How to cure varicose veins on the feet of women in the home

The question of how to treat varicose veins on the feet of women in the home will always be relevant. Because it is precisely the women more often than in men occurs varicose veins, and regardless of the age. After a remarkable time trend of the emergence of the disease in young women. Therefore, it is very important the moment you start the treatment to prevent the development of the disease.

The symptoms of varicose veins of the legs in women

The symptoms of varicose veins of the legs in women can be permanent and stable, but can occur in time and disappear for a while. It all depends on the shape and severity of the disease. The most important refers to the symptoms.

The symptoms of varicose veins of the legs in women
  • The feeling of heaviness in the legs, in the evening, she feels more, it is also common to the fatigue of the foot, may occur even during the day.
  • Becoming a more visible blue veins in the legs, as if swollen, seats color dark blue.
  • The appearance of nodules on the legs, therefore, they can act in vienna, are visible in the form of small nodules.
  • Often occurs swelling of the legs. In addition, swelling can appear in the same any part of the leg, and in several places. Most often appear on the legs, ankles, in the area of the feet.
  • Often produce convulsions, the muscles contract up to the pain
  • Due to the shortage of nutrients, increases the dryness of the skin
  • In the skin occur seal of buro color black
  • Involvement leads to the appearance of venous ulcers

As you see varicose veins on the feet

You see the varicose veins in the feet is not aesthetically pleasing, especially in the stadiums.

  • In the initial stage, one can only observe that it has been extended a couple of crown. That at times can remain completely undetectable.
  • Then, you appear spider veins, are sometimes created between a figure similar to a spider web.
  • If you do not take measures, the disease progresses, and then venous sites more swell and come out. The skin affected by the place darkens, loses the elastic, it becomes dense.
  • As the development of the disease, the seats are cramped and burning sensation in the terrain of the distention of the veins.
  • When running the heavy of the most brilliant that the clinical picture is manifested in the affected places.
  • The stagnant blood
  • Intensify and intensify the pain
  • In the skin appear ulcers, dermatitis, eczema
  • It produces itching, a strong burning sensation
  • Appear the bubbles break and bleed
  • Develops occlusion of the vessels of the thrombus, by what sometimes appears thrombophlebitis

The causes of varicose veins in the legs of women

Despite the fact that the causes of varicose veins in the legs of women are different, often, to which, of occur, you need the factors.

  • Genetic characteristics of an organism
  • Congenital abnormalities of the vessels
  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Acquired vessels

The main causes of varicose veins in the legs of women

  • The constant sitting on the work table or when you have a lot of time standing
  • Of the sedentary life
  • Against the abuse of tobacco and alcohol
  • Of malnutrition
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • The evil of the ecology
  • Injuries to the feet
  • Frequent wear tight clothing or high-heeled shoes
  • Of chronic constipation

It is worth noting that problems with the veins can occur even the young twenty-something girls. In general, among women the varicose veins, distributed in a greater extent than men.

How to cure varicose veins in women's feet

Treatment of varicose veins in legs at home is divided on the extent of the disease

  • The main treatment at an early stage of the disease, when they appear small swelling stop
  • Assistant, integrated care, when the disease has already started
  • The prevention activities after the surgery to the pathology of the veins had not been developed

In most cases, to get rid of varicose veins on the legs in women, treatment must be comprehensive, which in turn increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

To strengthen the walls of the vessels must:

  • Taking medications
  • Taking vitamins
  • Change the diet
  • Use external medications

To improve the flow of blood in the veins, you should:

  • Do gymnastics for the veins
  • Wear the compression garment
  • Do exercises favor the reflux of the blood

To reduce the pressures in the vienna of the feet should be:

  • Get rid of excess weight
  • Improve the flow of work, make it more comfortable and less tedious for the feet

To strengthen the muscles in the calf area should:

  • Change the style of life
  • Do special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the leg

As to strengthen the vessels of varicose veins

For the strengthening of the vessels of the varicose veins used procedure medications with content estsina, diosmin. But to name should only doctor, he will decide the duration and the number of medications.

Along with medicated drugs, in the treatment of varicose veins at home remedies

The horse chestnut

The horse chestnut varicose veins is very effective. It is used in the form of a tincture of alcohol. For its preparation we will need the ethyl alcohol 500 ml keep in mind that its concentration was 50%. And I still need around 50 g of the own of the flowers of the horse chestnut. It is necessary to pour alcohol and insist two weeks. Do not forget to shake every day of tincture. Then, you must strain and take before meals of 30 drops three times a day.

The leaves of the stinging nettle

For the tincture you need nettle, about two tablespoons. It is necessary to pour boiling water, approximately 200 ml and the push of a hour.. then tincture filter and take three times a day for 60 ml throughout the month. Then you need to take a break of two weeks and, if necessary, you can repeat the treatment.

Hop cones

The buds are necessary well dried, about two tablespoons. It is necessary to pour hot water, about 200 ml, And boil 10 minutes, then strain.

Accept the tincture three times a day 100 ml per day.

Keep in mind that the hops well calms, relaxes, and is best taken before bedtime, since it contributes to the proper and full sleep.

For another variant of the tincture ideal teaspoon of pineapples must cup of boiling water, let stand half an hour. Then drink it before the meal.

Ginger with honey

It is necessary to mix the grated ginger 300 g and 1 kg of honey. taken two times a day a tablespoon throughout the month.

The ginger with aloe vera

It is necessary to mix a little ginger with aloe juice 10 ml, it is necessary to accept for 15 minutes before meal once a day.

What products do you reinforce the walls of the vessels of the varicose veins

  • Citrus
  • The grapes
  • Apricots
  • Black currant.
  • Rosa mosqueta
  • The red beet
  • Nuts
  • Col
  • Peas
  • Rhubarb
  • Buckwheat
  • The green tea
  • Rhubarb spinach

It is necessary to stop them:

  • The alcohol
  • Black tea
  • Strong coffee

The treatment of varicose veins honey medication includes the use of gels and ointments are aimed at strengthen blood vessels. In the composition of reinforcement of vienna ointments must necessarily be the heparin, troxerutin and escin.

As an alternative, you can make poultices of cider vinegar. For example, to moisten a napkin and attach to a site, and then wrap cellophane and wrap up warm with a scarf. With this compress needs to rest for half an hour, up the legs. It is also useful for varicose veins clean the cider vinegar to the affected area two times a day.

Do not forget that the funds outside is only appropriate, if the skin does not have visible damage.

As to improve the blood flow in the legs

To improve the flow of blood in the legs is good exercise. For example, the elevation of 1 cm on tip toes and progressive jackpots return to the initial position. Do as you must in a focus of three to 20 times in a single approach. Total repetitions should be 5.

Pick up the compression garment better after consulting with the doctor, since there are 5 types of compression depending on the degree of the disease. Thanks to this type of clothing can enhance the flow of blood in the veins, halt the progression of the disease and improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

As to reduce the load on the vienna of the vessels

This is especially true, when you have a lot of time standing, walking, whenever possible it is best to make pauses. You must also practice the descent of the mass of the body, if it exceeds the standard, since the weight of the body negatively influences the circulation of the blood in the legs.

How to strengthen the muscles of the shin of varicose veins

To strengthen the muscles of the shin varicose veins useful are the exercises which involved movement of the legs.

  • Cycling
  • Aerobic exercises in the water
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Run

On the other hand varicose veins is denied the sport related to the jumps, and lifting weights

  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton

Need to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle, on the ability to move to avoid the stagnation phenomena in the legs.

The treatment of varicose veins honey medications

The majority of honey of medications for the treatment of varicose veins of the veins can be divided into three main groups

The treatment of varicose veins honey medications
  • Medicines for the recovery of normal circulation of the blood
  • Medications to prevent complications of the
  • Medications for the symptoms of the pathology

In the treatment process can combine different types of action of drugs

  • Improve the tone of veins
  • Anticoagulants
  • Protect the vessels

The admission of the drug is due to commence, consulted beforehand with the doctor so you don't hurt yourself.

The ointment-based heparin – help to get rid of blood clots and improve blood flow

Medicines medicines prevent the occurrence of blood clots and prevent the swelling (inflammation

Drugs of natural components, such as the chestnut tree, butcher. Have No side effects, reinforce the walls of the vessels, get rid of the puffiness and the tiredness of the feet.

Treatment of varicose veins at home remedies

Treatment of varicose veins at home remedies should be combined with medicated drugs. Because only a base of herbs and other remedies for varicose veins may not be broken. It is a kind of supportive treatments, designed to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins, which are less painful and intense.

Most often for the treatment of varicose veins are used the bark, leaves, flowers, fruits.

  • The leaves, flowers, bark, fruits horse chestnut
  • The flowers of the acacia
  • The leaves of wormwood
  • The willow bark
  • Flower of the lilac
  • Inflorescence celandine
  • Vine leaves

For the treatment use of any of the foregoing means, in the form of tincture. For its preparation we will need two to four tablespoons of raw materials and a litre of alcohol. The raw material is poured into the alcohol, insist two weeks in a dark place, filter and are used for rubbing, compresses, lotions at night.

Instead of alcohol, you can use the same amount of boiling water and the mixture has been maintained at a simmer minutes a day. Then, the firing of the filter and is cooled. Use the cooking of the pack, lotions, or rub for the trays for the legs. Some of the wines can be taken by mouth.

It is worth noting that the packs can't be done, if there are ulcers trophic, and allergic rash.

Not varicose veins of the veins in the legs

  • Play heavy view of exercise, weight lifting
  • Jump, do exercises rope
  • Deal with the hair removal, hot tub
  • Use the contrast shower, mud treatment
  • Do the abortion, the tattoo, the feet are elevated by
  • Attend to the baths, sauna, solarium
  • Taking viagra and all medicines that increase the attraction, arousal
  • Not do sports, where a great strain on the feet, including the race of the
  • Under the ban of candy, condiments, everything is too fatty, smoky, salty, spicy, canned food, lemonade