Varicose veins in the legs, the symptoms and treatment of varicose veins

Because of the disease, such as varicose veins, suffer from people of all sexes and ages. Mainly the varicose veins affecting the lower limbs. It is known that one out of every three women suffer from varicose veins. The reasons that are hiding in tight clothes of bed, wearing high-heeled shoes, the intake of hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy. As to the representatives of a strong medium, it should be noted that the varicose veins in the feet of the men is a little less, one of every four men suffers from it.

varicose veins veins

What is veins varicose veins?

Varicose veins the walls of veins lose their elasticity, the ability to reduce your size and lift. The second reason of the disease – violation of the integrity of the venous valves, so that the pressure in the vessels of the legs increases, there occurs a stagnation of the blood.

This disease can affect not only the feet but also other parts of the body. In the case of illness of the veins varicosasom in the legs, in the different areas of the skin of the lower extremities, in the first place, in the muscles of the leg can be observed swollen large meandering surface of the vessels. But it is important not only for the exterior part of the disease, as that is the most dangerous of its phenomenon – violation of the bleeding vein.

The signs of varicose veins of the legs in men

If you think that suddenly, something of the vein is not so, there is no rush to treat them. Before it is necessary to know what are the specific symptoms are characteristic of this disease. This allows you not to be confused with the veins varicosasom similar of the disease.

In the initial phase, you experience the following symptoms varicose veins of the legs in men:

  • heaviness in the legs
  • the rapid onset of fatigue in the legs,
  • the swelling after the loads,
  • the feeling of swelling of the legs,
  • the feeling of overflow in feet of liquid,
  • the reduction of the sensitivity of the skin of the feet,
  • itching in the skin,
  • the appearance of the grid.

As the development of varicose veins in men symptoms increase and new ones appear:

  • the pain in the legs,
  • the dermatitis or eczema,
  • vienna clearly protrude above the skin,
  • ulcers, trophic,
  • the darkening of the various sections of the skin,
  • episodes of temperature increase,
  • the occlusion of the vessels,
  • the jumps are not of the vessels.

Threatening varicose veins men? In some cases, the blood thickens, it forms a blood clot. This situation is a consequence of the infection.

Although in the beginning the disease are a nuisance, only the aesthetics of nature (in the feet visible vascular venous mesh), then, after some time, the walls of the veins become so weak that the least toxic substance, the infection can cause damage.

Varicose veins of the men in the legs: the causes of the disease

Many people mistakenly think that if men do not live with the children, are not the asparagus, and the veins varicosasy that are not. Yes, from the point of view of the physiology of the men there are really no problems with the feet. But we must not rule out other risk factors:

  • heavy on the physical plane of work;
  • the use and weight lifting;
  • the use of uncomfortable shoes;
  • the excess of weight, which leads to increased load on the legs;
  • there is a genetic predisposition of nature (the male line);
  • an inactive and sedentary life ;
  • the poor diet ;
  • bad habits, especially the consumption of alcohol and smoking ;
  • the high viscosity of the blood;
  • the cardiovascular disease;

Unfortunately, very few of the men is aware of the effects of smoking on the blood vessels. Due to the effects of the nicotine walls of the vessels become less elastic and thinning, damaged regulatory valves of the vessels.

As for the alcohol, it adversely affects not only vessels, but also in the liver. Under the influence of alcohol destroy the hepatocytes, which leads to the development of thrombosis.

You should still take into account the factor that the men are not that are sensitized with the problems in his health, as the representatives of the beautiful sex, and therefore begin to pay attention to a problem too late, when the disease takes a severe scale.

Varicose veins is the of men in different ages, but most often the first signs of varicose veins in men are discovered after the age of 40.

The consequences of the diseases of the feet

Really, is it dangerous to varicose veins in the legs, as they say?

The most serious consequences of the expansion of the veins, ulcer, thrombosis of the veins.

The disease generates a greater load on the heart muscle, which in turn may have some importance in the development of cardiovascular pathologies.

The most frequent, the most common consequence of this disease is swelling of the ankles, which could generate the appearance of a constant pain in the upper part of the legs. Without treatment, causing an increase of muscle spasms, constant tiredness in the legs, feeling of gravity.

All these signs of the disease increase in those moments, when a person performs physical exercise. But even the change of the activity in the seat does not save the situation. Varicose veins constantly delivery the discomfort.

The dermatitis is severe enough consequence of varicose veins in men. In the area of the diseased veins the rash appears, and that you want to pass the comb. Doing this is not possible, because with time, instead of the rash will come in bleeding from the ulcers.

The development of thrombophlebitis is the most serious consequence of the disease. The appearance of blood clots can cause death as a result of their place of work and falling into the vessels of the heart or of the lungs. Therefore, if there is indication that, pointing to the development of this disease, you must consult a doctor immediately.

For diagnosis they use different methods, but the most accurate of them – the study of the vessels (ultrasound of the veins). Allows to evaluate the degree of your injury.

How to cure varicose veins in the feet of the men: conservative treatment

If symptoms are detected, which clearly appreciated the varicose veins, cure the disease, you should contribute with your doctor. There are specialists who specialize precisely in the treatment of the veins. Were better than other doctors know how to treat varicose veins on the feet of men. Any physician certifies that the treatment for varicose veins in the legs of the men in the early stages allows you to get rid of the problems.

As additional funds of treatment, the doctors suggest the use of special creams and ointments, remove the pain, heaviness and swelling. It is also possible treatment remedies.

Auxiliary equipment for the treatment of

Specialists recommend that men who suffer from the disease, high compressive knitted fabric, for example, special stockings. The representatives of the strong half of those who value their health, in accordance with this recommendation. The rest, remembering that clothing is feminine, not the lead, that will aggravate the situation.

It is important to know and understand that external support is very important for the vessels. Without it, you will significantly increase the duration of the treatment. And if the operation was performed without compression of the underwear do not pass. He has to wear necessarily. However, you should change it with a new one every 3-6 months.

As an alternative to the compression pants can be used the elastic bands. It is advisable to consult with your doctor to see how his hesitation.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the shoes – they should be warm and comfortable, match with the season, do not compress the soles of the feet. The feet should not feel in her malaise, in particular, and during a long walk.

Operational treatment solutions

In some cases, sclerotherapy — fit of the veins saphenous through injections. The treatment of the disease in this way involves the completion of a prior ultrasound examination, after which the sick of the vessels are fed the special formulas with the help of a syringe. It should be noted that the manipulation of deep vessels is not carried out. And blood vessels close to the skin, are replaced by connective tissue, which eliminates the sick of pain and torment. In addition, sclerotherapy also helps preserve the appearance of the legs.

Operations rely in case of trouble. Without intervention, you can not pass, if the patient is heavy during the pathology (surprise situated deep to the vessels and formed blood clots).

The main type of intervention fast varicose veins of the legs is the phlebectomy. When this operation results in the removal of a diseased part of the vessel.

Varieties of the operations of removal of vessels:

  • Peel;
  • phlebectomy;

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It is worth noting that in the last ten years, the surgery is considered more effective in the fight against the veins varicosasom of the feet.

varicose veins

Also for the removal of the affected area of the vessel, using techniques such as laser and radiofrequency ablation. When the laser in the treatment of the doctors removed the affected part of the glass with a laser, and radiofrequency ablation – radio waves. Both procedures are performed through introduced into the lumen of the vein catheter.

It is worth noting that the operational procedures are not a guarantee of the appearance of the recurrence – is seen around half of the cases in a period of 5 years. However, at the same time, respect for the patient of the prevention measures reduces the risk of recurrence.

Varicose veins men: treated at home

How you can fight against the extension of the foot of the veins, without leaving the house? Can. You will have to perform special exercises. It's not about heavy loads.

If you are suffering the veins varicosasom, you need to practice swimming, running or even walking. The practice shows that these sports are essential to help in the early stages of the disease.

If we are talking about the initiates of the stage, also here there is a hope of recovery, but has to follow certain rules, it will be necessary to use special clothing. When running a series of varicose veins, the exercise is contraindicated, in particular, running, jumping, squatting. However, walking and especially swimming, and in such a case, will be of great help.

One of the reasons that lead to the veins varicosasy – excess weight. And the obesity is dangerous, not so much by itself, but rather as an additional factor, which increases the load on the legs and the heart. If you suffer from being overweight, must be taken in the diet to restore it. The basic requirement for the diet of the representatives of the male sex – the daily the energy value of up to a maximum of 1500 Kcal. You should limit the consumption of salt, smoked and pickled. It is recommended to drink to be useful to the vessels of blood thinners natural – juices, sour rowan and sea buckthorn.

To relieve discomfort in the legs, it is recommended several times a day, lift the legs above the heart level in the supine position. The duration similar to the duration of the procedures 15 minutes. When the limbs are above the level of the head, there is a reflux of the venous blood. To lie down in this pose you can read the book, enjoying the movie, etc

And most importantly — if you have suspicions of the disease in the veins varicosasom, do not start self-medicating. The best thing you can do is to seek the advice of an expert phlebologist. Remember that it is a complex disease, whose treatment should be performed under the control of a specialist.

The prevention of the disease

Even if you have a predisposition to the veins varicosasy you should pay attention to prevention. As an option, can be self-massage of the feet (it has been abolished in the case of the disease has already developed). It is the special use of a compression of the clothes.

For people who lead a sedentary life, it is often recommended to change the posture, instead of performing the short duration of the load. Simply walk around the table or in the place, make a couple of exercises in rotation. If you have a sedentary job, so every hour take a break of 5 to 10 minutes, get up from the table and give the feet a rest.

After taking a bath or a shower you will wet your feet in cold water. As to prevention, the doctors also recommend drinking at least two litres of water.

All men (and even more so to women, it is necessary to quit smoking, the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is better to give preference to the sport, more often be outdoors, walk in parks, woods. And then, you have to try not to worry and not to worry. Stress is one of the factors that predispose to the vein varicosasy. The perfidious varicose veins does not distinguish between people on grounds of gender and nationality.