Varicose veins the lips: causes and symptoms of the picture, as well as methods of treatment

This is related to the impairment of the motility of the blood vessels, decreased tone, in the complex and causes the stagnation of the venous blood in the lower limbs and the crotch.

varicose veins the lips

With a timely diagnosis and compliance with the doctor recommendations of the disease is not the chance of complications.

Causes of the appearance of varicose veins in the lips genitals

The main causes of the appearance of varicose veins from his lips:

  • the increase in the concentration of progesterone in the blood. This hormone is responsible for the preparation of the uterus to nourish the foetus and diminishes the elasticity of the skin and stimulate the tone. A similar effect is provided and in the blood vessels;
  • the violation of the elastic vessels of the lower extremities;
  • significantly increasing volume of the blood. This creates in vienna, which are located in the area of the lower extremities and the groin, a mechanical load;
  • the pressure in the vessels of increase in the volume of a womb (during pregnancy). Some of the vessels constrict, it gets worse the circulation, is disturbed the work of vascular, valve, responsible for preventing the return of reflux of the blood. In view of this, and it appears the stagnation.

Unfortunately, with enough time in advance to predict the occurrence of varicose veins is not possible, since a lot depends on the general situation in the cardiovascular system of the patient, as well as the concentrations of progesterone in the blood. As practice shows, such as the exacerbation arise more often after the age of 40, and also during pregnancy.

IMPORTANT! Doctors also point out the fact that the varicose veins in the lips, genitals is the result of the lack of physical activity of women during pregnancy. In the early stages is actually recommended to avoid loads, the less of the play, but from the second quarter of long walks – mandatory. If not – not to the stimulation of the work of the blood system and, as a result of the stasis.

In other cases, varicose veins are often called "professional" of the disease. Occurs is the of those who the greater part of the day of work is located "at the foot". Such, for example, lead sellers in shops, operating, nurses, dentists, hairdressers.

Permanent muscle tension causes the curvature of the vessels, followed by their occlusion. This can occur as in the area of the crotch and the lower extremities. Depends on the state of the circulatory system in these areas.

The symptoms of the

Key symptoms of varicose veins in your lip – is the appearance visually visible blue or red vessels in subcutaneous layer. It is indicating the presence of return of the stream, the stagnation and underemployment, and the atrophy of the vascular walls.

Initially to appear in the area of the crotch, and after a certain period of time (before you increase the workload) increases in volume and the lips. Often it is only one, but the cases and bilateral varicose veins.

That in this moment occurs in the body? In inguinal veins significantly reduces the speed of the blood stream.

the symptoms of varicose veins

The pressure in the vessel walls from the inside is enhanced and expanded.

They become thinner, which causes a risk of rupture.

All this is complemented by the dysfunction of the valves. Those, due to the strong pressure on them, they can't close the vein in the process of relaxation of the muscles of the heart and of the blood just begins to flow in the opposite direction.

Again, this creates tension elastic of the wall, its curvature.

In these places there is the possibility of the appearance of clotsthat can block the vessel and cause its atrophy.

IMPORTANT! The appearance of the main signs of varicose veins touch the woman does not feel anything. When it exacerbates the symptoms appear malaise, severe pain of the pressure of walking and tension of the muscles of the vagina.

Dangerous varicose veins?

Varicose danger the discovery of an internal bleeding the laceration of the vein wall. All this is complemented by the psychological factor, since visually the lips become huge and ugly. This can cause the appearance of the inferiority complex and the dysfunction of the reproductive system.

Especially dangerous varicose veins in pregnant women, as well as in childbirth and prenatal scrum (especially significant in the disclosure of the neck of the uterus) may be the factor that leads to the rupture of the blood vessels. If this happens, it produces a high risk of internal bleeding.

When early detection of varicose veins there is a high probability that the atrophy of the vessels. In them stops the circulation of the blood and activates the process of dissipation of the city of vienna. If the circulation is severely compromised, i.e., the probability of the need for the amputation of the damaged sex of the lips.

The treatment of varicose veins of your lips

Today, there are several of the most effective methods for the treatment of varicose veins:

  • the conservative therapy. It involves the intake of drugs that stimulate the heart function, as well as the use of a compression of the clothes. All this is complemented with physiotherapy exercises;
  • surgical. Not live of the vessels, are removed through an incision in the area of the crotch;
  • the binding. Damaged of the city of vienna in an early stage of the disease is blocked by laser, cauterization. With the time, resolve, and in their place appear new ones.

Conservative treatment is preferred, but is allowed for use only in an early stage of varicose veins, when the lips do not increase in size, indicating the total absence of the obstruction. When the doctor prescribes stimulants and drugs that prevent the onset of thrombosis.

The use of compression underwear is to provide support to the vessels of the lower extremities in its primary state, when there is no deformation. This stimulates the normal circulation of the blood, and reduces the pressure. The course of treatment is defined at the discretion of the physician.

The surgical method more radical and is used when it appears the risk of the opening of internal bleeding. Applies on the last lap, when there is the possibility of the atrophy of the lips.

And here is the laser procedure is relatively new is the variation in the treatment with the minimum travmatichnostyu. Here only the necessary instruments to carry it out, in the most public clinics do not.

varicose veins during pregnancy

Total, varicose veins the lips – it is a violation to work in the cardiovascular system due to the deterioration of the elastic. When reports are submitted to conservative treatment. It is especially dangerous to pregnant women, as there is the risk of internal bleeding in the process of childbirth.