What is varicose veins uterus - causes, symptoms and treatment

The main problem of the disease is that it is very difficult to diagnose. It happens very often confusion, when the results of the studies reveal that there are problems with the pelvis.

varicose veins of the uterus

That is in the area of risk? In the first place, women of reproductive age. On rare occasions, the disease is concerned with adolescents. And in old age to increase awareness of this disease may be with less frequency. But, in any case, one should not think that you this problem can not touch.

The main causes of the appearance of

In the majority of cases the disease occurs due to the abundant and prolonged inflammatory processes. In any case you can rule out the failure in the pregnancy. If you have gone through an abortion, then you are also at higher risk. So you should consult with your doctor. It explains in detail what is proverbial varicose veins of the uterus, how to deal with it.

Special the problem may be the ovarian vienna. It can reach the blood, which give rise to this disease. Do not forget that the special damage can bring the medications. More new, the side-effect that is still not explored. Especially damaging hormone of the tool. Predisposition, also, that should not be denied.

The symptoms of the

Especially it is important to know that in case you do not postpone the trip to a specialist. The first and most important symptom of severe abdominal pain. Sometimes they are so strong, that it leads to the total loss of maintenance. It produces a notable discomfort after sex, or even during the same. The menstrual cycle is interrupted, it is distinguished by a small amount of flow.

It should be noted that to determine the varicose veins of the uterus difficult, the symptoms are similar with many gynecological diseases. Here, in any case, you can not guess.

Only the full of the ultrasound with the use of modern machinery and allow exactly the diagnosis and to adopt another solution.

There is No more explicit, the reasons for which you should consult a specialist. In particular, seizures. It is dangerous especially if you are accompanied by a swelling. You feel pain in the legs at night, that comes with the job? You are concerned about permanent discomfort? Then, at least for the prevention be sure to check the quality of a specialist.

Difficulties during the pregnancy

Of course, the varicose veins of the veins of the uterus during pregnancy is not as common. But after each conception, the situation is more complicated. Along with the term increases the risk. In this case, not only for the mother but also for the child itself. The difficulties that may arise?

  1. The placental insufficiency.
  2. Thrombophlebitis.
  3. The thrombosis of the veins.
  4. It is often necessary to do a c-section.

You can summarize everything said the fact that the treatment during the pregnancy complicated sometimes. This uterine disease requires constant monitoring of the flebologa. Very likely, he will tell you that, in your case, if you are pregnant, the treatment is ineffective. In such a case, the doctor must make at least symptomatic therapy. In that consists? The specialist can not deal with the underlying disease. Then he should at least reduce to zero their main symptoms.

And how to cure varicose veins of the uterus outside of pregnancy? In this case, there are several basic methods. They are formed depending on the specific characteristics of the patient. Let's look in more detail.

  1. The conservative therapy. In this case, it is necessary to take medicines which have for object, to intone the city of vienna. Also important are anti-allergy medications. In this complex also includes physiotherapy, gymnastics, medical.
  2. Sometimes you can not do without the surgical intervention. Modern technologies allow to do everything as quickly as possible. Specific methods depend on the state of the patient, the degree of neglect of the disease.

Of the popular

Also, sometimes, help heal varicose veins. You have already developed a list of medicines that you must ingest.

  1. In the first place, you should take a look at how to set up horse chestnut.
  2. Be sure to try to take the infusion hop cones.
  3. Are ideal mixture of different medicinal herbs. This may be the herb st. john's wort, field horsetail, calendula and some others. Buy everything is possible in almost any large market.
  4. Try apple cider vinegar. Dilute a couple of teaspoons in a standard of a glass of water.

But it is necessary to understand, that much depends on at what stage the disease is. If it is only found in the Yolk, the homemade remedies is that they can be effective.

The main means of prevention

In the first place, you must take responsibility for their health. If you notice any change in the uterus, it is necessary to immediately see a gynecologist. He is able to, literally, after several issues to define what has problems, develop a plan of action.

In any case, it can itself designate themselves hormonal drugs. Only in small doses and after consulting with the medical staff. During the first pregnancy should be avoid stress, the constant exams. More than now, the sheer number and variety of centers that give a result, literally, in a matter of hours.

Are important moderate exercise. Serious sports, will only worsen the situation. And here the physical culture, dance classes, swimming, yoga — all of this leads to the fact that your immunity to this disease is signicant.

Analysis of blood and urine, should be taken into account in the framework of the prevention. In particular, if the bad blood is coagulated, it is a good sign of varicose veins. It only remains to determine the place where you are located. Perhaps, everyone knows that the diet will allow you to get rid of many problems. In particular, you can increase your chances of having a healthy future, eliminating from your diet are too fatty and the excitement of the products. Eat more fruits, vegetables. Not to forget the restrictions in the sahara. Especially dangerous for white. All the dishes that contain in large quantity. Now that you know all about varicose veins in the uterus and their treatment in detail.