Varicose veins: symptoms, causes, treatment

Varicose veins, the symptoms that are identified in one of every four people on the planet is not only a cosmetic defect, which manifests itself in the form of a blue-tree of the grid in the legs, hips, or tyle stop, heaviness in the legs, pain, static loads, or a long walk, convulsive unmanageable in the muscles of the shins, but and the high risk of thrombosis in the system of the inferior vena cava.

varicose veins

Thrombotic complications that lead to trophic ulcers in the legs, acute alterations in the blood flow with blue extremities and the risk of death. Breaking with the vascular wall, blood clots from the legs often begin a journey that ends in the heart (lead to a heart attack) or the vessels of the brain (causing a stroke). This circumstance, and not deformed type of once-attractive of the feet requires the utmost care early in the treatment (and best prevention) varicose veins.

As well as the illness, appearing, it is not something static, but gradually progress was made, capturing all of the new segments of the outside or inside of the venous network of the legs, is to analyze the treatment should start with a description of the prevention. It is reasonable to the realization of prevention activities to allow at least delay the process that develops in the background of the insolvency of the device of the veins of the lower extremities.

Prevention of varicose veins

Veins of the lower extremities are very weak, the wall, practically devoid of the elements that could push the blood out through the reduction. Therefore, in the veins of special valves that prevent the reverse current of the blood and its stagnation in the veins. The part of the people of these valves subconscious does not exist, or becomes with age:

  • the heavy physical load
  • improvements of the intra-abdominal pressure
  • constipation
  • the frequent pregnancies.

First that affect the process outside of vienna. And then they are surprised of collector of vienna, and deep venous network. Varicose veins of the veins of the limbs develops over several (sometimes tens of years, and their speed varies depending on the style of life, the intensity of the physical activity and the resistance of the walls of the vessels.

  • Therefore, the first task of prevention to minimize the increase in intra-abdominal pressure (constipation, avoid excessive overhead).
  • The second task is to create the conditions for the passive reflux of the venous blood of the legs. To do this is at the end of the day, or several times a day. To this end, the legs are positioned from the foot up to the thigh in the surface at an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal plane. Being in this position, must be not less than half an hour. People for whom varicose veins in the legs – a doctor in fact, it is recommended to sleep with the legs raised to a maximum often.
  • It is recommended that varicose veins do not use the narrow shoes, socks with tight elastic band – that is to say, not to create more obstacles to the circulation of the blood in the legs.
  • So same should not sit with the foot on the leg and to maintain the sitting position, put your feet up in the stand and give them a horizontal (or slightly above) position. This position, sometimes you can see it in the gngster movies on the steep of the mafia, which is seated in a chair, fill the foot of the table.
  • Of course, in the office, if You are not the owner of the company, you will have to invent something less provocative. You can, for example, put on the desktop of the cardboard box and put the feet in it or use for this purpose, the height of plastic trash, recycling of paper with the flat surface of the top of the lid. Any questions about the unusual way of sitting behind a desk you must answer honestly, in order to avoid the ridiculous and not to spend excessively in the crankcase. It is worth to remember that none of the employees did not accept active participation in your treatment. Therefore, you must perceive the opinion of others and not to neglect the prevention of the disease.
  • If you're at home, try to take a horizontal position and place with the help of several pillows, legs over the head. This is to ensure that improve the conditions for the venous reflux.

The conservative treatment

In the program of non-surgical treatment includes diet, compression and drug therapy.

The diet

Diet activities are mandatory, as well as the excess weight is one of the risk factors for the development of varicose veins. The power must be compensated (the consumption of energy should not exceed energy needs, correlation with the nature of the charges or of its lack). In addition, since the menu has to exclude acute seasonings, pepper, pickles, excess salt, sausages, reduce the consumption of the grill. Alcohol is also recommended not to use.

In the menu there should be sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, dishes rich in fiber, whole wheat bread, fish and seafood. Shown frequent (at least 4 times a day) fractional power. In the fashion of some years ago, the tendency to limit all animal fats, about this worth forgetting. Of course, the scandalous figure of triglycerides and of cholesterol it is not the case. But in reasonable quantities cholesterol helps forefoot to vascular wall, thus reducing the risks of side thrombotic complications and sudden jumps of the veins.

The resignation of the consumption of tobacco

Smoking is more harmful habit of varicose veins. If you choose between the moderate consumption of the amount of alcohol, and smoking, the first may still be with sin, for the half of bear. And here is the second – has completely excluded. Not only the resin of the obstruction of the vessels, increasing the risk of blood clots, and secondary complications (myocardial infarction, stroke, pulmonary embolism). In particular, take care of those who have varicose veins (or is predisposed to it), taking hormonal medication, and still manages to smoke.

Compression garment (socks, socks, socks)

It is a good option for the prevention and treatment of early stages of varicose veins, as they have different parameters of pressure in the soft tissues, the choices of models and colors. Get the bedding should be in the morning, not get out of bed, to the venous, the system is not yet full of blood. For this method, there is a but – outrageous price tags in the territory of the Russian federation, limit the purchase of knitwear against varicose veins large masses of people. As a general rule, use the bed linen did not begin to those who can still help in the stage before the disease, and that people with severe forms of varicose veins, often complicated some of the processes that is shown since the surgical treatment, to close the knitwear as secondary prevention.

Varicose veins: treatment of drug

Drugs – it is not a panacea. To stop or cure the varicose veins are not able to.

Ointments and gels

These tools can protect the walls of the veins, stimulate the venous reflux and some improvement of the microcirculation. These tools within the possibilities of reducing the intensity of pain and the swelling always of the reception. Shows the courses of two times per year with a duration of not less than 2 months.

The most useless (but safe) you can read ointments or gels. Do not penetrate beyond the epidermis and what was the action on the vessels may not have. It is recommended in the early stages of the disease, when it is not known why, in reality, it may take of swelling and heaviness in the legs: of medications, or simple postural drainage and completion of the physical load.

the treatment of the veins

This treatment includes the introduction of medicines or elastic medical tape. Its simplicity, preservation of the aesthetic appearance of the extremities, the absence of effects in the general well being of the patient attracted to this methodology as the doctors and the patients.

But isolated from the sclerotherapy does not bring persistent results, and not be able to stop the progression of the disease. In most cases, however, it should be combined with treatment system. Before the therapy, necessarily, it must be an ultrasound of the lower limb, exclude the extensive lesions of subcutaneous or deep veins of the legs.

The contraindications to this approach are: drug allergy, atherosclerosis of the great vessels, with the presence of ischemia, the angiopathy, the destruction of endarteritis, the defeat of the system of blood coagulation, acute or recent thrombophlebitis of the feet, pregnancy.

Treatment options

  • Before the operation - sclerotherapy of veins may be used before surgery, in order to reduce the risks of hemorrhage and thrombosis in the postoperative period
  • during the operation, by replacing the removal of the vein
  • after surgery to close the remaining veins.

The method of the punctures

If it is not applied in the operation, is carried out in centers of surgical treatment of the office, with the observance of all the rules of asepsis. First shut largest in vienna, and then the smaller ones. When this medications are usually written from the top down. Vienna pierced the foot of the patient, prior to the introduction of the drug throw him. If in the field of interest of the falls over a vessel or vessels the entire circumference of the leg, will conduct several sessions of therapy. After sclerosing of the procedures, the patient must experience the flebologa over three years from the date of the last injection.

  • After the introduction of the drug spend stretchy medical tape on the limb, which is repeated throughout 2 weeks. In the first week of the blindfold is not removed.
  • During the half hour after the procedure, the patient should walk.
  • All days the patient should sleep with the raised foot pedal end, but during the day, avoiding long periods of seated or standing and a lot of walking.

Varicose veins: operation

The decision on the feasibility of the intervention, made by the doctor or the vascular surgeon.

Often, women with the defeat of the superficial veins, and they go to the surgery solely because of a cosmetic defect, allow to postpone the operation, if you plan to later of procreation (as well as during the pregnancy the varicose veins, as a general rule, progress was made, and the result achieved can disappear and re-apply the surgical treatment).

Combined phlebectomy

The most common is the quick option to resolve the problem of varicose veins of the lower extremities is combined phlebectomy. Transplant surgery is performed under general anesthesia or with the use of epidural anesthesia. All the cuts and punctures they try to make the smallest size. For example, for the removal of the great saphenous vein, an incision in the groin. Through it into the vein a tube with a pointed tip. Then the probe is removed and eliminates the vienna of the middle part of the leg to the groin. Through small ducts to the removed from the ditches and small in vienna. After the surgery uses the ratio of compression (bandage or the average of the leg).


Involves the removal of the veins saphenous through exposure to the current. The method is more dangerous, that the radio-frequency obliteration or classic surgery.


Cryosurgery allows you to remove vienna thanks to the low temperatures. When the modern equipment is a safe method. You can't always count on the depth of freezing, without damaging the surrounding tissues or leaving no "surplus".

At home treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins can be treated at home although the system of drugs (with a prescription), although ointments and gels, although leeches (treatment of varicose veins with leeches) and cabbage leaf, cider vinegar. Also for the part of the program to bring compression garment and elastic medical tape (chosen and recommended by the doctor). For the execution of the phases of the disease, all these efforts will be in vain without the radical surgical treatment.

Therefore, today's fundamental for them the method of the liberation of varicose veins may recognize only the surgical techniques, often combined with therapy or compression methods.