How does a treatment of varicose veins with laser?

The varicose disease of the legs is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a serious pathology, which is accompanied dangerous for the health of the consequences. Treatment of varicose veins with laser is one of the more modern, less traumatic and trusted ways of dealing with the disease at an early stage. Allows to achieve excellent aesthetic effect, it is a minimal risk of complications and a short period of rehabilitation.

the laser

Traditional medical therapy in combination with physical education and the use correctional underwear also gives good results, but does not fix the main cause of the disease. To solve radically the problem of the sick of the glasses of the surgery is necessary. The classic operation for removal (phlebectomy) it is difficult to tolerated by patients, as it is very traumatic and is accompanied by a high risk of infectious complications. This method little by little stuck in the past. Instead they come minimally invasive procedure (sclerotherapy, lazeroterapija), which give an excellent result, quickly and without pain to get rid of varicose veins.

Laser treatment: the essence of the procedure

In varicose veins laser is regarded as the most reliable and effective treatment. The method is based on the use of the thermal effect of the coagulation of the vessels. In a nutshell, optical fiber, introduced in the affected vessel at the time of the operation, which emits the energy flow. This radiation is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood, with evolution of heat, which heats up the blood cells and the vessel wall. As a result, the blood is ejected out of a glass, and the vienna "signati". The bleeding ceases completely, and the venous reflux of the surrounding tissues is already done through other healthy veins.

The use of a compression underwear after a treatment of varicose veins with laser consecrates the effect, creating more pressure in the container and does not allow to recover the flow in the damaged vienna. The vessel with the time overgrown connective tissue. The enforcement of the measures of prevention of varicose veins is not going to evolve the defeat of other veins, so that the disease will be disinfected forever.

The dignity of method in your small trauma, the absence of the loss of blood and extensive cuts. Sometimes there is no door of entrance for the infection, and the risk of damage to the adjacent tissue, and of the possible complications are reduced to a minimum.

The treatment of the varicose disease laser – less traumatic procedure, which requires no special preparation and is performed under local anesthesia. The operation is done only in a health facility, by the progress of the operation being performed ultrasonic inspections in real-time. That is to say, a surgeon with the help of an ultrasound controls the movement of the led of vienna. Before the operation the patient will have to undergo necessary survey, in which you specify the location affected venous vessel, and selecting the best way of laser coagulation.

When you assign the operation: the testimony of

the operation

The basis for the realization of operations of treatment of varicose veins with laser serves varicose veins, subcutaneous (large and small). The laser is applied in the case of the mouth of these veins extend no more than 1 cm, the same vessels have an operation without sharp bends, and the branches are very healthy or slightly expanded. That is to say, the laser is effective only in the initial stage of varicose veins, with a little of the severity of the process and only when it is applied in the veins under the skin. If the disease has started and it hit the glass expanded more than 1 cm, the probability that in the future vienna again, "evolve" and the treatment is ineffective.

Doctor laser has a curative effect in a very small area, in order to avoid its negative impact on the surrounding tissue. Therefore, the use of laser therapy in stretches the damaged vessel, as well as in the deep veins, so ineffective. In these cases, you have to use other methods of surgical treatment most appropriate to the situation (for example, the classic phlebectomy).


Except in those cases in which the laser will be ineffective, there are situations in which its use may be detrimental to the health of the patient. Contraindications the laser a procedure quite many of them, can be divided into absolute values and relative:

Absolute contraindications

When absolute contraindications to perform medical manipulation is absolutely impossible. The list of such states are:

  • the propensity to thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • chronic disturbances of stream and lymph in the legs;
  • serious injuries of the walls of the veins.

When these diseases laser can damage the walls of the vessels, or lead to massive thrombosis of the veins. Contraindications refers to the inability to actively move and carry high compressive knitwear. Without these activities in the postoperative period the laser treatment you can lose all their effectiveness and, in addition, induce inflammation in the vessel.

Relative contraindications

Relative contraindications are those in which the operation must wait a time before. It is the inflammation in the skin of the feet, especially near the area of the future of the puncture, the exacerbation of chronic diseases. In this case, you must first cure concomitant diseases, and only after you perform the operation. If you do not, there is a very large risk of postoperative complications in the operated side of varicose veins, as well as from the side of the disease, have contraindications to the use of the laser in the treatment.

The operation should not be performed during pregnancy and lactation, due to the fact that in this period of weakened immunity, and the load on the lower extremities above normal. For the same reason, it is difficult to the realization of laser treatments varicose veins in overweight people – that is worse are the anesthesia, due to the high load on the legs are possible complications in the postoperative period.

Description of the procedure, the treatment of varicose veins with laser

Despite the high costs of the treatment of varicose veins of the veins with laser, this procedure is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. To determine the presence of indications for operation, pre-do the ultrasound. It helps to see the structure of the veins, the degree of damage and the violation of the hemorrhage. If the state of the vessels of the patient allows to carry out the laser treatment, is prescribed the operation.

On the day of the procedures, special preparation of the patient is not necessary. If necessary, you can take a depressant. Before the operation is performed duplex angiography, all manipulations occur in virtue of ultrasound. The small scale of the operation avoids the general anesthesia and complications – laser treatment is performed under local anesthesia, to relieve the place of the puncture.

The essence of the operation of treatment of varicose veins with laser is that through a small incision in the skin of the leg in a container to enter the optical fiber connected to the laser unit. Then, with the help of the laser radiation occurs by the coagulation of the vessel damaged after the driver of the optical fiber is recovered, the place of the puncture is processed local antiseptic, and in it is placed a sterile bandage. The operation lasts about 15 -30 minutes (in the treatment of one of the legs).

After his enforced rest on the operating table to move to the vertical position, it is recommended to slowly and gradually – first sitting and then standing. This will allow you to avoid the vascular collapse when there is an abrupt change of the position of the body. Since there are no limits. Some time after the procedure, the patient can go home.

The post-operative period
after the operation

Before the operation, the patient should advance to buy a compression garment – mid. The degree of compression is negotiated with a doctor beforehand.

After you have produced the removal of varicose veins with laser, you should immediately get compression of the leg half. During the first two days of using it continuously, without the need to remove. Then, if there are no complications, the doctor allow to shoot medicinal in the evening wear. The duration of carrying a doctor of knitwear is gradually reduced as that operated vessel finally overgrown connective tissue. Due to the need to wear a compression of the underwear of the operation trying to allocate in the cold period of the year, so that the patient felt discomfort with the prolonged use of a stocking. In addition, patients with diseases of the vessels is much better in cold weather than heat.

In the first week after treatment of varicose veins with laser should avoid heavy blows on the legs, weight lifting, you can not visit the steam bath, the sauna or the swimming pool. In the future, it is necessary to progressively increase the level of physical activity. It is recommended to trekking, running and cycling, aerobics, swimming. The patient can play sports, walk long distances, drive a vehicle. The reduction of the striated muscles of your legs to perform an additional function of the pump, and contribute to the improvement of the venous reflux of the lower extremities. It is the natural mechanism that will help to prevent the recurrence of the varicose disease is after the operation.

Begin work, if it is not connected with a great physical load or long standing in the legs, almost immediately, even on the day of the operation. Precious the work of the house can also be done through a couple of days after the intervention. Walking can, and should, already in the first minutes after the operation, touch compression garment.

Possible complications

The treatment of varicose veins with laser is very popular because of their brief rehabilitation period, the lack of pain and minimal risk of complications. However, it is not excluded. During the operation, you may experience pain when poorly performed the anesthesia. After a procedure of pain syndrome can be manifested by the motion of the operated from vienna. If the pain does not weaken in the period of two days, you should consult a doctor, can be a symptom of serious complications.

Errors in the conduct of manipulations may cause burns to the skin and soft tissues, hematoma at the puncture site, the resentment and the inflammatory processes. On rare occasions, may be thrombosis in the veins, even profound, leading to a marked deterioration of the patient's situation. You should consult your doctor immediately if:

  • in the first two days of pain by the march of vienna, and at the place of puncture do not improve or worsen;
  • on the skin around the puncture site for signs of inflammation – redness and local increase in temperature, the appearance of the avant-garde;
  • when walking experience pain in the muscles of the legs, swelling, sensation of heaviness;
  • appeared pathological pigmentation in the skin of the feet;
  • the temperature rises;
  • have arisen other unpleasant sensations in the legs – the violation of the sensitivity, paresthesias.

To diagnose time these complications, it is recommended that the second day after the operation look like a doctor – phlebologist and in the future regularly comes in for a routine exam.

Prevention measures

the prevention of the

The specialists advise to follow simple prevention measures to avoid possible relapses of the disease:

  • you must watch your weight and avoid the appearance of extra pounds;
  • you should avoid prolonged exposure of your seat or standing in the same position, get rid of the habit of sitting in the posture of a foot in the leg";
  • it is recommended that the correct and complete of power, abandonment of harmful habits (tobacco, alcohol);
  • the footwear it is necessary to choose convenient, using natural materials and the small, the sustainable management of heel;
  • you should leave the sedentary life, try to move more, exercise and don't give up to moderate physical exercise.

Advantages of laser therapy of veins

The laser treatment of the varicose disease is that it has a mass of important advantages compared to other methods of surgical intervention. Let's enumerate the main advantages of laser therapy:

  • there is no need of facilities for the patient in the hospital, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis;
  • the operation is performed under local anesthesia, is well tolerated by the patients;
  • the procedure allows to achieve excellent cosmetic effect as the access to the affected vienna is performed through a small incision. Since the incisions do not exist, it is in the skin of scars and other defects;
  • the use of modern equipment that allows to uniformly disperse the laser radiation into the interior of the vein and objectives of quality processing. In consequence, after the intervention is in the skin of haematomas;
  • during the procedure the laser can process the two legs, the handling occupy a total of 30 -40 minutes;
  • short and painless period of rehabilitation. Already after one hour after surgery, the patient returns to his home, and within a few days of returning to the normal life style;
  • today coagulation laser of the glasses is regarded as the most effective and safe treatment of the varicose disease, which allows you to avoid the complications (thrombophlebitis, secondary infections).
Cons of laser treatments

Despite all its attractiveness, this method has several disadvantages, among them:

cons of
  • the impossibility of applying the method of laser therapy to the degree heavy of varicose veins;
  • in cases in which the diameter of the saphenous vein is too large, you will have to combine the laser therapy with a classic of the surgery and avoid cuts on the skin, you may not;
  • another drawback is the mandatory use of a compression of the underwear within 7 days after the operation;
  • the main minus for many of the patients – "biting" the prices in the procedure.

Before you decide to laser therapy, should weigh the "pros" and "cons", undergo a complete examination and obtaining the advice of an experienced professional.

The cost of a laser treatment varicose veins

The price of the treatment of varicose veins with laser is one of the drawbacks of this method. It can vary in a wide range, depending on the degree of complexity of the individual characteristics of the patient, the team and the clinical condition and the skills of surgeons.