Treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins in the feet

The expansion of the veins of the lower limb affects both women and men. There are a variety of methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs — conservative, surgical, or popular. To get rid of this problem for you in the initial stages of generation of the pathological process.

Varicose appears under the influence of a failure of operation of the apparatus of the veins. The randomness of blood flow causes stagnant phenomenon, a dilation of the veins and the eugen end, d symptomatic manifestations: heaviness in the lower extremities, pain, cramps in the night.

The education of the early signs requires a diagnosis of the situation and the destination of the appropriate option to cure the disease. The type of therapy depends on the negligence of a process and of the general state of the organism.


Be cured only international and domestic of the methods is not valid — without professional help, disease quickly leads to complications, to the need of amputation of the lower extremities.

Conservative practices of

The initial stages of varicose veins to treat the disease is with the help of local resources — gels, creams and ointments. They are designed for the methods of the therapy of the disease. The medications applied to the affected area of the veins of the lower extremities, two times a day. Medicines independents are divided in subgroups:

  • With blood thinner — helps to get rid of stagnant phenomena in the veins, have the resolution of impact.
  • With a video component, the composition in the tool includes the horsechestnut, butcher, clover medicinal. Through them they get rid of the pain syndrome and the fatigue of the lower limbs when carrying a baby, strengthens the walls of the veins.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory tools will get rid of the generated thrombosis and thrombophlebitis in men and women.
  • Hormonal composition — tools have antihistamine, anti-inflammatory range of effects.

Treat in an integrated way are varicose veins of the lower extremities can the medication therapy. The basic means of injectable solutions, tablets and capsules. To Get the desired result and cure disease in men and women with:

  • Phlebotonics — the treatment involves strengthening of the blood flow circulation, improves the tone of the walls of the veins of the lower extremities.
  • Krovanistaya tools allow you to get rid of the formed blood clots, reduce the density of the blood, improve the circulation of biological fluid through the veins. Treatment of the prescription of the district of the doctor.
  • Anti-inflammatory agents — will help you to get rid of the pain syndrome, reduce the swelling of tissues, Compression garmentreduce the indicators of platelet aggregation. Heal under the constant supervision of medical personnel.

Men are less susceptible to varicose expansion of the veins of the lower extremities, that women. Feature is related to the hormone to rebuild the body of the woman in gestation period of the child, in the moment of climax.

Convenient method to cure the disease is considered to be the use of a compression of the clothes.

Tights, socks or stockings help to get rid of the swelling, the pain and weariness of the lower extremities in the home. The pressure exerted by the specialized clothing, affects damaged of vienna, to provide the necessary in case of illness of the results. Manufacturers produce a wide variety of models that can be used in the treatment of varicose veins surgery in women as in men.

Modern methods bezoperatsionnye

The methods and means of intervention of varicose veins by the time it has been easier, and in most cases spend on an outpatient basis, in house conditions. If necessary, the operation of the hospital stay lasts several days, which does not prevent the patient to quickly return to the narrative, for him, a way of life.


In the course of handling the vein is entered specialised drug — sclerosant, which adheres to the inner part. After a while problems vienna disappears, the blood flow is remapped health of the tanks.

Within the same procedure can be used four injections of drugs. The number of sessions is determined by the degree of expansion of the mesh in the lower extremities. After manipulation of the leg wearing the compression garment. The patients have to walk for five hours. Feature cannot rule out the possibility of formation of clots in deep veins. The compression ratio is necessary during the following calendar month.

Treat pathology is a means to get rid of varicose veins surgery, to stabilize the circulation of the blood flow, cut the pain sensation, cramps, and fatigue. Arising age spots on the progress of the therapy with the time disappear spontaneously.

The method ensures a long therapeutic effect. The success of the therapy for life result. About 25% of the patients varicose not subjected to the complete cure. Sclerotherapy suppress the main signs of symptomatic disease but does not cure the problem completely.

The therapy method is prohibited for use in the following indicators:

  • when the high-sensitivity sclerosant;
  • at the time of the therapy's anti-inflammatory and the media;
  • in case of obesity of different degrees;
  • gnoyno-inflammatory diseases of the dermis, or when running a cellulitis in the lower extremities;
  • during pregnancy and thrombophlebitis.
Introduction sclerosing sclerotherapy

The positive side of the possibility of being cured sclerosant without doing this:

  • the lack of need for hospitalization, the preservation of the usual to the patient of a life style;
  • obtain the therapeutic result immediately after the surgery, no scar formation;
  • the treatment with a minimum of discomfort;
  • the possibility of getting rid of surgery varicose veins.

The negative aspects of the therapy are characterized by the inability to get all the life / — the effect of men and of women is achieved when the solution of the primary source of the disease. The problem causes to use service of a compression of the underwear, with the withdrawal only at the time of the hygiene, of the manipulation.

Radiofrequency coagulation (ablation) varicose veins (RCHK, rfa)

The method of coagulation varicose veins of the radio waves is practiced in the country since a little while ago. The therapy is applied to the large veins — through a perforation in the dermis, is introducing a special catheter, saarevali its inner part. The result is monitored through sensors located in the technical handling.

Medicinal the advantage of a method presented by:

  • the minimum uncomfortable feelings;
  • the short term of the operation;
  • short duration of rehabilitation period;
  • the lack of scars;
  • the low rates likely recurrence of the disease — not more than 10%.

The disadvantages of rfa include: skin burns, thrombosis, blisters and the appearance of the inguinal reflux.

The post-operative period has its own requirements:

  • Close the knitted fabric is used in the first forty minutes after the operation. All the time the patient should walk, to prevent the occurrence of blood clots. In the future, specialized in underwear takes two weeks of compulsory walking for an hour every day.
  • The patient does not recommend the lifting of heavy objects, sports, movement on the bike, training in the simulator, prolonged in a vertical position. Under the ban came the visit to the baths, steam rooms, saunas — all the effect of the high temperatures in the lower limbs.
  • After a few days after the surgery is performed through the exploration of the veins of ultrasound to confirm this result.

Laser treatment

The impact of a lightning strike in varicose also seals problematic vein. The method does not require a surgical incision: through a perforation in vienna is embedded in a special fiber. Subsequent vascular spasm is superimposed to the troubled region, vienna is excluded from the system of the circulation of the blood and gradually is replaced by a row of fabrics.

The level of influence of EVLT greater than that of the therapy sclerosant, which allows to obtain the final result, as the surgical intervention for the removal of the veins.

The healing process of the most recognized less traumatic and safer option to get rid of the extensions in the lower extremities.

The operation lasts about half an hour, recovery time no more than four hours. The application of the local anesthesia allows the use of the method of the patients, for the rest of the options are prohibited. After the surgery, the patient himself comes out of the clinic and ready to return to the place of work.

The positive side of the wand of the laser include:

  • the absence of cuts — the result is excellent cosmetic effect;
  • the minimum time of operation — in handling options not last more than an hour;
  • accelerated the post-operative period — operation does not require hospitalization, the work does not suffers;
  • the method is carried out under the control of ultrasound devices, which increases the quality of the therapy, reduces the likelihood of post-operative complications;
  • Laser treatment
  • after the operation there is no hematoma.

Among the disadvantages of the method are:

  • the price of the operation;
  • enlargement of the diameters of the damaged veins requires the completion of a surgical incision;
  • large veins, with time, they can bounce back in general the blood flow.

The surgical treatment

Varicose deep veins requires radical surgery — phlebectomy. The deletion is performed outside the skin epidermis of the oozing, rashes, or ranevih of the surfaces. The operation lasts around two hours. After she in the dermis are small scars — to five millimeters.

The method recommended in the following tests:

  • when trophic lesions of the skin of the lower extremities;
  • patalgico the expansion of the veins;
  • large varicose defeat;
  • in case of problems with the free circulation of blood through the veins.

To cure the anomaly of a radical method can be, for many patients, but the rest of the scars, and the longer the postoperative time takes the action to the last of the list of preferences.

Treatment in the home

Popular methods of home address of varicose veins in the lower extremities, which include the characteristics of the local and internal use. Treatment at home can:

  • Flowers of horse chestnut — 50 grams of vegetable raw material is poured half a liter of alcohol, insist in two weeks. All the days they must shake vigorously the container. After 14 days the infusion is strained and used for tablespoon three times a day before eating and before. To cure a disease that can week, followed by a pause of 14 days. After a break to cure the disease again.
  • Dried nettles — slurry of the raw material is dried, formed by the leaves of the plant, prepare it in a thermos and a half litres of boiling water. Hold half an hour, filter and take a third cup three times a day, an hour after the intake of food.
  • Green tomato — onion finely chopped fruit of the stack in bandages and put in the areas of surgery varicose veins, of up advanced secure the doctor of the band. Keep the compress in the lower extremities no more than two hours, then change it fresh. In the night it allows the use of three of the manipulations. The method allows to heal all the days, without a rest.
  • Nuts — immature the fruit crushed, put in tableware glass, pour in the olive oil. Medication they insist, under the rays of the sun for over forty days. The finished tincture rub the problem areas of the lower extremities. Duration of the therapy depends on the speed of national liberation of the main clinical manifestations of the disease.


Popular methods that help to heal the lower limbs and get rid of varicose veins surgery is only when the first symptoms of the disease.

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment


Therapy homemade, traditional, medicated and media operations enable you to grow to cure the disease, improve the state of the lower extremities, he will deliver us out of the syndrome of pain, quickly incoming fatigue, seizures, and problems with the free movement of the foot.

Ugly blue puffy vienna will disappear with the feet. This will allow you to grow dress to anyone, and not only for private things. After the operations, of the popular masses and medicated methods the patient experiences relief, and the full release national problems comes at the end of the second week.

The council!

To speed healing you should use the point compression clothes of bed, picked up a doctor, not to perezagruzite legs and give them a little of the burden in the form of a night of hiking.

Domestic methods of dead limbs can treat men and women, regardless of age. Specialists recommend when it appears for the first time in the cardiovascular system of the mesh to seek professional help — at the time of the catches of the disease allows to dispense with the radical surgical operations.

Cure varicose only practices in the home should not be included in the complex therapy and combined with those of official medicine. Do not be afraid to minimally invasive or radical operations are directed to improve the health, prevent the formation of complications.

The maximum amount of information about the options of the therapy, the percentage of success and the duration of the postoperative period will give your phlebologist. The doctor will be based on the data of performed the diagnosis of the situation, the reactions of the organism to the therapy. Lost to the time of treatment will not give the chance of curing the problem popular, local, media, or minimally invasive operations. The disease with the heavy current of men and women involves the excision of the affected veins varicose veins.