Varicose veins of the lower extremities treatment at home

Varicose veins is a part of the disease of the woman, as well as your cardiovascular system constantly suffers because of the burden during pregnancy, the puerperium, and wearing high-heeled shoes. But the strong half of humanity, you may also experience with this disease, due to excessive physical and sporting loads. In addition to medication, to solve the varicose veins as possible and in house conditions. To do this, there are a number of simple and effective techniques.

Rub varicose veins

The apple cider vinegar

Apple-cider vinegar-you can-significantly-improve the circulation of the blood

This habitual many of the host product allows you to significantly improve blood circulation, thanks to its easy to the warming effect. Especially good is the apple cider vinegar helps to the presence of knots. Rub the feet the product after a careful washing of the feet. The tool put on before you go to sleep, but it is better to do for two hours before bedtime. After this, the cider vinegar rub the sick of the limb in the direction from bottom to top. The vinegar relieves the pain and swelling, which allows the normal to decrease and relieve fatigue. The treatment duration of two weeks, then it takes a rest of two months.


The leaves of the plants carefully grind and put in a glass jar. When you do this, you must have the ground of the ability of crushing the leaves. The bank is poured the vodka or the quality of cognac. The bank must densely clog and put in a dark place for a week. Make sure that, every day, shake the container for Kalanchoe gave all the juice. After a week, you must use the tool to rub the feet immediately before going to sleep. The duration of treatment is 30 days, after which it makes a break of six months.

The lemon juice

For the treatment, you should take a juice. Should be rubbed into the veins varicosasom the feet twice a day in morning and night. The duration of treatment is not less than a month, because during this time, the fruit juice is able to relieve the pain, delete blue mesh and alleviate the general condition of the patient.

Attention! When you use the vinegar you must only take the apple! Normal table in excess can do damage and cause irritation of the skin.

Juices in varicose

The elimination of the disease is necessary from the inside and with the use of external means, which will allow you to come much faster and with a remarkable result. One of the methods for the internal treatment of the house is the use of the treatment of the juices.


To get the result of the intake of juices, must comply with the ratios of the products. These proportions are the following – 7:4:3:2. Make sure that all products are as fresh as well as vegetables and plants are saved for the useful minerals in large quantity. Drink the juice three times in shock at the amount of 100 ml of the Duration of therapy is one month, after which you must make a pause. The pause between the exchange rate may not be less than twelve weeks. This combination of products allows you to reduce the likelihood of development of atherosclerosis and cleanse the vessels of the calcium deposits.

Carrots-spinach-beet -

The combination of-products-of-carrot-spinach-and-beet-allows-to improve the circulation of the blood-and-clear-glasses

Also in the preparation of this juice you should respect the relationship, that represent 10:3:3. This combination allows you to improve the circulation of the blood, cleanse the vessels, to increase the number of red blood cells. Drink the juice should also three times a day. As well as in the recipe is fresh beetroot, which can cause heartburn, should drink the tool through 30-60 minutes after the main meal. The duration of therapy with the use of a combination of juices of carrots-spinach-beet is 10 days.

Attention! When you use the juice, you should respect the dosage, as only this will allow you to see the real effectiveness. All drinks must be combined with external medications.

Compresses against varicose veins

Green tomatoes

Vegetables, should be stretched, mashed or cut into thin slices. When you do this, you must be both of the tomato mass to cover all the sick of plots. After the distribution of tomato, on top overlaps gauze bandage and elastic bandage or rubber, which does not allow the fluid to exit. The compress should be kept for two hours, then wash lightly with warm water. In the night, such a procedure may be done two times to get a result faster.

Potatoes peel

Should be carefully washed, so that no sand or dirt. After this, the shell is baked and cool to a comfortable temperature, put all the sick plots. As in the case of tomatoes, the rind worth taking so many that covered her varicose veins. In place of the shell can be taken and peeled potatoes, but he will show it is not as fast a result. Feet necessarily cover gauze, a bandage or any other kind of matter. Withstand the compress must every night. After this procedure the patient greatly improve the circulation of the blood, which is necessary to correct the symptoms of varicose veins.

Alcohol compress

To do this type of procedure must be the night for eroded all the smell of the alcohol. Previously, the patient should be well to steam legs, clean and immediately spread heel of alcohol or brandy. After you do this, you must wear socks, with serious injuries, it is recommended to use even two pairs. Using alcohol, polishing, worth immediately to sleep, to get a good result. The compress improves circulation and reduces the manifestation of blue setochki.

Attention! Data treatment methods in a period of four weeks, after which you must make a pause of eight weeks and, if necessary, re-take the course of the therapy.

The tincture for the treatment of varicose veins

The garlic-lemon juice

The garlic-lemon juice-the tincture is an excellent auxiliary in the treatment of-the-extensions-of the veins

To prepare the medication should rub 500 g of lemon along with the skin, as well as 150 g of garlic, in addition, must not be cleaned of the husk. Obtained the mass, should be put in the bank, so that it must necessarily be of glass. Ingredients fill with the boiled water to room temperature in the amount of three liters and jamming. The resulting liquid they insist on the period of three days in the room. Necessarily per day up to five times to shake the ability of the products to get a good concentration of substances. Take the dye due to the amount of 100 ml three times with main meals. The duration of therapy lemon garlic tincture is of 10 days.

The carrot of varicose veins

To prepare the infusion take a tablespoon chopped in the crown of the vegetable, it should be washed thoroughly. Herb of the part flooded with 250 ml abrupt boiling water, insist within an hour under the towel or lid. Take the medication of 200 ml before the main meal three times a day. The duration of therapy is 10 days.

The cognac and apple

This tool is not the tincture, but when a mixture of brandy and apple fresh will allow for the concentration of substances, that allows to organize the work in the cardiovascular system. This is especially important in the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities. The treatment of cognac, is very simple. Just drinking fasting 50 g of liquor and immediately take your apple. It is very important to eat all the bones as they are the ones that allow you to improve the state of health. Heal way of 21 days every six months.

Attention! Before starting treatment discuss ways you can doctor advises you to check the level of cholesterol and to repeat the treatment two times with an interval of six months.

The combination of homes, prescriptions

All the homemade recipes that you can include in the schema, where the second component of the therapy will be kiosks to pharmaceutical medication.

With the combination of drugs and the home of the methods must follow several rules:

  • popular recipes to use at night, if they have the character of a compress or tincture;
  • the juices you can drink at any time of day without regard to the receipt of pharmaceutical medicines;
  • the pills can be taken at any time of the day
  • when used in pharmaceutical gels, ointments and the home of the means for rubbing, compresses is important to comply with two hours of rest between treatments;
  • compresses also it is best to do before going to sleep;
  • if the popular of the prescription and the medicine with the same active principle, dose, traditional drug must specify the primary care physician.

Attention! At the same time, the layout of the pharmaceutical and the home of recipes, there is the possibility that the absence of a real treatment effect, and also increases the risk of side effects unforeseen due to the mixture of different active substances.

the result of the

If you are faced with the veins varicosasom, it is not worth to completely ignore the traditional treatment. Allow the therapy methods can show the real effectiveness without the use of medications only in the initial stage of development of the disease, and if it is not related with heart disease. In other cases, popular methods can be only an integral part of the therapy, to prevent complications of their health status.