of veins, spider veins, and clear the veins, try to take action and run to see a doctor phlebologist. As a result of this disease can be cut in the early stages.

Another is the case of men. In the majority of cases of varicose veins in the legs of men at the moment of access to a doctor very run of the stage. Yes, the pregnancy to men until not a threat, but they have a list of certain "men" factors able to condition the emergence and development of this unpleasant disease:

  • standing and sedentary work, especially in the low mobility of the lower extremities;
  • the service in the army and the police;
  • heavy workload and physical practice of the sport;
  • hunting, fishing, tourism and other outdoor activities, accompanied by frequent hypothermia.

Purely male factors of risk of smoking good tobacco and the consumption of beverages with a high content of ethanol. The nicotine contributes to the violation of the functions of peripheral vascular. Alcohol affects the liver cells, responsible for the production of enzymes that prevent the formation of blood clots, and dissolve already formed clots. The stronger is a man addicted to alcohol and tobacco, the greater is the risk of occurrence of varicose veins, and more dangerous than that of its complications.

However, the main negative factor that complicates the treatment of varicose veins in the legs of men is a disregard to the patients the need of being cured. The men who believe that varicose veins is one of the many women of the caprichos, in which the male does not should pay attention to. Everything ends only when the skin form healing ulcers, and may help, as a minimum, the surgical resection of the affected vein. If it is clear, that the doctors will only be able to open the tip of an iceberg and that the pathology is referred to much more extensive plot. Surprised to a greater or lesser extent all the vessels of the legs and after the operation, the man owes a lot to regenerate and be healed, to prevent new manifestations of the disease, often much more terrible and that led to the amputation, disability and death due to occlusion of the great syria vital vessel.

The symptoms of the varicose disease of the legs

In the initial stages of varicose veins men is not different from varicose veins in women. In the skin appear spider veins, setochki, becomes irregular and painted. To reduce the sensitivity, it appears no local pain and hypothermia, there are often painful cramps in the calves and hips. In the evening of the leg very swollen, especially if the patient falls so much time standing or sitting in the same posture. The oedema disappears during sleep. In the field of swelling is often manifested alopecia – stop the growth of hair.

With the passage of time the unpleasant phenomena are reinforced, to the palpation and the examination is perceived by subcutaneous, venous, hillocks and klubochki. If they do nothing, the skin tapers and occur ulcers trophic, it is very difficult to submit to treatment, and extremely detrimental to the development of infectious severe injuries of the skin (inflammation), soft tissue (cellulitis) and the total of a blood infection (septicemia). These risks, of course, does not eliminate the risk of thrombosis that has been talked about in the past.

the signs of varicose veins

If the man does not go to the doctor

Even the most courageous and self-confident men very often afraid of going to the doctor-phlebologist. Some doubt their supposed "feminine" of the disease, others are ashamed to show to your doctor before you what they have done of their own body, the signature is therefore in your own cowardice. Someone manifested disorder, and the belief that varicose veins of the men in the legs – the disease is not life threatening and it is best to bring the situation up to the end, and then again to cure all with the help of modern laser coagulation (or, as this operation is called, doctor?"). Oh, about the treatment of the victim of vienna will not save all the others, we have already spoken.

If the man does not find in himself the strength to go to a doctor, you could start to treat spider and varicose veins varicose veins remedies in the home. Let us say at once: to the healing, especially if the process has gone far enough, this treatment will not be given. As the application doesn't work in mass that are sold in the pharmacies of the gels and ointments for varicose veins.

However, a certain positive effect the use of the media, without doubt will, to the negative side effects of the medicines of "the green pharmacy" is much lower than that of the synthetic drugs. The more so that many of the recommended medications "official" medicine, created on the basis of popular recipes.

Popular recipes of varicose veins

Most of the tools of folk medicine accounted only for external use. The exception is, perhaps, only the apple cider vinegar is unique in their effectiveness tool able to the correct application of gain varicose veins of the men in the early stages.

The apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar contains a unique combination of vitamins A, C and group B, organic acids (acetic, citric, lactic acid), amino acids and trace elements that help the recovery of the walls of the blood vessels and improve the trophism of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, the vinegar has qualities anti-bacterial and fungicide action, and cure the inflammatory processes and fungal diseases, inevitably, arise not the legs because of the decrease of the immunity local.

Apple cider vinegar apply inside and topically. For oral administration in a glass of warm water take two tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of honey. The mixture is taken between a drink before the meal.


The apple cider vinegar should not be taken by mouth is running the stage of varicose veins, because it contributes to thrombosis!

Topically, the tool applied in the form of compresses and body wraps. It is necessary to comply with the measure, so as not to cause skin burns and allergic reactions. The compress is superimposed to the 30-40 minutes, the patient should be in a horizontal position, with the legs raised. On top of a cloth soaked in vinegar marley reel polyethylene.

Where you take the apple cider vinegar on the varicose veins?

The apple cider vinegar you can buy in the grocery store, or pharmacy or for cooking. To do this, take 1 kg of apples and grind them in the blender. In the mass add 50 g of sugar 20g of bread, 10 g of dry yeast. The dough should wander no less than 6 weeks. Then, in the 30% dilute with water and through a filter filter in the container. It is possible to accelerated method – without the bread, and yeast. Such express vinegar insist 2 weeks.

the media of varicose veins

Medicinal herbs and fees

A good effect in the treatment of varicose veins in men the following tools based on medicinal plants:

  • alcoholic extract of horse chestnut. Applies to friction of the stop and shins;
  • herbal teas from oak, nettle leaf, sporysha, of the queue. Apply to the pads, the trays, are taken in the form of broths in the interior;
  • the infusion of oak bark. Excellent help as an astringent and antiseptic when occur the venous ulcers;
  • the tincture of alcohol Kalanchoe is applied to the daily friction within 2-3 weeks.

In the treatment of varicose veins remedies that contain as an agent of removing the ethyl alcohol, it is necessary to be careful not to cause burns in the skin. Naturally, you should avoid the intake of cleaning cloths with alcohol-spirits in the interior above the recommended dose. Many of the plants in case of overdose can give a detrimental effect and cause poisoning.

Tradition, bad habits, and varicose veins

As if the man was not referring to his illness, it must be remembered that the men's bad habits, sometimes exacerbate the condition of patients from the feet. This occurs especially in smokers. However, and the consumption of alcohol, which leads first to a strong expansion of the vessels, and then to its narrowing, also, that it does not contribute to the recovery.

Varicose veins should not be abuse of the sauna, steam bath, winter fishing, and winter, an excellent swimming pool annexed. Abnormal temperature causing a direct damage, disorders of the veins and the skin covered. It is necessary to think of change work related to the constant presence in the legs (the builders, assistant versatile machines, regulators) or immobile in the sitting position (truck drivers). It is necessary to forget about the cardio classes sports, to go running long distances.

Reduce the damage caused by the feet, helps to therapeutic exercise. Its objective is to intensify the reflux of the venous blood and the circulation of the blood in the capillaries. It is necessary in the production of gymnastics classes and after a busy day of work. In general, the more a man suffers from the extension of the veins in the legs, it will be in your free time, be in a horizontal position and keep your feet above the level of the body, the better. In this case, "corner" style of life, oddly enough, going to him only in their benefit.

Prevention of varicose veins in men

If a man has a genetic predisposition to the veins varicosasy or run the risk of winning as a professional of the disease, it is also worth reviewing your diet. Leave, not only alcoholic beverages, but all products of power, reaffirm the status of the cells of the liver, increase the level of cholesterol, decrease vascular tone, although it's difficult, leave the fat, acute, salty, smoked. The basis of the diet should be lean meats, seafood, vegetables, salted fruits, fresh cheese.

Many men are sceptical about the vegetarianism, the belief of a life style worthy of the representatives of the stronger sex. However, studies have shown that the rejection of animal food, reduces the risk of varicose veins. The selection is the responsibility of each one.

It is important to choose correctly the clothes and the shoes, especially if there is a flat foot or simply wider of foot. Shoes narrow drawback is the first step in varicose disease of the legs.

the prevention of the

In the event that cure varicose veins-remedies that are still not accomplished, must make the effort of volition and seek medical advice. In the allotted time, and the study of drugs, of compression or the surgical treatment to avoid consequences of running varicose veins in men.